How to Dress Comfy & Cute for Winter Break

It’s easy to fall into a winter break outfit routine of worn sweatpants, oversized tees and snow boots. When it’s so tempting to lie in bed for hours on end, getting out of the house to make a quick Walmart or Starbucks run is already torture enough. Actually worrying about what to wear is even more of a struggle. Going out to dinner with your friends seems even worse if you decide to go somewhere chic; sweatpants certainly won’t cut it at a bistro! Well, don’t go throwing on those lazy winter break staples just yet – here are some tips for dressing comfy yet cute this winter break.

Wear a Big Scarf to Complete an Outfit

Huge, oversized scarves can complete any look. As the temperatures drop, bundling up is key when you’re braving those cold winter winds. Throw on a pair of your favorite leggings, layer on one of these long-sleeved tees from Wet Seal (5 for $15) and grab a heavy cardigan or jacket. If you keep most of your T-shirts neutral colors, you can finish your outfit off with a bright, printed scarf like this one from Zumiez ($9.95). If you’re not a fan of printed scarves, try picking a solid one in a bright hue to give your outfit a pop of color.

Knit scarves will also make you look put-together while still keeping you comfy and warm. You’ll definitely be comfortable in this scarf from Etsy ($24.50), but you’ll still look stylish!

Remember: Jeans are Just as Comfortable as Leggings

Skinny jeans become obsolete and leggings become a collegiette’s savior during winter break. It seems unbearable to even think about putting on jeans, right? Not really! A nice pair of boot-cut jeans is comfortable and still on trend. Grab a pair of dark wash boot cut jeans from Old Navy ($24.50), throw on a comfy sweater from Forever 21 ($15.80) and you’re ready to go. They’re straight enough that you can pair them with your Uggs and not look crazy, but they’ll still look nice with your favorite pair of flats.

Got a dinner date with some friends but can’t get out of bed to put on an outfit? A simple blouse like this one from Charlotte Russe ($22.99) paired with some dark-colored ankle boots is a stylish and comfortable option that is perfect for going out in winter weather. Throw on your best shade of lipstick, top it off with a bun and you’re ready for a night out. Don’t forget about jackets! Keep cool in these winter winds with one of our favorite jackets.

Use Color to Brighten Up Your Break

In winter, many people decide that only really dark colors are acceptable. Don’t let that be you this year! Your best pair of jeans, a white long-sleeved top, a black infinity scarf and some (comfortable) black flats like these from Charlotte Russe ($19.50) make for a really simple and comfortable outfit. Adding a bright blazer like this one from Forever 21 ($24.80) gives your outfit a stylish touch! If it’s a little too cold for you to be wearing only a blazer, consider picking up a heavier jacket like this one from Macy’s ($89.99).


Instead of reverting to oversized sweats and tees this winter break, consider some of these more stylish options. Sure, it’s the time for relaxation and stress-free living, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re going to yoga every time you leave the house! Use some of these tips and tricks to keep you both comfortable and stylish this winter break.