The HC Team Weighs In: What We’re Thankful for Thanksgiving 2012

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On November 22 we will all sit around the dinner table and think about what we are thankful for this year. The collegiettes at Her Campus are thinking about it a few days early and sharing with you what we appreciated in the last year. 

As always, let us know what you are thankful for by leaving a comment below!

I’m thankful that my house is still standing! Hurricane Sandy basically landed on my house. Though we suffered damage, my house is still liveable and everyone is okay.
- Amanda Quain, Campus Correspondent, Cornell University 

The continuous support of my loving family.
- Elyse Hill, Campus Correspondent, Simmons College

I am most thankful for my network of supportive friends, family and the HC community! 
- Lesley Siu, Campus Correspondent, American University

Well, since I live on the south shore of Long Island, I am thankful that my parents and my home are okay after Hurricane Sandy. I am also thankful that I am a sophomore who attends Ithaca College so that I can receive the best education possible. 
- Carly Schneer, Campus Correspondent, Ithaca College

Not to sound cheesy, but there simply isn't one thing that I'm thankful for. Without my health, happiness and my amazing set of friends and family, my life wouldn't be nearly as good as it is! 
- Kelsey Mulvey, How She Got There Editor, Boston University 

I'm thankful I met a great group of friends as a transfer student this year! 
- Sydney Nolan, Contributing Writer, Macalester College

I am thankful for books and the wonderful escapades they've taken me on this year.
- Avianne Tan, Contributing Writer, New York University 

I am most thankful to go to such an amazing school where I have so many opportunities and am able to get a great education!
- Rachel Crocetti, Campus Correspondent, Hofstra University 

I am thankful for my parents who gave me the most amazing opportunities during the last year (and throughout my entire life). In the past twelve months, I've had the privilege of living in four cities spanning two continents, and travelled to many more cities in between. If it weren't for them, I quite literally never could have done it (an intern's salary can't foot that kind of airfare!). Thank you Mom & Dad, love you!
- Mara Berg, Contributing Writer, Boston University 

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