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Victoria Morena

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Discovering your True Hues: Knowing your Seasonal Colors


Whenever I go shopping with friends, they are always amazed at how speedy I am when it comes to finding cute outfits. Some of my girls have joked that I have a secret shopping skill, and in a way I suppose that’s true. I just know what colors look good on me, and which ones don’t. However, my trick is hardly a special talent, and today I’m unveiling my secret: I found my seasonal colors!

Sounds strange right? Considering the concept of the “seasons” has become some sort of a myth to the majority of our generation, I decided to enlighten you Collegiettes on the topic! As you ladies know, every girl has those colors that she avoids wearing like the plague. But each of us also have a special set of colors that have the ability to bring us to life and help us radiate beauty, and discovering them begins with decoding your seasonal colors! Interested in finding out more? Then keep reading ladies!

The Test
First thing’s first, you have to do a little test to find your true colors. Follow these easy steps!

Step 1: The Big Questions
To begin your search for your seasonal colors, take this quick quiz!

Step 2: Determining your Skin Tone
To verify that your result is the right season, wash off all your makeup, and throw on a white shirt. If your hair is colored, wrap it in a white towel. Then, head to the mirror, and make sure you have plenty of natural daylight, because you must evaluate your skin tone. Check out the coloring of your wrist and compare it to a piece of white paper; If you have a cool blue undertone, the chances are that you either belong to the winter or summer regimes. However, if it is more of a golden undertone, you are most likely a spring or an autumn.


Jumpstart your Summer Job Search: 5 Fun Jobs at Carleton


In just under two months, the insanity of April exams will be over! Although some of you girls will get to escape into the blissful calm of sweet summer, others like me will be getting sucked into the whirlwind of summer employment. Fortunately, summer work can be enjoyable, but finding fun positions can be a job on its own! Luckily for us Carleton girls, our university offers a wide range of employment opportunities right on campus. Start your own job search by checking out these summer vacancies at Carleton! 

Beauty Remedies For You: The Fairy Godmother’s Secret Beauty Spell Book


Late February to early March is the worst time for all collegiettes. The weather is terrible and as the work starts to pile up, we start going a little crazy. Between midterms, assignments and snowstorms, it’s just hard to catch a break. Personally, my favorite cures for the mid-semester blues include watching Disney® movies while reminiscing of easier days, and pampering myself to feel like a princess.  Since spas are costly, I find that the most affordable and effective way for a university girl to get the royal treatment is by using all-natural home remedies.  Escape the evils of winter midterms and try out these Disney® inspired beauty potions to look and feel like your favorite princess!

“Snow White” Skin Facial Mask

Midterms suck. They not only leave our minds exhausted, they also spoil our appearance since breakouts are a common side-effect of stress. If you’re starting to notice seven little dwarf-like pimples forming on your face, take a time out and try this facial mask to achieve Snow White Skin (Poison apple free, guaranteed!)
-1 tbsp. Honey
-½ a tsp. Cinnamon powder
-In a small bowl, mix the honey and cinnamon powder until it creates a pasty substance.
-Pull hair back into a ponytail, secure fly away hairs with a headband.

Ottawa’s Top 10 Trendsetting Stores


Shopping is like falling in love. At times, it can be a frustrating process, like when you get seduced by sales on alluring trends while you’re in an exclusive relationship with your rent. But sometimes, magical things happen, like finding that perfect shirt and instantly becoming infatuated. Yeah, that’s love. 
 However, this fashion passion can also be paired with profound jealousy and one thing is for sure: hell hath no fury like a woman who spots another girl with something that’s “hers”.
 If you want your wardrobe to be faithful to you, there’s one simple solution: ditch the mall in favor of shopping at unique stores which will offer you styles that you can call your own. Ottawa has hundreds of awesome boutiques and bazaars to discover, but here’s a list of the best spots in Canada’s Capital. 
1.  Kania: 145 York St.
Nestled in the heart of the Byward Market, Kania is the boutique for every Carleton fashionista. Featuring collections from some of Canada’s most talented designers, it is filled with innovative, yet stylish items. You’re sure to find something that you cannot leave behind. Corset belts and yoga Jeans?! Yes please!