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Joe Graffy ’15

Major(s): Bio/HSSP

Hometown: Concord, NH

Extracurriculars: Soccer, Alex’s Lemonade, SAAC



What made you decide to join the soccer team?

I actually played on the team in high school so I was recruited here to play, and then the guys on the team are so great, I spend basically all my time with them. My hall last year was with a lot of the guys from the team so we grew really close.

Sounds awesome! What’s your favorite moment from soccer?

It was really nice to win in the 2nd round of the NCAA, Brandeis hasn’t been there for 20 years so it was something to be proud of, not just for the current team but for Brandeis especially!

Favorite part about Brandeis?

I still remember coming to visit and the atmosphere was just unbelievable compared to some of the other schools. It’s a really subtle feeling, but even something like people always holding the door just makes for a caring place.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Hang out with the guys from the team and just relax. We’re kind of together all the time.


Relationship Status: Single

Qualities you look for in a girl: Attractive, down to earth, intelligent

Ideal first date: Obviously guest meal a girl at Sherman (But really, something low-key, probably dinner and walking around/hanging out after)


Artist: Calvin Harris

Movie: Fox and the Hound

Book: The Hunger Games Series

Winter Activity: Ice Hockey

Usdan Meal: Eggs, cheese and bacon on a croissant

If your life could be a movie, which would it be?

Definitely Serendipity


*Shoutout to Cable 1


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