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Register Now for Her Campus's National Pre-Collegiette Conference!


On Saturday April 26 at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, Her Campus is hosting our first-ever National Pre-Collegiette Conference and we can't wait to see you there!

This conference is for high school students (pre-collegiettes!) and their parents, and will cover everything you need to know to get ready for college (no matter what year in school you are)--from the nitty gritty of college apps, to how to pick the best college for you, to how to navigate applying for internships, to how to stay healthy in college, to what living with a roommate is like, and much, much more.


Introducing The #LovingMe Project, in Support of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week


As you may know, February 23 through March 1 marks National Eating Disorders Awareness Week—a week that is poignant for us here at Her Campus, as we know from our readers, our team members and experience that eating disorders are something that afflict far too many college women.

As always, you can come to our site to get educated about eating disorders and their treatment and to read stories from real college girls about their own struggles, but in honor of this week, we wanted to turn the conversation around and embrace positivity by creating something special.

That's why this year, in support of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we've launched The #LovingMe Project to celebrate the things we love about ourselves—unrelated to our physical appearance.  From now through Sunday, March 2, we want you (and your roomies, sorority sisters, real-life sisters, friends, you name it!) to think about what you love most about yourself, and to share it with us by Instagramming or tweeting a photo that represents what you love at us (@hercampus) with #LovingMe.  Prefer Facebook?  Share the photo on our Facebook page with #LovingMe.

Maybe you love that you're a great writer—snap a shot of you at your desk penning your latest novel (or blog post!).  Maybe you love that you're a loyal friend—take a pic of you hugging your bestie!  Maybe you love that you're fearless—share a photo of you skydiving (or trying escargot!).

Cute Winter Workout Look with Famous Footwear


Hey collegiettes!

I used to just wear whatever to the gym- a grungy t-shirt, shorts I'd had since freshman year of high school, and boring mostly white sneakers.  Then somehow I finally realized that there are loads and loads of cute gym clothes and gym shoes out there, and that it was way more fun (and motivating!) to work out when I felt like I looked cute, not to mention it came in handy for those times when I went straight from working out to running errands or meeting up with friends, etc.  So in the past year or so I've totally revamped my workout wardrobe so that I now have clothes I actually feel confident wearing while I work out!

Looking cute while working out in the winter can be a bigger challenge, especially since I like to run outside and it's COLD and slushy (at least in Boston!).

Thanks, Birth Control! You Made This Possible


Sometimes our birth control can be an afterthought. Whether it's remembering to take your pill every morning or to use a condom every time, it's not exactly the most convenient thing to have to think about. But what about when you step back to think about all of the things that your birth control makes possible for you? I'd say it's more than worth it.

I first went on the Pill when I was 17, to help with cramps during my period. And since then I've never looked back. I've taken that little pill every single morning when I brush my teeth for over seven years now, and I couldn't be more grateful for it.

Because not only did birth control help with my cramps, but it also removed what could have been yet another stressor to deal with during my high school, college, and early 20s years. While I was worrying about my grades, getting a summer internship, getting leadership positions in my extracurriculars, sticking to my budget, finding an apartment, and lots more, one thing I didn't have to worry about was getting pregnant--and that was all thanks to birth control.

And now, at age 24, running Her Campus day in and day out, trying to grow the business as fast as possible, I don't have to worry about my career getting sidetracked by an unexpected pregnancy (which roughly half of today's pregnancies are!), because I know birth control has my back.

So that's why I'm saying "thanks, birth control!", because it's birth control that enables me to build my career, continue to live my early 20s lifestyle, and enjoy my relationship with my fiance, without getting nervous about pregnancy or allowing the fear of it to take the fun out of intimacy.

Our New Fave Pair of Fall Booties


This week, I was lucky to get a chance to rock what are now my new fave pair of fall booties thanks to Famous Footwear-- the Elyse ankle boot by Diba, featuring these sweet studs and a manageable-yet-stylish heel.

I paired them with faux leather legging pants by DKNY, a gray slouchy dolman-style sweater from TJMaxx, and simple silver jewelry. It was a perfect comfy fall look with a bit of an edge!

Want to grab your own pair of these studded steppers? Head to Famous Footwear (sneak peek: they're on sale!)!

15 Confessions of Foursquare Addicts


1. "I don't check in every time I go to my apartment anymore."

2. "I check in someplace even if I'm just outside of it waiting for someone."

3. "Sometimes I make my significant other wait to leave a restaurant until I've successfully gotten data and checked in."

4. "I check in to two versions of the same place."

5. "I got irrationally excited the first time someone besides me checked into my apartment."

6. "When I was on vacation, I continued to check in to my workplace in order to maintain my mayorship."

7. "I check into every cab I take. I say it's in case I leave something in the cab. It's not."

8. "Half my restaurant visits are nothing more than tactics to reclaim my rightful mayorships."

9. "I'm responsible for putting every one of my friends' apartments on Foursquare."

10. "If I don't check in some place on Foursquare, I feel like I never really went there."

