15 Things All Study Abroad BFFs Understand

Once the six most greatly incomparable months of your life are over, the only remnants you have leftover are to maintain the friendships you formed. Even though this will be your most expensive friendship ever...your loyalty to each other will put an actual LDR to shame. These pals have taught you why investing in experience is more valuable than ever investing in material items. Here are 15 things for all people who agree that there is no better way to build a friendship than by traveling: 

1. Your only motivation to find a job after college is visit your abroad friends

2. You either fantasied or actually tatted your bodies together abroad 

3. You used each other as an excuse to not attend class 

4. The selfie was a vital staple of your friendship 

5. You attempted to both eat “healthy” together

6. She had the superpower to save your from freaky foreign man dancing toward you 

7. While abroad you were compelled to catch up on the last 20-something years of her lives 

8. You question if your time abroad even happened years later because it just didn't feel real

9. You’d wait for one another to catch up on all social networks once you magically found free Wi-Fi

10. They've seen you at your best

11. They've seen you at your worst 

12. They're the only people you don't feel guilty talking about your study abroad experience, while everyone else is annoyed 

13. Your group chat is always active 

14. You’re constantly cultivating semi- realistic ways to drop out of school and be backpacking vagabonds with them for the rest of life

15. As cliché as it is, your study abroad BFFs are the reason why it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey 

Hailing from New Jersey, Donna is just as loving as her last name portrays her to be. She is a senior at the University of Scranton majoring in Strategic Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. She is positive that the song "Rather Be" was written about her past semester studying abroad in Australia. Donna lives for the dance floor, her three dogs and frozen yogurt. If you see her without her signature pearl earrings, just please, offer a sister some lovin. Follow her on Instagram @d0nzette & Twitter @DAmore55 !

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