Did G-Eazy Cheat On Halsey? Fans Seem To Think She's Dropping Hints That He Did

ICYMI, Halsey announced on Instagram earlier this week that she and her boyfriend of about a year, G-Eazy, are "taking some time apart." While the mild statement seemed to indicate things were good between the two — she even wished him the best — some of Halsey's fans appear to believe G-Eazy actually cheated on her. 

Their evidence? Halsey's own tweets. 

According to Cosmopolitan, Halsey first tweeted and a deleted a scissors emoji. Fans seemed to connect this with lyrics from her and G-Eazy's song, "Him & I." In it, G-Eazy raps, "Ever catch me cheating, she would try to cut my d*ck off."

Then, Halsey tweeted "pumpkin eater," which fans connected with the rhyme "cheater, cheater pumpkin eater." 

Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence was Halsey apparently liking a tweet that read, "What's actually funny is that ya'll though Halsey would stay with G Eazy after he got caught cheating."

Of course, this is all just a big conspiracy theory until either Halsey or G-Eazy confirms cheating was the reason they actually split. 

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