24 Things You'll See at a College Football Game

Fall on college campuses is known for a lot of things: getting back into the groove of school, moving back into your home away from home, and reconnecting with everyone and everything you missed over the summer. But when it comes to weekends, Saturdays are all about football season. Here's a list of everything we love to see when we step back onto the tailgate fields and find our seats in the stands of our beloved stadium.

1. Everybody around you dressed in matching colors

2. Serious tailgating that is just as important as the game itself

Because the fun starts way before kickoff takes place.

3. Creatively cut T-shirts, dresses and costumes everywhere you look

4. The inevitable group of students wearing no shirts and only body paint

5. Over-the-top celebrations from anyone winning at stump, pong or flip cup

Football may be an important game, but in the moment, winning a drinking game at a tailgate is just as satisfying.

6. Dads at tailgates acting like they're still in college

7. Instagram pictures being taken everywhere

Did you even go to the game if you don't post a picture with all your friends?

8. Delicious food as far as the eye can see

9. People being drunk from sunrise to sundown

10. Extremely long lines for the Porta Potties

11. Packed lines to enter the student gates, where excitement is at an all-time high

12. At least one person around you will actually vomit in the stands

Nothing like ruining the game for the people around you by tailgating too hard and not making it to the bathroom.

13. And you'll definitely see some students pass out before making it into the game

14. Everyone harassing the opposing team with passion

15. School tradition chants every couple of minutes

16. The asshole fans from the other team who try to infiltrate your student section

17. That one fan who thinks he/she knows more than the coach

No, we don't need you to explain to everyone around you about what you would do differently.

18. Absolutely insane touchdown celebrations

19. Student sections that stand for the entire game

Our legs may end up sore and our feet may burn, but boy is it worth it to show school spirit.

20. The rare underdog upset that causes everyone to rush the field

21. Obnoxious singing to the beloved songs played over the loudspeaker

22. Booing the other team or the refs, which is completely acceptable

23. Everyone becoming fast friends with the strangers who are seated beside them

There's no easier way to bond than rooting for your team together.

24. School pride like nothing you've ever seen before

TFW you get to bond with hundreds of thousands of other fans in a community that feels nothing but pride and love for your college.

I'm Crystal Moyer and I am currently a sophomore at Penn State University and am majoring in English due to my love for all things reading and writing. In my free time you can catch me binge watching Netflix, writing poetry, or spending too much money on makeup and clothes. 

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