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Tabby Hardman

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Tips For Travel


Traveling this summer?  Whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile there is always the chance that groggy, cabin air can hinder how good you feel upon your arrival at your destination.  Which is why, there are a few items and tips I have to ensure you feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to start your vacation or trip off on the right footing. 

Bring a sizable bag.  Every time I go anywhere that will require a plane ride or long car journey—I make sure the hand luggage I sport is big, supportive, and easy to maneuver as there are many things a girl needs during her transition from A to B.

Bring face wipes, moisturizer, and facial spritz.  There is nothing worse than having left-over make-up on after a red-eye flight or 10 hour train/car ride.  For the most part there is a sufficient lack of fresh oxygen that reaches your skin while traveling which can cause zits and olliness once you’ve reached your destination.  That’s why it’s good to have a fresh-smelling face wipe, a light moisturizer, and an airy facial spritz to spruce up while in transit.  You’ll feel much better and much cleaner after jumping out of that muggy cabin air—and the best part is you can achieve this process right from your seat. 

Bring a heavy chap stick.  My lips are chap easily—especially in the cold winter months.  However, another time they dry up quickly is when I am traveling.  Once again, the air quality is usually terrible and between eating and drinking and fading in and out of sleep and licking your lips—cracking is bound to occur.  For me personally, this is one of the most annoying/irritating feelings, so I never fail to slip a little Burts Bees into my handbag and off I go.

5 Ways To Know He Is Really Right For You


Having had experience with many frustrating and unfulfilling relationships—I started to wonder how is it possible to determine if who you’re with is a good fit for you?  Between school, work, and everything in the middle—we have a tendency to settle, you know what I mean ladies!  This is why there are five things every girl should consider, busy or not, before they make the next jump in their relationship or choose to call it quits. 

Do you have common interests?  This goes without saying.  In the past, I would fall so head over heels in love with the guy I was with that I would ignore the biggest question out there—do we like or appreciate the same things?  If you have little in common with your guy, chances are it won’t go too far.  Yes, I understand that opposites attract, however, you can’t be too opposite or you’ll end up in tiff after tiff.  A balance should be the goal and a willingness to understand and attempt to appreciate each other’s interests—and if that isn’t there, you’re doomed to fail girlfriend.  Trust me.  I’ve been there.

Can you laugh together?  Having fun is crucial.  And I don’t mean the type of fun you have with your friends.  I'm talking about the private fun, the inside-jokes, and the things only the two of you can understand.  It’s important to have your own language which is protected by the two of you.  My boyfriend and I laugh all the time and it’s because we share a similar sense of humorl he puts my stomach in knots when he tells jokes.  Who doesn’t like to giggle every now and then—especially with the person you love.

The Skin’s Best Friend: Vitamin E



Your skin is not just an organ, it is your shell.  It is the first thing people see when they meet you and something you want to be proud of—which is why one must take care of it.  After a lot of struggle and fuss over acne scars and dark marks, I managed to discover the power of Vitamin E and it’s benefits to a flawless and glowing complexion, something make-up can’t beat.

According to, there are multiple reasons why you should consider implementing this nutrient into your daily routine.

It’s an antioxidant…

The powers of Vitamin E keep the skin rejuvenated and protected from free radicals and agents that can damage the skins surface and underneath.

It can reverse scar damage…

With me included, many young girls suffer from acne scarring and dark marks due to furious popping and picking of zits.  Vitamin E is the best solution to this problem because it softens and fades the appearance of facial blemishes.

It’s good for sun protection…

By using a moisturizer or sunblock that contains Vitamin E, the skin is guarded by UV rays typically caught by bed tanning and sunlight exposure. 

It strengthens the skins overall barrier…

Think of it as a layer of fat keeping you warm from the cold winter months.  Vitamin E can act as a sealant to the skin, keeping moisture in and dryness out.  By using pure Vitamin E facial oil or body lotion or a product containing the nutrient, you can layer your skin with a coating that will leave your skin soft, supple and beautiful. 


Product Review: Brazilian Smoothing Spray


 Recently I was grazing the aisles of my local grocery store and came across a product that transformed the look of my dull and drab hair.  It’s called Brazilian Smooth Seven Day Smoothing Spray—and it’s fabulous!

I had noticed a drastic change in the texture and overall look of my hair and couldn’t determine why my ends were so ruined and my hair shaft was so frayed.  Lucky for me, this slender, brown, little bottle caught my eye.

