The Definitive Ranking of All 'One Tree Hill' Couples

Throughout the nine seasons of OTH, Tree Hill saw some pretty cute (& pretty crazy) couples. To keep things in line, we decided to give a definitive ranking of all the One Tree Hill duos.

1. Nathan and Haley

Naley was meant to be from the beginning. Although they had some ups and downs, the two always found their way back to one another.

2. Brooke and Julian

Brooke went through A LOT of frogs before before finding her prince, but it was all worth it when she found her true love.

3. Lucas and Peyton

Lucas and Peyton were destined for each other even though it took a while for them to be together. It was all worth it in the end!

4. Quinn and Clay

These two went through a lot together and their love proved to be worth it in the end. Look how cute they are!

5. Karen and Keith

Everyone knows Karen was way better off with Keith than Dan. These two could have accomplished anything together!

6. Peyton and Jake

Even though Jake and Peyton didn't work out, their relationship was adorable.

7. Mouth and Millie

Mouth and Millie got along for the most part. We knew they'd end up together in the end!

8. Karen and Andy

Although their relationship was taboo at first, these two made an awesome duo in the end.

9. Skills and Bevin

Skills and Bevin were a fun-loving couple. They were always down to have a good time!

10. Chase and Mia

Even though Chase and Mia didn't work out, they were still a cute couple!

11. Lucas and Brooke

Lucas and Brooke had some good times together before they parted ways. We're glad they could stay good friends!

12. Lucas and Lindsey

Lucas and Lindsey were a strong couple, but we knew Lucas and Peyton would end up together.

13. Chase and Alex

Chase and Alex did look good together, but we were rooting for Mia.

14. Brooke and Felix

Brooke and Felix proved that "friends with benefits" is harder than it may seem.

15. Nathan and Peyton

We all knew Nathan and Peyton were together for the title. They both found someone better for them!

16. Dan and Deb

Let's be honest...we don't like Dan with anyone...

17. Dan and Rachel

...especially Rachel.

Who's your favorite OTH couple, collegiettes?

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