Hot Summer Hairstyles You Can Do In Under 5 Minutes

Trying to style our hair in the summer can all-too-often be a lost cause as it frizzes, sticks to our foreheads, and loses volume faster than we can snag a hat to conceal the mess. After years of dealing with such troubling tresses, we’ve finally discovered the easiest and hottest (no pun intended) summertime styles that will leave you feeling the perfect amount of casual and frizz-free chic. The best part? Each style can be done in under 5 minutes!

Cuter than Katniss

According to celebrity hairstylist Angelo David, this Katniss-inspired style is an “easy breezy braided look perfect for summer.” It’s fresh and fun, giving off a casual bohemian vibe that’s subtly sexy. The simple addition of a braid into your ponytail is an easy way to create a more polished and styled look for an otherwise ordinary pony!

Begin by French braiding a small section of hair at the top of your part, adding more sections of hair as you progress. When you reach your ear, continue to braid without adding any extra sections. Once you’ve finished your adorable styling, sweep back the rest of your locks, incorporating the braided section into a strategically messy ponytail. After you secure everything with a hair tie, have some fun loosening your braid a little and styling your pony to your desired height. Spritz the finished ‘do with some hairspray, and voila! You have yourself an adorable (and easy!) look that’ll be the envy of all Hunger Games fans.

Chignon Chic

The loose and messy chignon is all over the red carpet, and we’re smitten with it for summer. Stars like Audrina Patridge and Jessica Alba flawlessly pull off this unexpectedly hot style, and so can you! But unlike the hours and hours it takes to rock the casual chignon in Hollywood, you can achieve the same level of sexiness in mere minutes.

Gather all your hair at the nape of your neck while adding texture with your fingers, giving your mane a messy yet straight-off-the-runway feel. Twist your hair into a type of low bun, securing with bobby pins as you go. Don’t worry about making it perfect; this look is all about those loose locks framing your face! Feeling extra casual? Listen to Angelo David’s advice and “feel free to put the bun to the side to make it more playful.” Your loosely pinned hair will simply beg for serious flirtation.

Short Mane Domain

For all you shorter-haired collegiettes, we haven’t forgotten about you! Are you rocking one of the season’s hottest hair trends—the blunt bob or the daring pixie? The summer months are the perfect time to experiment with new textures!

Los Angeles salon owner and stylist Hasblady Guzman suggests putting pomade in your hair to create some fun texture and movement. That’s it! The styling part is completely up to you; wrap a few sections of hair around your fingers to make effortless-looking waves or spike up your pixie in different directions for an edgier, urban feel. Just don’t be afraid to try out new texturing techniques. When you style your locks according to your mood, you’ll have incomparable confidence.

Cameron is a senior at Bucknell University pursuing degrees in English and Theatre. Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, she is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and recently spent a semester abroad in London (tea and scones galore!). Her favorite things include (but are not limited to) anything with the word "coffee" in it, her two shih tzus, peppermint gum, reality tv, and spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, dancing, staying active, and singing. Her claim to fame? She was a street shoutout on the show "Cash Cab".

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