It’s about a six dollar fix and it's incredibly easy to apply.  All you have to do is shower and wash your hair as usual, leave out the conditioner, and upon exiting the shower, spritz the middle to half way down your wet lock,s and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Once the product has absorbed, blow dry and style as usual into a look of your choice.  You hair will look so sleek and polished! 

The potion reduces up to 95% of frizz and is an incredibly lightweight formula.  Also, the best part is—it lasts for up to seven days.  Let’s just call it “our perm in a bottle!”


My Empire State of Mind: 3 Action-Packed Days in the City of Dreams


Recently, I was fortunate enough to take a trip to the Big Apple with a few of my sorority sisters courtesy of one of their mothers.  I hadn’t been to New York City in what felt like forever, and I was craving a change of scenery and  culture.  After purchasing our $44 round trip tickets, a 5 a.m. start, and 4 hours on a somewhat rickety charter bus—we made it, and my God, was it worth it!

Initially, I was skeptical that a three-day trip would be enough to satiate our interests.  Simply because New York City is so large, and there are so many people and way too much to do and see.  However, as I soon learned, it’s not about the span of time but how you organize your trip.  If you plan to go to NYC or wish to in the future, there are a few necessary places, streets and areas to visit which will leave you with city's neon lights in your eyes.

The first place we hit upon arrival was SoHo, which I highly recommend.  It’s sleek, trendy and full of life.  There are tons of street side food joints and cafes that serve delicious lattes and hearty meals.  When in need of a shopping break, there are fabulous boutiques loaded with the latest fashions at very reasonable prices.  We stayed at the Empire Hotel on the Upper West Side, due to the accommodations provided by my friend’s mother, however, that was just a lucky strike.  If you’re looking to visit, stay in Time Square.  There are plenty of hotels which are reasonably priced and perfectly located in the center of everything.


The Week From Heaven: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013



What’s black, white, and leathery all over?

2013 Fashion Week!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicked off February 6th in New York City and will end on the 14th.  This year, many designers are sticking to a specific theme by incorporating sexy leathers, bold stripes and black and white coloring. 

2013 is going to be a spicy one, fit for a girl who is not afraid to look hot and sexy. 

Black and white is going to be a big hit in 2013; reinforcing the idea that chic will never go out of style.  Between checkerboard print, zigzags, solids and stripes—black and white is where it’s at.  Designers like Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang, Narciso Rodriguez, and DKNY are all implementing these colors into evening gowns, sleek tops, and working-girl suits. 

Leather (my favorite fabric) is going to dominate shops and high streets too.  From floppy off-the-shoulder to futuristic and fitted, there will be a large variation on this fabulous staple.  Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Wang, Holmes and Yang, Belstaff, Rodarte, Jason Wu, and J. Mendel all managed to produce beautiful pieces that can be easily transferred from the catwalk to the sidewalk in business attire or trendy day to day wear.

Lastly, stripes are bigger and badder than ever before.  Thicker, darker, and longer—stripes were sported by multiple designers and added a “jail house” flare to collections. This print was featured by Zero + Maria Cornejo, J. Crew, Ohne Titel, Alberta Firretti, Marc Jacobs, and of course the ever patriotic Tommy Hilfiger.

You can expect to see all these trends in stores soon if they are not already on their way to the racks, and I advise you get to them soon! Because they will go fast! Target, Forever 21, H&M, and Zara more than likely have some items already. So get flashy ladies!

Who doesn’t love a little ‘RAVER?’ :Will Raver



By Tabby Hardman

It was the Thursday night after classes ended and I walked into the neon-lit house.  Music was bumping, people were dancing and everyone was anxiously awaiting the performance of George Mason’s very own, “Man Rave” aka. Will Raver. 

The concert was in place to promote is latest album All Good Dreams which is out December 21, 2012.  And in amongst the chaos—I was able to sit down and have a little one on one chat with the artist himself.

So how have things picked up since we last saw each other?

MR: “Well, in two weeks I am dropping my mix tape and tonight we’re filming some scenes for my new music video which hopefully should be released soon.  So I would say things have been moving along pretty well.”

How do you feel about the new music?

MR: “I would say it’s going to be the best music you’ve heard in a long time, Man Rave means business and this time around everyone is going to be all over these 18 tracks.”

Is there any particular reason why you decided to release the album on December 21st?

MR: “Yeah, I think it’s a legendary move because if the world ends then people will have heard my music and if it doesn’t people will have heard my music [he laughs]—it’s a win, win scenario.”

Do you have anyone else on the album with you?

MR: “I have two features, the first is a guy from New Jersey who goes by PALS and the other is a rapper from the (703) named Cam Wells.”

What’s your plan for 2013—that is if the world doesn’t end?

