Is It Really THAT Bad? The 411 On Your Unhealthy Party Habits

As collegiettes, sometimes in the midst of our well-earned weekend debauchery, we let our smarts and good instincts slip a little and engage in a little bit of dumb party behavior. It’s nothing serious, of course, but sometimes sipping out of a used Solo cup seems like an OK idea, and puffing on a Marlboro Light even though you don’t smoke appears to be the perfect social segue. And sure enough, to make ourselves feel better about our poor decisions, we come up with excuses to reassure us that it’s really not that bad.
“I only smoke when I drink, and a couple times a weekend isn’t bad.”
“I’ll eat healthy tomorrow – tonight, we binge.”
“Germs don’t exist while I’m drinking!”

We’re here to put those excuses to rest and to give you the real deal on just how bad some of these party habits can be, and which ones are ok to let slide. So instead of saying “My diet starts Monday” to try to combat those three slices of drunkenly-eaten pizza in your stomach, you can rethink some of your party fouls before they happen.

Unhealthy Party Habit 1: Smoking a cigarette once a week while drinking.

Sure, a few puffs a couple times a weekend seems minimal compared to the smoke intake of the stressed out, chain-smoking grad students parked outside the library. But smoking a cigarette, even just a few times, can cause serious damage to your body, and ups your risk of cancer and heart disease, not to mention that you face the possibility of getting addicted. Smoking every day is, of course, much worse than being a “social smoker” and only lighting up while out with friends, but either way, you’re deteriorating your lungs, mouth, teeth and heart to some extent with every puff. Since drinking lowers our inhibitions, it’s easy to see past the negative side effects of smoking once we’ve had a few, and it can even lead to more stupid decisions. “[Drinking] can cause you to lose coordination while smoking, and believe it or not, I have seen patients who have burned their lips from drunkenly smoking their cigarettes backwards!” says Dr. Victor Starcher, the regional medical director at MedExpress Urgent Care.

How to Fix it: Next time you’re at a party and your friends are going outside for a casual cigarette, find the nearest hottie and chat it up with him instead. By avoiding the circle of smokers outside, you won’t be tempted to have a puff. If you must go outside with everyone, bring your drink or chew a piece of gum so your mouth is preoccupied and doesn’t need a cigarette.
Unhealthy Party Habit 2: Bingeing on food after a night out.

Drunk food seems to be part of a routine for many college students. Even if you’ve had a full three-course meal before you go out, once the beer starts flowing, ending the night with a grilled cheese or two seems inevitable. While binge eating while drunk isn’t as detrimental to your health as the binge drinking that went on before, says Dr. Starcher, eating copious amounts of food can harm your waistline. When you’re drunk and eating, you aren’t exactly paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth, and before you know it, you could consume hundreds of extra calories. Eating all these extra calories – on top of the calories you’ve already consumed from alcohol – equals weight gain, especially if you’re drunk-eating greasy food.

How to Fix it: Drunk eating Thursday night circa 2am seems inevitable, so instead of stocking up on Bagel Bites and nachos to fulfill your late night cravings, try having some healthier snacks on hand, like celery and carrots with hummus or some low-fat string cheese.  These snacks are still salty enough to satisfy you without doing as much damage.
Unhealthy Party Habit 3: Throwing up from drinking once a weekend.

We’ve all gotten to that point at least once, and throwing up because you’ve had too much to drink is never a good feeling. There are people, however, that purposely make themselves throw up because either they want to sober up or because they think it will make them feel better. Either way, throwing up on a regular basis–especially from drinking–is an unhealthy party habit to kick. “Alcohol is a toxin, and if your body receives more than it can process, its natural protective reflex is to expel as much as possible, thus vomiting,” says Dr. Starcher. “If you are engaging in this practice once a week, you may increase your risk of liver and heart disease and studies have shown that heavy consumption of alcohol is positively correlated with breast cancer, as well.”

How to Fix it: Early in the night, before you start drinking, make sure you eat a well-balanced dinner with enough protein, which stays in your stomach longer and helps to slow down the absorption of alcohol. When you begin your night, pace yourself and don’t drink too much too fast – one drink an hour is best, and alternate alcoholic drinks with water. If you feel like you’ve had too much, cut yourself off and switch to water completely.


Nancy Mucciarone is a senior at Syracuse University, majoring in magazine journalism and minoring in psychology. Along with writing for HerCampus, she is the fashion and beauty editor of Equal Time magazine, a freelance writer for Studio One Networks, as well as the public relations vice president for Alpha Xi Delta. She is the former web editor for College magazine, and this past summer, she was loving life in New York City as she participated in the Condé Nast Summer Intern Program as an editorial intern at Footwear News. When she's not making detailed to-do lists or perfecting the grilled cheese sandwich, you can usually find her watching Animal Planet or trying to curb her Milk Dud addiction. She aspires to one day be the bachelorette.

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