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Sororities: They're Not Just for Elle Woods – Why You Should Rush

Posted Jan 8 2013 - 12:00am
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Thinking about rushing a sorority?  Read the other side of the story, here!

I’ll admit: upon entering college last year, joining a sorority was not on the top of my priority list.  I wanted to get involved writing for campus publications, audition for theater productions, ace all my classes—basically, I wanted to be the same über-involved girl I was in high school.  To me, Greek Life seemed like a distraction from what was really important.  And besides, I had already been a high school cheerleader AND a Catholic school girl—adding “sorostitute” to the list seemed like one lame porn plot too many.

But nevertheless I found myself signing up for rush with the rest of my freshman floormates.  I figured I’d go through the rounds to see if I was missing anything, and eventually drop out if I wasn’t.

It turns out I was.  Meeting hundreds of girls in the span of two weekends may sound like a total nightmare, but it was the perfect way for me to meet like-minded women: driven, sociable, and engaged.  Rush was a way for me to get exposed to groups of girls outside of my freshman hall, and I’m still friends with girls I met during recruitment, regardless of whether I ended up pledging their sorority or not. 

So here is my experience in the first year of sorority life—I think my sorority spirit could even make Casey Cartwright proud.

Casey Cartwright girl in pink drinking

Bid Day—“It’s Like Christmas, but Instead of Presents We Get Friends!”

Bid Day is by far the best day of the year.  You finally get to reap the rewards of recruitment and celebrate with the new girls who will be your sisters.  The feeling of welcome I got from my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, when I joined was unparalleled.  This year was especially exciting when I got to welcome one of my best friends into my sorority.  Never did I think a crowd of screaming girls wearing matching t-shirts would cause me to be emotional, but my sunglasses fogged up, sure enough.

Girls Got Your Back

Joining a sorority means you automatically have a group of girls to watch your back, no questions asked.  Whether you need a walk home after a night out, a chemistry tutor, or just someone to attack a pint of Ben and Jerry’s with after a break-up, your sisters are there for you.  Although it’s unrealistic you’ll be best friends with 90 girls, I like to think that I could call any of my sisters in a time of need and know they’ll be there.

house bunny girls cast sorority girls rush


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