MR: “I plan to extend my creative abilities and continue to put out more amazing tracks, I have music that can spark up a mind from here to California—and I am going to keep on that path.”


Black Friday: The Breakdown



By Tabby Hardman

While standing in line in an over-sized, puffy coat waiting to purchase a measly few items at the Leesburg Outlet Malls in Leeseburg, Va., I am surrounded by teenage girls pumped up on caffeine, grown women spritzing their faces with Evian facial spray to keep lively, and multiple people carrying binders of coupons chronologically organized by which store would be hit when.  It was Black Friday 2011, and to say the least—I felt very ill-equipped. 

Having had time to reflect on my shopping experience I have some advice for those who plan to venture into the abyss we like to call “Early Bird Specials,” this coming Friday which will not only aid their couponing but help them to sustain the potentially treacherous event.

1.        Wear Comfortable Shoes

This is the most crucial detail.  Between lines, walking, and getting in and out of cars—your feet will take one heck of a beating.  This is not the time to wear your wedge-sneaker shoes ladies!  Be reasonable and strap yourself into some heavily soled sneakers or boots.  It’s not a fashion show at three in the morning.

2.       Wear A Light Coat—Not A Wooly Fleece!

Stores get hot, plain and simple.  There are bodies everywhere, brushing shoulders left, right and center.  Yes, it may be cold out this time of the year but you will be spending majority of your time brushing up next to every human known to man, and the last thing you want is to add fuel to your fire—literally.  A T-shirt and a hoodie or jacket is enough; you will be less hot, less thirsty, and more relaxed which will allow for—more shopping!

3.       Pack A Bag Of Goodies/Snacks

George Mason Opinions: Cost Of College Out Of Reach?


It seems that today there is less focus on the academics we are going to study at university but how we are going to pay for those academics. Students are being forced to carefully select where they are going to attend college by it’s affordability and not whether the university will set the stage for a healthy career. Through my observations of my personal experiences and those I attend school with, I have noticed a few contributing factors to this ongoing problem.

First, tuition in of itself is over the top considering two years of one’s university education is devoted to re-practicing the basic skills learned in K-12. By the time I got to George Mason, I had already completed four years of math, four years of English, four years of History, and four years of science—so why, when I have slaved for 12 years to get myself into an institution of higher learning, would I want to repeat that work at a more accelerated level and be fooled into believing that “Western Civilization” was any different to what I learned in seventh grade European History? It’s simply ludicrous to think that my degree is essentially compressed into two years of 300 level courses.

Second, I think that the price of textbooks is almost comical when you take into account that students are typically considered the poorest rich people. Just because our degrees are worth thousands doesn’t mean we are. But unfortunately, it doesn’t bother the bookstores. Last week I went to pick up my semester texts and almost fainted when one of my gen-ed courses (of which will remain nameless) demanded a 235 dollar textbook! I nervously chatted with the checkout girl as she stripped my BB&T debit card from my spider-monkey grip and watched as 235 dollars’ worth of pedicures, night’s on the town, and chipotle chicken bowls dissolved into her register.

George Mason Opinions: Best Places To Study on Campus


1. The Engineering Building

Out of all the places to crack open a text book and sip on a hot java, the engineering building is the best place to do it. There are multiple well-lit levels and plump sofas to support a serious study session. This could possibly be the quietest building on campus, rivaling the Library, which is perfect particularly if you’re trying to study for a pending exam. Ever since this building was built I have felt strongly about its tranquil vibe and have only had successful studying experiences inside its modernly designed walls.

2. Mason Pond Grass

If you are looking for more of a scenic study spot, I highly recommend the grass around the Mason Pond. Rub on a little sunscreen, lay out a towel, and go to town on that English Literature novel you’ve been meaning to read. It’s the closest thing to a large mass of water George Mason has, and it can be exceptionally peaceful on a sunny fall day.

3. JC Patio (bottom of the Johnson Center)

This location is for those who can handle a little hustle and bustle during their study hours. There are plenty of tables that seat multiple people if you’re into group study, and there’s enough side walls and grass space if you want to sprawl out and do your own thing. During the afternoon hours, there’s a lot of traffic—however, it can be pleasant background noise to otherwise serious schoolwork.

4. Innovations Computer Lab (3rd floor)

Albeit this is a computer lab, it’s nice because it provides around 300 computers, silence, fax machines, copiers, staplers, and space. It’s great if you need to do an emergency power hour before an exam, piece together a group PowerPoint presentation, or simply check your email in peace. I like it because most people on campus gun for the Johnson Center computer labs (hence why they’re always packed) allowing for this lab to fly incognito.