8 Nail Polish Colors Every Collegiette Should Own

Nail polish is a powerful style weapon because it can make or break an outfit. Glitter nail polish to a job interview? A definite no. Glitter nail polish to a sorority formal? A definite yes. While some nail polishes are more appropriate in some situations than others, there are eight essential nail colors every collegiette should have in her beauty arsenal. HC is here to let you know what those shades are and when to use them.

1. A Bold Red

Red is a classic nail polish color because it’s one of the more versatile ones. Felicia Fatur, a professional nail artist at Sean’s Signature Salon & Spa, says “you can never go wrong with red!” It can be edgy, it can be glamorous, it can be professional—basically, it can be whatever you need it to be. Luckily, “reds look good on any skin tone,” Fatur says.

A strong red is also in style no matter the season, unlike pastels, whose popularity tends to ebb and flow depending on the season. For a fabulous red that is perfect for any occasion, try OPI’s Big Apple Red ($8.99).

2. White


White nails are great for a modern, polished look. This shade works well in the winter months with a snowy backdrop as well as in the summer for a bright and clean look (white also looks awesome against a tan!).

White is also an essential shade for those who love their French manicures or DIY nail art. “French will never go out of style,” Fatur says.

For DIY nail art, Fatur says a reverse French manicure is currently trending. After painting your nails a nude base color, paint a white moon along the base of the nail. Instant chic!

A classic white to buy is Essie’s Blanc ($8.50). You might be worried that some whites go on streaky or see-through, but Blanc is perfect for both full-coverage nails and nail art designs.

3. Nude

There comes a time when a collegiette must look professional, and a neutral or nude polish is the perfect shade to pull off that look. “Nude nails are very popular right now,” Fatur says.

This color is essential for occasions like an interview because it makes you look put-together without being too casual, as is often the case with a naked nail or too flashy a nail, which can happen with a bright-colored mani.

Another perk of a neutral color is that mistakes are less noticeable with it. Chipped nails are a definite no-no in any situation, but especially in an interview. If you chip your nail getting a coffee or rifling through your wallet on the way, it’ll be less obvious with a neutral nail polish than with a colored one.

An elegant sheer nude shade is OPI’s Bubble Bath ($9). For an opaque nude, Fatur recommends Essie’s Limo-Scene ($8.50).

Bailey is a Contributing Writer for Her Campus and a member of Boston University's class of 2017 with an intended major of Magazine Journalism. At Boston University, she is the events coordinator at BU's chapter of Ed2010 and the events coordinator for Lord & Taylor's Trendsetter program. In her free time, Bailey can be found eating frozen yogurt with her friends or getting sucked into yet another Netflix series. Be sure to follow Bailey on Instagram and Twitter at @bclem412.

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