The Fastest Way to Pretty: 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Getting-Ready Routine

Get Organized
Divide your makeup into two bags: one bag for the essentials and one bag that’s strictly for “fun makeup” or trying out trends. Your bag of essentials should include only the products that you wear on a day-to-day basis (foundation, your favorite lipstick, mascara, an eyeliner). By eliminating your makeup bag of neon eye shadows, hot pink lipstick, or other products that you don’t normally wear at 7:30 in the morning, you’ll gain back the time you’d waste rummaging through your cluttered bag. Put your brushes in a cup — it’s not only more sanitary, but you also won’t have to rifle through your makeup bag, looking for your blush brush.

Put the Nail Polish Away
We’re currently living in a world where you can actually talk to your phone, where you can buy a plane ticket to the moon, and where you don’t have to wait for your nail polish to dry to get a super amazing manicure. When you have a major event, it’s important to look your best head to toe, but what happens when you realize your nails are a mess of chipped polish? Sally Hansen Nail Effects come in over 40 different colors and prints and make it so easy to have instantly fabulous nails! These nail polish strips last for about 10 days and only take 10 minutes to apply — perfect if you’re running late. Try the leopard print “Kitty, Kitty” if you’re rushing to a girls’ night out, or try something a little simpler, like “Red-y for Trouble,” if you’re heading to a job interview or class presentation.
Do Double-Time

Stock your bathroom with products that do double — or even triple ­— duty. Philosophy products can be used as body wash and shampoo. When your shower isn’t so cluttered, you’ll be able to move faster. When it comes to your makeup, looking for three-in-one products for your eyes, lips, and cheeks, like The Multiple by Nars, which comes in over a dozen colors. It’s sheer enough to wear on your eyes, cheeks, and lips and super easy to apply.
Don’t Wash Your Hair (Kind Of)
Dry shampoo: Dry shampoo is one of the easiest ways to save time when you’re getting ready. If you need a shampoo, but don’t have time for a shower, spritz a bit of a dry shampoo (like Tresemme Fresh Star Dry Shampoo) on your roots. In seconds, your hair is clean and fresh again!
The Easiest Up-Do
If you’re not into dry shampoo, but still don’t have time to take a shower, learn how to perfect quick (but still totally chic) up-dos. The top bun is still a major trend. Lauren Conrad’s beauty site, The Beauty Department, has a great tutorial for how to do a super easy top knot. It doesn’t even require a brush! This ‘do is so stylish, no one will know you were running out the door.

Michelle King is currently pursuing a Publishing degree from Emerson College. She was a web intern at Seventeen magazine this past summer and ultimately hopes to move to New York and go into web publishing. Her role models are Jane Pratt, Amy Poehler, Megan McCafferty, and her brother. She loves traveling (she's been to 14 countries), attending concerts (her dream is to see Florence + the Machine live), long distance running, and playing around with clothes and makeup. Women who can do lipliner perfectly are also her role models.

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