The House Used as Harry Potter's Parents' Home Is Now For Sale

My life plan includes living in a quaint English cottage at some point, and for some lucky, probably loaded folks out there in the world, those dreams could soon be a reality. The home used as Harry Potter’s parents’ house in Deathly Hallows is now on sale for about $1.3 million, Cosmopolitan reports. Unlike the disheveled appearance the house ended up with after Voldemort’s fateful meeting with the Potters, the De Vere House is actually in great shape today.

The six-bedroom home can be found in England in a village called Lavenham, which is one of the best preserved medieval villages in the country. The East Anglian Daily Times reports that while filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, no actors actually worked in the village. The cast and crew filmed in a studio with a green screen, which then turned into footage of Lavenham and the De Vere House in the final film.

The home has had some pretty impressive residents, include the De Veres, who are believed to have been the second wealthiest family in medieval times after the King. The property also has other royal ties, having housed King Henry VII when he was on a hunting trip in the late 1400s. Um, can I please go live out my princess fantasies here before the new tenants move in?

In addition to plenty of bedrooms, the house includes a drawing room, sitting room, dining room, two kitchens, a stable and a kitchen garden. The East Anglian Daily Times has posted some photos of the house's rooms, and they're low key beautiful. So basically, the house is a lot more intricate than its dilapidated model you can find on London’s Harry Potter Studio Tour.

I have major envy for whoever ends up with this gem of a house. I may or may not try to track them down and become best friends with them so they’ll invite me for a sleepover. That’s normal, right?

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