11. "I claim to my non-Foursquare-ing friends that the Specials are the only reason I use it, but let's be real."

12. "I've reported illegal mayorships to Foursquare -- I'm looking at you, Macy's saleswoman."

13. "I check into parks even if I'm just passing through."

HC's Ultimate College Life Survey 2013


One thing we hear from collegiettes over and over is that you love HC because we give you the real deal on what’s really going on at college under the surface—stuff like using fake IDs, sexiling, cheating on exams, racking up credit card debt... and more. So that's why we conducted HC's Ultimate College Life Survey, where we surveyed over 2,700 girls from over 750 colleges across the country to get you all the info about all the nitty gritty stuff you're dying to know, but feel too awkward to bring up even with your BFFs.

Over the summer, we released a new installment of the results every Monday for seven weeks, and we laid it all out there about dormcest, plagiarizing, study drugs, underage drinking... you get the gist. So go ahead and check out our portal of pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted to know about what’s really going on in college life! And don't forget to check out HC's Ultimate College Guy Survey and Ultimate College Girl Survey for everything college girls and guys think about dating, hooking up, personal grooming, marriage, and more!


HC Love,

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Apply to Be a Her Campus High School Ambassador!


Are you a high school girl who LOVES magazines, digital media, journalism, writing, publicity, or marketing? Her Campus is looking for the top high school girls from across the country to join the Her Campus Team as High School Ambassadors.

Are you a budding journalist who dreams of writing for a big-name magazine or newspaper one day? Are you the first to tell your friends about hot new trends? Do you love thinking creatively as part of a team?

The Her Campus High School Ambassador program runs from September 2013 to May 2014. Every week, you'll learn a new skill that's crucial to making it in the communications industry – then you'll put it into practice! During any given week, you may be writing articles and blog posts; spreading the word about Her Campus via creative projects, contests, and campaigns; and serving as a consultant to the Her Campus Team on high school trends and hot topics.

The deadline to apply is September 8, 2013. 

If you're passionate about a career in media, Her Campus will give you the skills and experience you need to get there. Since joining the Her Campus Team, team members have been offered jobs and internships at Seventeen, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Lucky, Marie Claire, InStyle, Harper's Bazaar, O magazine, The Washington Post, MTV, and many more. 


“Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?”: How to Map Out a Plan For Your Future


Mapping out the next ‘X’ years of your life can seem daunting.  When people ask, ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?’ it can seem impossible to figure out how to answer that question.  But if you break your plans down into smaller pieces, mapping out your future can be that much more manageable—and even fun!

That’s why we've teamed up with Merck to provide you with pretty much everything you could possibly need to map out a plan for what’s up next for you.  As part of the planning process, we encourage collegiettes to ask yourselves what potential roadblocks might come up that could interfere with those plans. Throughout your planning, it’s important to consider everything from internship or job application deadlines to financial considerations like student loans, while keeping healthy lifestyle choices in mind, too. Things like eating well, sleeping, exercising, and visiting your doctor are important in order to keep all the other stuff—academic, career, etc.—on track. Another consideration to think about is whether your plan might include birth control options that don’t have to be taken every day, which is something to speak with your doctors about to explore the options.

Part of your plan should also include understanding how to prevent an unplanned pregnancy if you’re not looking to start a family in the immediate future. It’s important to think about how an unplanned pregnancy could potentially alter the plans you’ve made for yourself, and to take steps to ensure you’ll be able to stick to the plan you’ve laid out.

But how do you actually go about doing all of that?  We've got step-by-step instructions you can use to map out your plan.

Register NOW for Her Campus's National Intercollegiette Conference July 27-28 in NYC!

Hey collegiettes!   We are thrilled to cordially invite you to Her Campus's National Intercollegiette Conference 2013 on Saturday July 27 and Sunday July 28 in New York City!  Join Her Campus for an inspiring weekend full of keynotes, panels, and workshops on everything you need to make it in the media world and beyond, and to network with industry leaders and other collegiettes from across the country!     The conference will feature panels and workshops on everything from what being an editorial assistant is like, to careers in book publishing, how to break into the marketing & PR world, how to launch a successful start-up, keys to growing your blog, and way more, plus personal branding guidance, negotiation strategies, resume and cover letter reviews, and more.  We have an amazing group of speakers coming, with keynotes by the Publisher of Teen Vogue, Founder & President of Ed2010, designer Josie Natori, and more, and panelists from Teen Vogue, Glamour, Seventeen, SELF, Lucky, Cosmopolitan, Brides, Country Living, Women's Health, Psychology Today, OK! Magazine, The Huffington Post, Rodale, Random House, Ogilvy, Digitas, Alloy, Glam, Marina Maher Communications, SANDOW, New York Daily News, XO Group, Latina Magazine, Redbook, Levo League, and many more!     All attendees will receive an awesome goody bag full of free stuff and will get to enjoy activation stations and events including a braid bar, mini manicures, a BCBGeneration sample sale, "Girl Rising" film screening, informational career fair, delish snacks from Chipotle and more!