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Talia Hirsch

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The Creator Of Your Childhood Tells All


Talk about a childhood throwback! It’s Bronstein Week at Brandeis, and with events that include making your own slime, tie dye, and dancing lobsters, who wouldn’t be reliving their youth?

On Monday night, over 300 Brandeis students gathered in Levin Ballroom to hear Paul Germaine speak. For those of you who don’t know much about him, Germaine has been in the animation business since the eighties and is best known for creating Rugrats and Recess. It was such an honor to have such an accomplished man come to speak, and he did so with such humbleness. The students in attendance were in for a treat as Germaine recounted his first days in the business, working with Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons) on short, animated bits in between the Tracy Ullman show. He even showed a few of the original shorts, which became the platform for the later show we all know and love!

Germaine then spoke about his time working for Klasky-Csupo (ring a bell?!), the  animation company that was eventually responsible for the creation of Rugrats. He and the co-creators thought it would be hysterical to do a show about babies who were seemingly dumb to the adults but became adventurous and talkative when they were left alone, and this was obviously a stellar idea! He then went on to explain some of the characters and why he decided to develop them. For instance, he always saw Tommy (who he named after his son) as an explorer, Chucky as the opposite, and Phil and Lil as not-so-innocent bystanders. And then of course, he added the bully we all know as Angelica. On top of seeing the original Simpsons cartoons, Germaine then showed the students the pilot episode of Rugrats, which revolves around Tommy’s quest to discover the wonders of the toilet. Hilarious!

What is your favorite winter comfort soup?


Alicia Ball '15


Hometown: Freehold, NJ

Majors: Sociology and Education Studies

Minor: Spanish

Activities: Waltham group coordinator, BNC ambassador, phonathon, sisterhood chair of SDT, off campus job

How did you get involved in Waltham Group?
I love working with kids and the program I do involved tutoring immigrant children in English. I started doing it freshman year and it’s been a really fun and rewarding experience.

What does being a coordinator entail?
I run (along with two others) the LACE program, and I also attend weekly meetings with the other coordinators, and participate in other bigger initiatives that Waltham group is involved in.

How is it being a phonathon caller?
It’s really rewarding serving as a connection between what is happening with the current student body on campus and the bigger Brandeis community. I really love getting to hear about other people’s Brandeis experiences and telling them about mine!

BNC: What is that?
BNC stands for Brandeis National Committee, and it is made up of people who didn’t necessarily go to Brandeis but still support the school. I am part of the New Jersey chapter, so when I am home for breaks I meet with them to talk about my experience as a student and answer any questions they have.

Tell me about your experience in Sigma Delta Tau:

Foti Andromidas '15


Hometown: Lynn, Massachusetts

Major: Psychology

Activities Involved in: Men's Soccer, SAAC

HC: How long have you been playing soccer?

FA: I've been playing soccer every since I could remember, but growing up I liked playing basketball more than soccer, but then people started growing.

HC: Are there any soccer games happening soon on campus?

FA: We have games on October 1st at Wheaton and October 5th at Case Western. The next home game is on October 12th against University of Rochester.

HC: Do you have any pre or post game traditions?

FA: Before a game I chug a bottle of coconut water, even though the taste is absolutely disgusting. I, also, bum ONE gummy bear off our captain, Sam Ocel.

HC: What's been your favorite class at brandeis and why?

FA: 3D Design with Professor Abrams. It is a cool class, where we re-create objects or make things out of anything, also Abrams is a really cool guy and very funny and he presses us to be creative and think outside the box.

HC: What do you do in your spare time around campus?

FA: Usually I am hanging out around campus with my roommates Gustavo Lopes and Joe Graffy (former campus cuties), and other guys on the teams either in Einsteins or on the Great Lawn when the weather is great.

Taken/single? Single

HC: What three qualities do you look for most in a girl?

Emily Goldenberg ’16 and Tyler Diamond ‘16



Tyler: Glastonbury, CT

Emily: Orange County, CA


T: Business Major with a Computer Science minor

E: Double Major in Sociology and American Studies

HC: What are you involved in outside of academics?

T: I’m on the Ultimate Frisbee team and am a brother of Phi Kappa Psi

E: I’m an Orientation Leader, a member of the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team, and a sister in Sigma Delta Tau

HC: What's your favorite aspect of the Brandeis community?

Both: Brandeis is simply the most comfortable place. The Brandeis community creates that sense of a home away from home.

HC: How did you each spend your summer?

T: I interned at an investment-banking firm

E: I interned at Focus Features in the Publicity Department as well as worked at a café. Tyler came to visit me for two weeks in July, so I was able to take time off of work, which was nice.

HC: How did you two meet?

Both: We technically met on the first day of first-year orientation, but we didn’t actually become friends until we had a joint event for the pledges of both of our Greek organizations.

How did you end up getting together?

E: We talked a bit and hung out at night, but we saw each other at a party at Phi Psi around Halloween. Tyler admitted to getting my number from my OL, but he never texted me because he was nervous! So I took his phone and texted myself, and that’s when we really started talking.

Riayn Rosenstock '15


 Business/ Minor: Legal studies

Hometown: Avon, CT

HC: What is your involvement in Alex's Lemonade Stand?

RR: I was first introduced to the foundation when I was in middle school. I sold lemonade with my friends on weekends. Then I got more involved in the foundation with my family. My mom designed the signature necklace for the foundation. It has been a remarkable and awarding experience for all.

HC: Tell me about your upcoming event this Wednesday April 23rd!

