How To Be More Confident: 6 Tips & Tricks From Celebs

Celebs are more than just glamorous, fascinating, fashionable icons. They’re also huge examples of what it takes to exude killer amounts of confidence. We’ve profiled some of the most confident celebrities walking red carpets around the world today so you can steal their secrets and become a more confident collegiette!

Channel your inner Kanye, and focus on yourself first and foremost.

Let’s face it – Kanye may be one of the more controversial celebs to crop up in tabloid headlines every now and then, but he’s definitely among the most confident as well. Take a few pages from his book, and learn how to build yourself up to generate oodles of confidence.

A lot of negative energy that feeds into lowered self-confidence is based in how you see yourself, and how you think you appear in your friends’ or family’s eyes. Erica Avesian, a senior at the University of Michigan, says, “You have to stop constantly worrying about what others think or fearing that you will make a mistake in whatever it is that you're doing. When you've got this part down, the rest comes easily.”

You know Kanye doesn’t sit around the Kardashians’s pad wondering what Lamar Odom or Scott Disick are thinking about him at any given moment. Follow Mr. West’s fabulous lead, and don’t worry about what your friends think of every little thing you say or do. Remember why YOU wanted to do something in the first place and why you’re super qualified in the situation – be it your awesome flirtation skills that will help you chat up the cutie a few rows ahead, great speaking skills honed from hours of debate practice that will come in handy for a class presentation, or what makes you interesting when trying to meet new people on campus – and confidence will follow! If you believe in yourself, others will too. Erica knows how to copy some of Kanye’s swagger, and adds, “Speak up, be bold, be brave, and stand up for what you believe in. Every time you walk into a room, you should hold your head high, smile, and own the place.”

Follow in Oprah’s footsteps and build yourself a positive support network of friends.

There’s a reason Oprah is so cheery all the time - she constantly surrounds herself with amazing people!

She’s not the only one who’s found this strategy super helpful in building confidence, though. “Confidence comes a lot from within yourself, but having a great support system around you does help tremendously,” says Sora Hwang, a collegiette at Northeastern University. “You need people who won't tear you down, but help build you up. You can carry that energy to things you may not be as comfortable in, like job interviews or first day at work.” Through getting involved in multiple areas of your campus and meeting people involved in a whole host of activities and niches at your college or university, it’ll be super easy to find a great, positive network of people, and you’ll know exactly where to go when you need an extra boost of confiden-spiration!

Think like Kristen Wiig and sell it!

Who hasn’t Kristen Wiig played on SNL? Wiig built a career playing a host of crazy roles every Saturday night, ranging from the Target lady to hilarious impersonations of other famous personas like Suze Orman and Kathie Lee Gifford, proving that she has a killer sense of confidence. How else could she have created these wild characters that stood out week after week on SNL? While you don’t need to turn into some half-crazed collegiette, a little acting never hurt anyone. Even if you’re not feeling super confident about something, fake it!

Not sure how to start? Think about what someone who comes off as confident (like Kristen!) would do in your shoes, and just go with it. Talk like they do, sit and speak like they do, and imagine what they’d do in your position. You might have to step a bit out of your comfort zone, but if you can convince others you know what you’re doing or are comfortable in a given situation, you might find that you’ve convinced yourself as well!

Sydney is a junior double majoring in Media and Cultural Studies and Political Science at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn., a short trip away from Minneapolis, her hometown. When Sydney is not producing content for a variety of platforms, she enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies, reading, and indulging in a smoothie or tea from Caribou Coffee, the MN-based version of Starbucks.

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