The 10 Smallest Colleges in the Country

Schools come in all sizes—from very, very large, to very, very small. But just how small? By doing a little investigative work through, we have found the nation's 10 smallest colleges and universities – read on for a peak into these itty-bitty bastions of knowledge that you definitely can’t spot from the moon!

10. Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA: 390 students

With a student body of 390, Montserrat College of Art is a cozily-sized school situated in Beverly, Massachusetts. Focusing heavily on the visual arts, Montserrat offers students nine different studio concentrations such as graphic design, illustration, photography, and printmaking. For collegiettes™ looking to hone their artistic skills, Montserrat is right up your alley. Alumnus Michael Nevin credits the closeness of the campus as one of the reasons why he loved attending Montserrat while pursuing a degree in photography. "I loved the sense of community," Nevin said. "Art school gives you four years to figure yourself out without any pressure. That in itself is very liberating." Hailed fashion designer Sigrid Olsen is also a graduate of Montserrat, where she completed an education in general design, color theory, printmaking, and photography.

9. Judson College, Marion, AL: 324 students

With its enrollment topping off at a whopping 324 undergrads, Marion, Alabama's Judson College gives an entirely new meaning to "tight-knit campus." Holding the title of the nation's fifth oldest women's college, Judson may be the perfect fit for collegiettes seeking a campus full of sisterly love and close companionship. Aside from the closely connected campus, the Baptist-based school boasts an impressive 11:1 student to faculty ratio, with 88 percent of the faculty holding doctoral degrees in their area of expertise. On-campus activities include field hockey, weekly residence hall Bible studies, formals, and volunteer projects. According to Judson graduate Teresa Tabor Wood, her college experience in the heart of Alabama was unique and rewarding, albeit very different than the usual college experience. "Judson is simply a 'you had to be there’ experience." Wood said. "The school is steeped in tradition. Every morning, a man walks the campus clanging a giant triangle to announce breakfast is on in the dining hall. You can't help but come away feeling like you've become a part of history, a part of something really special."

8. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, Needham, MA: 308 students

Olin College boasts that it is a school with an engaged community, innovative technologies and revolutionary education. Olin's unique and well-rounded curriculum follows the "triangle" model, providing undergrads with ample training in the three essential areas of science and engineering fundamentals, entrepreneurship and liberal arts. Although Olin is small, it offers its students a menagerie of extracurricular activities! Outside of the classroom, students can enjoy on-campus clubs and student government, photography club, singing groups, and more. Whoever said that engineering is all work and no play has certainly been proven wrong by the 308 enthusiastic students at Olin College.

7. Cogswell Polytechnical College, Sunnyvale, CA: 287 students

For tech-savvy collegiettes hoping to pursue a career in digital design and animation, Cogswell Polytechnical College may be for you! With its campus holding 287 students strong, Cogswell offers unique degree programs like animation and video game development. Located in Sunnyvale, California, Cogswell is one of the most up-to-date campuses in the country, welding together digital art, engineering, and entrepreneurship, each with a specialized learning program. May we mention that the male to female ratio here is insanely high as well? For every collegiette who attends Cogswell, you will find four guys!

6. Burlington College. Burlington, VT: 168 student

Burlington College is nestled in Vermont and claims to offer undergrads "a small college experience as unique as you." If you are a future collegiette seeking a college experience like no other, Burlington is calling your name. As a progressive institution, Burlington honors each and every of its 168 students' individual needs with unique programs catering to a variety of interests and fields of study like film production and legal studies. The college places a heavy emphasis on arts and humanitarian projects, offering students many hands-on opportunities throughout each semester. If you are a jetsetter, get your passport ready -- Burlington offers one of the only study abroad programs in Havana, Cuba! For students wishing to stay in town rather than venture outside of the country, the city of Burlington offers ample skiing opportunities and scenic mountains. No wonder why HC featured it as one of its top 15 college towns!

Lindsay Shoemake is a junior at Georgia College & State University, where she is majoring in Mass Communication with a double concentration in Print Journalism and Advertising. She is a staff writer for her university's award-winning student newspaper, The Colonnade, as well as a weekly fashion columnist and editorial intern for online publication emcBlue. When she is not up to her eyeballs in writing assignments (which she loves!), the Georgia native can be found in coffee shops immersed in a good book, reading her Bible, spending time with friends, savoring delicious sushi, or daydreaming about New York City.
Upon graduating in 2013, Lindsay hopes to move to Manhattan to pursue a career in fashion journalism and get a taste of all that the Big Apple has to offer.

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