RR: Moe's Benefit night is to raise money and awareness for the foundation. We will donate all proceeds to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and PCAA. This will be an event for our friends and peers to gather for a fun night. We would appreciate everyone's participation for such great causes.

HC: What is a class you have taken within your major that you really loved?

RR: I love all my business classes at Brandeis. I have met some great people who have been remarkable mentors. These professors have made my college experience.

Favorite movie:
 American Beauty

Favorite part about spring: Honestly, my favorite season at Brandeis is the fall

HC: What are you doing this summer?

RR: I will be interning on the West Coast. Still deciding which internship I would like to take.

HC: What advice would you give to the incoming class of 2017?

Sara Goldman '13


Year: 2013

Hometown: Marlboro, NJ

Major/minor: Politics, Legal studies and environmental studies minor

Tell me about your involvement SDT!

I’ve been a part of the sorority for three years and I’ve held numerous positions and it’s taught me how to work well with others, and budget my time well.

What is your favorite SDT memory?

I love making crazy costumes for mixers, because they all have such crazy themes. I’d have to say my favorite one was the army themed party we had.

How did you get involved with Rent the Runway?

My friend Emily was talking about the organization one day, and it sounded really interesting to me so I asked how I could get involved! I was the PR representative, so I got the word out to all those Brandeis girls out there in need of dresses.

What thing did you do at Brandeis that you’re really happy you did?

I studied abroad this past summer in the Hague, and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. It made me realize what I want to do with my life, which is study international law.

What’s a distinctive part about one of your majors or minors?

For both of my minors, internships are required to complete the program. For legal studies, I went abroad to the Hague, and this year I am interning at the Office of Energy and Environmental affairs.

Wow, so cool! What’s the best part about Brandeis?

Everyone’s awkward and not afraid to show it!

Are you looking forward to finishing school?

John Schnorrenberg ‘14 & Matt Crowley ’15


Matt Crowley ’15

Hometown: Hanover, MA

Film Major, History Minor

John Schnorrenberg ‘14

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Film, English and Politics Major

Meet Matt and John, this week’s campus cuties! They’ve caused some talk as the first boys of Brandeis to make a Facebook campaign to be elected to the position, and lucky for you ladies, they got their wish! They are both involved in musical theatre and improv groups on campus, and after meeting during Seussical, they formed an unbreakable bond. These gentlemen are dapper, enthusiastic, and they even finished each other’s answers all interview long.


HC: Where did you get the idea to make the campaign?

CC: Our friends Fiona Morillo and Margaret Hoffman were prodding us to do it one night and we decided we’d give it a shot! We also did it for the sake of social justice.

HC: What are your favorite parts of the Brandeis musicals?

MC: For me it’s definitely amusing the audience, and the people around me. I also enjoy all of the people I get to meet through being involved.

JS: The embodiment of the character, even when I’m not the main focus of a scene. It’s also great to meet new people and introduce them to the theatre experience.


HC: John, tell me about Bad Grammar! What’s your favorite improv game?

Joe Graffy '15


Major(s): Bio/HSSP

Hometown: Concord, NH

Extracurriculars: Soccer, Alex’s Lemonade, SAAC



What made you decide to join the soccer team?

I actually played on the team in high school so I was recruited here to play, and then the guys on the team are so great, I spend basically all my time with them. My hall last year was with a lot of the guys from the team so we grew really close.

Sounds awesome! What’s your favorite moment from soccer?

It was really nice to win in the 2nd round of the NCAA, Brandeis hasn’t been there for 20 years so it was something to be proud of, not just for the current team but for Brandeis especially!

Favorite part about Brandeis?

I still remember coming to visit and the atmosphere was just unbelievable compared to some of the other schools. It’s a really subtle feeling, but even something like people always holding the door just makes for a caring place.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Hang out with the guys from the team and just relax. We’re kind of together all the time.


Relationship Status: Single

Qualities you look for in a girl: Attractive, down to earth, intelligent

Ideal first date: Obviously guest meal a girl at Sherman (But really, something low-key, probably dinner and walking around/hanging out after)


Artist: Calvin Harris

Movie: Fox and the Hound

Book: The Hunger Games Series

Lauren Cimbol '14


Hometown: Forest Hills, NY

Major/minor: NEJS/ Anthropology & IGS

Tell me about your involvement in Sigma Delta Tau!

I joined my first semester at Brandeis, and it was a great way for me as a midyear to adjust to campus life. I’ve made some amazing friends, and there were a lot of opportunities for leadership as well so I knew I wanted to take advantage of that.

Wow! So what positions have you held?

I was recruitment chair last fall, and now I’m the vice president of our chapter. I love the organization so much, so it’s been great to help maintain traditions and help shape the sorority for the future.

Tell me about NEJS (Near Eastern Jewish Studies)!

Part of the reason I decided to come to Brandeis was for the NEJS department, so I knew coming in that I wanted to major in it. The professors are amazing, and their reputations preceded them from books and research projects I did in high school, so its an honor to be in their classes! All of the major classes are really diverse so I’ve never had to take the same type of class twice.

So do you want to go into a career in the Jewish community?

I’m not sure! I’ve worked for Jewish organizations in the past and had great experiences but who knows where my future will take me.

Going along with this, you participate in MEOR on campus?

Yeah, I’m currently in my third semester of the program and even though I’m a NEJS major, MEOR has provided a very different setting to learn rather than just learning in a classroom.

Cool! Do you have any fun plans for February break?

Actually, yes! I’m going to Washington D.C. with a few friends, and then afterwards I’m going to SDT leadership school in Baltimore.

Eventful! With Valentine’s day so soon, who’s your dream celebrity date?