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Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 05/02/2012


WEDNESDAY: Disguised Workout Clothes!

We all have those days: you know you’re going straight to the gym after class or you just don’t feel like putting together an outfit when you wake up.  Especially during finals week, it can be super difficult to find time for fitness, yet if you are already dressed to go, it can be a lot easier to fit it in between other obligations.  Fortunately, there are ways to put together cute yet functional pieces that are both classroom appropriate and elliptical-ready!

Outfit #1: Cute workout pants!
Proof that exercise capris can look stylish in public!  Take your favorite pair and start with a sports bra and your workout top under a feminine, loose shirt or sweater.  This way, when you get to the gym you can just shed the top layer and be dressed to go!  A fedora hat and long, pretty necklaces add fashion points, while summery sandals keep it casual.  Pack your socks and running shoes in your school bag, or just wear them with the rest of the outfit for a sportier vibe. 

Outfit #2: Urban Workout!
A little more grunge and a tad more tomboy, this look takes the same principles of outfit #1 and puts a different spin on it.  Take ankle length black workout pants or leggings and your coolest over-sized gym shirt and pair them under a loose denim jacket.  Add some funky jewelry and sneakers, and you’ll look put together enough to even rock a messy bun to class!

Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 04/30/2012


MONDAY- Finals Week Chic!

Well ladies, we’ve made it!  No matter what this next half week has in store for you with tests and papers due, once it's over, it’s over.  While your brain may feel fried from Bib Trad and Calculus, the last thing you should have to worry over is your outfits this week.  Sweats are fine, but if you put in just a little more thought and effort you will both look and feel better.  If you just want to be comfortable and casual, yet keep the cute factor, here are several perfect options!

Outfit #1: Super Casual Spring!
Easy, comfy, and subtly sexy, this look would work great for a day full of finals and little sleep.  Take a thick pair of leggings and throw on your softest oversized tee.  Bonus points if it’s in a bright color!  Then add a long, pretty scarf and chunky wedges.  Wedges give you height and style, yet are deceptively easier to walk in than regular heels.  Feel free to throw on as much jewelry as you wish, since it only takes a few seconds and can make it look like you put much more effort into the outfit than you really did!


Outfit #2: Easy Dress and Sweater!
Hayden Panettiere nails the “finals week” look here: Uggs, coffee, hair in a bun, etc.  Take the basic idea and amp it up a bit with a comfy, basic cotton dress and a long, neutral colored cardigan.  You will look sweet and casual yet still cute while avoiding the frumpiness of sweats.  Sunglasses cover up tired eyes, and an easy bag carries just your essentials to each final.  I am personally not a fan of Uggs, so I would instead go for my favorite pair of flat knee-high boots. 

Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 04/27/2012


FRIDAY- Weekend Out!

With Dead Week drawing to a close and full on crunch time fast approaching, you might still feel the urge to get off campus or even just go enjoy the sun with your friends.  Everyone needs a break around this time of the school year, and while we are all likely burned out and stressed, it can still be easy to find something cute to wear without too much effort.

Outfit#1: Date-Worthy Day Dress!
If you have a significant other here at school, this weekend might be one of the last opportunities to bond before summer.  Take a break with your honey and have a picnic on the quad or take a stroll downtown in this easy yet feminine look.  Start with a soft, flowy maxi dress in a pretty color, adding a cropped denim jacket to ward off the breeze.  Belt the dress at the waist with a thin braided belt to keep it from being too voluminous.  Finish with flat, comfortable sandals. 

Outfit#2: Summery Skirt!
Full disclosure: Rosie Huntington-Whitely is my all-time favorite model.  Her looks are always a mix between simple chic and goddess-worthy sexy.  Her street-style pictured here would be a good inspiration for your own weekend look.  Take a past-the-knee skirt in an interesting color, or try a trendy high-low skirt instead.  Up top, tuck in a loose white tank top and fix a narrow neutral belt low across your waist.  Pretty earrings and flat sandals finish off the look while a bright red bag adds a pop of contrasting color.  

Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 04/25/2012


WEDNESDAY: Sunny Shorts!

Finally, it feels like summer’s here!  And with this long-awaited weather comes the perfect opportunity to break out those shorts that have been in hibernation since August.  Many girls choose to rock the classic t-shirt and denim shorts look, which is cute but here are a couple alternatives as well!
Outfit #1: Plaid and Shorts!
For an early morning class, it may not always be warm enough yet to go too bare.  Until the day heats up, throw a light plaid shirt over a white t-shirt and denim shorts for a cute, all-American look.  Add a cross-body bag to carry all your books and finish with either sandals, or even boots for a Western touch.  

