3 Ways to Make New Friends This Semester

The people you meet in school can change your life. Whether it’s through class or an extracurricular, making new friends is one of the most rewarding parts of a college experience. But there’s no denying just how complicated that process can be. That’s why we’re raving about Tinder’s latest feature, Tinder Social. It lets groups of friends swipe together to eliminate the pressure of finding fun people to hang out with. To celebrate, we’re sharing three must-know tips for making new friends—all from the comfort of your own phone. Read on!

1. Turn Downtime into Uptime

College is you time. It’s your time to try new activities, explore different social scenes, join different groups and causes, and discover who you really are. That’s why now is the perfect time to experiment with meeting likeminded people in—and near—your campus.

“I was always a super quiet kid,” says Arizona State University Sophomore Kelly. “I honestly never knew how outgoing I could be until I met this group of girls my freshman year. [Tinder Social] is how I’ve met so many cool new people.”

Getting out and experiencing new things is what it’s all about. Always wanted to try rock climbing? There’s a crowd already gearing up. Curious about French film noir? Moi aussi. Thinking about hitting that concert in the park? You’re not alone. Rally a crew and go on the hunt for the world’s best ice cream and churros, then blog about it and watch it turn into a movement.

2. Form a No-Stress Squad

Every campus is full of squads. Now’s your chance to get in on the action and amp up your social life.

Socializing with friends forms a sense of camaraderie and inclusion, which every collegiette needs to get through a tough week. It’s important to relax and unwind, even if it’s just for a few hours one night a week.

Spending time with your squad can reduce stress. When you’re around people you feel comfortable with, you tend to be less overwhelmed and intimidated by what’s happening around you. Friends have a way of giving you courage in a new environment. That’s why having your squad is so key to having a successful college life. They push you; they comfort you; they inspire you.

Take it from Julia, a senior at UC Berkeley. “I don’t know where I’d be without my squad; they’re here for me no matter what,” she says. “I had some crazy family drama last year and my grades started slipping… but they got me out of my pj’s, out to have some fun and out of my slump. They’re seriously my besties.”

Friends are your buffer against stress. And we all know that the workload in college is stressful. A kickass squad can help you stay cool, calm, and collected come exam time.

3. Be Ready for Anything

The more people you meet, the more your world expands—and comes alive.

When Kayleigh started summer school at NYU, for instance, she didn’t know a soul. “There I was in a huge city, on campus in the middle of summer when most other students were back at home. I was so bored and lonely,” she says. “One day I pulled a girl in my bio class aside and asked her if she wanted to try Tinder Social with me. We started swiping right there in class, went out that night and met up with so many fun people. It was hilarious. Now she and I are really good friends and I’m dating a guy that we met that first night.”

When you keep an open mind, the opportunities are endless.

Ready to try Tinder Social and meet new people at your school?

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