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It’s that time of year again: graduation. It can be the happiest time of year (no more accumulating student loans!) but also the worst time of year (OMG are we actually “adults” now?!). No matter who is graduating this year – make it a little easier for them by giving them something to acknowledge all the hard work they put into these last 4 years. Whether you want to go practical, tech-y, or sentimental – we’ve got you covered! Tech-y Gifts Roku Get your graduate the gift of streaming! She’ll enjoy seemingly endless movies, shows, and more on her HDTV (oh yeah, make sure someone else has...
Make new friends, but keep the old—those old friends can be the best ones you have! College may have taken you and your childhood friends to new places and new phases in life, but you know those old friends will always be there for you every time you go back home. Here are just a few of the great things about your childhood BFFs.  1. They knew you when you had braces (and they still liked you anyway!). They saw you through the most awkward and cringeworthy phases of growing up, and they never left your side because they were rocking acne and metal mouths right along with you.  2. They were...
1. You always have a partner in crime… …who’s also your main competition. 2. He tries to be protective of you… …and so do his friends. 3. He’s bossy and annoying… …until he joins the party. 4. He compliments your baking… …and then eats it all up.