Rihanna, Chris Brown Tease New Song

Posted Nov 7 2012 - 4:25pm
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Rihanna and Chris Brown have been hanging out again for some time now, and though they're still denying relationship rumors, they are back to making music together. Rihanna confirmed on Tuesday that her and her ex-boyfriend (who is still on probation his 2009 assualt, btw!) would be working on a track together on her new album Unapologetic. Today, part of the track, titled "Nobodies Business," was released online, and it's pretty catchy. Take a listen here!

The upbeat song is inspired by the pop tones of Michael Jackson, according to E! Online, but the lyrics are something completely different. MTV's Rap Fix blog notes that the lyrics hint at a reconciliation for the former couple. "Me and you/ Said ain't no nobody's business," Brown sings. Rihanna answers, "I want to be your baby/ You'll always be my baby/ And sing it to the world/Baby give me some/I'm gonna be your girl/And it ain't nobody's business."

While E! and MTV are calling it a teaser, other news sources aren't so sure about the origin of the song. The Hollywood Gossip and Celebuzz labeled the minute-and-a-half long preview a "leak."

What do you think of the new song? What about a possible rekindling between these two celebs? Let us know in the comments!


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