Sprinting Into September: The Cutest HC-Approved Workout Gear for Fall

It looks like it’s that time of the summer – time for back-to-school shopping! But while you’re revamping your closet with that oh-so-fabulous blazer and that maxi dress you just have to have, leave room in your closet and budget for some cute new workout clothes too! After all, exciting new workout gear can make it that much easier to motivate yourself to leave the comfort of your apartment or dorm room, head to the gym, and keep off that freshman (or senior!) 15.

Pumped Up Kicks

Did you know that you’re supposed to replace your running shoes every year if you’re a fairly regular runner or gym-goer? And if you pride yourself on working out every day, you should replace them more often than that! According to Runner’s World [link: runnersworld.com] you should aim to replace your shoes about every 400-500 miles because the support in the shoe starts to break down at that point. In other words, if you’re running about 3 miles a day, you should replace your shoes after approximately five or six months. So this fall, trade out your old, worn-out pair of Nikes for a new pair of bright kicks. Your feet will thank you!

When you’re shopping for new running shoes, head to a specialty store that sells only running gear (like Marathon Sports) or just one brand (like New Balance), or head to an athletic store with a range of choices (like City Sports) to make sure that you can get professional assistance to ensure you get the right type of shoes for your feet. Everyone runs and walks differently, so when it comes to running shoes, it’s not one size fits all! We love these cute and supportive kicks.

Nike Free Run +3, $100, Nordstrom

ASICS GEL-Blur, $99.95, Nordstrom

Brooks Pure Flow, $89.95, Nordstrom

New Balance Minimus Ionix, $89.99, newbalance.com

Smashing Sports Bras

Bright, neon colors are popular right now, and even sports bras are no exception to that trend. Pair a cute, bright sports bra with a white tank so that the color really pops and you’ll be everyone’s envy at the gym. Or, if you’re daring and can handle a double dose of brightness, pick out a super cute sports bra and wear it with your favorite shorts on a long run through campus – no shirt required! You’ll feel calm, cool and oh-so-collected as you run by your classmates.

While shopping for sports bras, it’s also important to head to a specialty store to get the right fit. Stores like Lululemon, Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret and Gap all have specialists who can help you find a bra with the levels of support and comfort that you need. It can often take a while to find the right bra for your body and level of activity, so try them on in the store and be patient.

While the Champion Cami bra is made for women with smaller cup sizes, the VS Angel Sports bra has underwire cups, giving it a medium level of support. The Run Engage bra from Lululemon is also made for medium to high support and is built for ultimate comfort with a wide band under the bust and breathable mesh fabric! As you can see, every bra is made differently so it can take a bit of research and trial-and-error to find the best fit for you.

Run Engage Bra, $48, Lululemon Athletica

C9 By Champion Seamless Cami Bra, $16.99, Target

Jenni is a senior at Bucknell University where she will soon graduate with a degree in Psychology and minors in Creative Writing and Italian. Although Bucknell is in Lewisburg, PA (hello, corn fields!), her home is actually all the way in Seattle, WA. While at school, she enjoys hanging out with her sorority sisters, tutoring in the Writing Center, running and cooking/ eating delicious food. After spending a semester abroad in Florence, Italy during her junior year, she is itching to continue traveling and loves anything associated with food, cooking, health and writing. She is currently finishing up her time as an Editorial Intern for Her Campus and will be headed to Boston University in the fall to begin working on a Masters degree in Journalism.