Can I Please Just Whine For a Minute? General Education courses, yawning and more!

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Collegiette: Hey Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister, got a second?
Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister: Yeah, a minute. What’s up?
Collegiette: Can I please just whine for a minute about - -
Mom/BFF/Dad/Sister: No, talk to you later. Bye.

Sound familiar? We all have our #collegietteproblems that we need to vent about, but sometimes those on the other end get sick of hearing us complain about that girl in the salad line who is still debating arugula vs. romaine when she’s first in line of 50 or that guy in our Econ class who asks questions when class is over. Hello — I have places to be!

Luckily, you can give your loved ones a break and now complain to Her Campus. Let us know what’s irking you every other week by dropping us an anonymous whine — just submit via the form at the end of the article. Trust us, you’ll feel better.

Encounter a whine-worthy situation on the run? Tweet it in to us @HerCampus with hashtag #collegietteproblems and we might feature your whine on! For now, enjoy this week’s whines — we’re sure you’ll find a few you can relate to!

Just because I have my door open doesn't mean I always want to talk. I may have just walked in the room and have not had time to close the door yet. Also, if I'm not fully opening the door for you, that means I'm busy or don't want to talk. That does not mean you should ask "Can I come in?" and without waiting for a response, just open my door wider.
- Franklin and Marshall College

Why do we have to take these stupid gen ed courses?! I HATE ENGLISH! I do NOT want to take it! And my awful teacher is practically failing me cause she's so mean. STOP ASSIGNING ME SO MUCH WORK - I TAKE FIVE OTHER COURSES!!!!!
- Quinnipiac University

I  know sharing is caring, but sharing your germs is not caring, it's just gross. So please don't cough all over me and try to get me sick. I have too much going on right now -- I can’t afford to get sick. Keep your germs to yourself.
- Franklin and Marshall College

Alright, I get it -- you’re tired, maybe you stayed up too late, but do you need to yawn so loud that I can hear you in the back of the lecture hall? NO. YOU DON'T.
- University of Maine

I'm happy that my friend is in a happy relationship, but its weird because I used to hook up with her new boyfriend. She knows it and its fine with her, but I find it weird hanging out with them.
- Emerson College

To the Governor: please do not allow drilling for oil on our campus. We do not want to be exposed to harms like explosions, water contamination, and air pollution.
- Indiana University of Pennsylvania

I get it, Facebook and Twitter are places where you can express yourself however you wish and blah blah blah. But I am SO sick of seeing people's crazy political rants, endless complaints, and general ignorance. And yes, I do unfriend and unfollow you. Sorry I’m not sorry!
- Ohio University

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