Outfit#2: Feminine!
Trade in basic denim for pale pink or even mint shorts.  Loosely tuck in a grey tank top or t-shirt on top, and belt the shorts with a long, braided and feathered belt of some kind for a boho feel.  The piece of interest in this look is a long lace duster, but if your wardrobe does not possess something similar, anything long and flowy would do too.  Finish with a long stone necklace and black booties. 

Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 04/23/2012


MONDAY: Dead Week Chic!

Yikes, dead week!  For better or worse, we have all made it this far and the school year is almost over!  If you’re like me, you still have copious amounts of papers and reports to get done before the year is out and wondering how to get it all in on time.  Yet, I know when I look my best I have more confidence to get things done, so here are a couple of ideas so you can stay looking sharp while you dash from class to group study sessions!

Outfit #1: Stark Contrast!
This look is super basic and incorporates pieces you hopefully already have in your wardrobe.  White skinnies with a black belt look bold and eye-catching paired with a dark denim shirt worn closed on top.  A leather jacket in case of a weather change will add edge and keep the light/dark contrast theme going.  I’d skip the heels for this one and go with either basic black flats or a pop of color or pattern. 


Outfit #2: Pattern and Color!
 For this look, bust out your funkiest and loudest pair of pants or leggings—anything goes!  Then add a solid-colored and billowy top, making sure it’s long enough to cover vital parts if you do choose leggings.  Rock a pair of black wedge booties and a chic bag for ferrying your laptop and notebooks between destinations. 

Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 04/20/2012


FRIDAY: H&M Lookbook, Spring 2012!

When designers and clothing stores release seasonal lookbooks, they can be a terrific and fresh source of fashion inspiration!  They often dictate not only what we can expect to be available soon but also what the newest trends will be.  Let these pieces from the H&M Spring 2012 Lookbook inspire your weekend style!

Outfit #1: Flouncy Bow!
This look is super cheery and perfect for an early spring event!  It is also super simple to achieve: all you need is a loose and tiered dress and a long strip of ribbon.  The ribbon should be within a similar color family as the dress itself, yet contrasting enough to catch the eye.  A long, thin scarf in a solid color would do the trick as well.  Tie it in a pretty bow at your waist for a fresh alternative to a waist belt and finish the outfit with nude pumps or black flats. 


Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 04/18/2012


WEDNESDAY - Spring Mint!

Mint for any sort of clothing or accessory is very in right now, and I admit I am a big fan myself!  It is pale enough to be feminine yet cool enough to avoid being too precious.  If you are lucky enough to already own a pair of pants in this splendid color, here are a few outfit options to consider!
Outfit #1: Ombre Effect!
I love the unexpected merging of color from the shirt into the pants as seen here.  It is immediately eye-catching and creates such a cool effect!  Finding a similar oversized printed t-shirt might prove a challenge, but try checking the guy sections of your favorite stores, such as Urban Outfitters or Forever 21.  These places often have unusual and terrific shirts for dudes, and often at cheaper prices than the girly sections.  This idea could easily be duplicated with colored denim in any shade if you can find a top that incorporates the same shade.  Add on chunky silver necklaces and black wedge booties, with a dark grey cardigan to pull everything together.


Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 04/16/2012


MONDAY: Shorts and Sweaters!

Portland has been enjoying an awesome amount of much-needed sun lately, causing many of us to break out those long missed shorts and summer dresses.  Yet the occasional chilly or rainy day still sneaks in the forecast and dressing to be prepared for either eventuality can be tricky.  One option is to pair shorts with a sweater, creating a balance of both cool and warm!

Outfit #1: Boho!
This look is a perfect way to ease your shorts back into your everyday wardrobe!  Starting with a comfy pair in a fun color, add a large belt and a funky striped sweater in a neutral pattern.  Cream legwarmers or high socks with boots give the outfit a sweet yet practical element, and bright necklace and headband finish off the subtle hippie vibe.  Feel free to layer a short-sleeved top under the sweater for added warmth in the morning and then as a backup in case the day really heats up later on. 


Outfit #2: Off-the-Shoulder!
This look takes the sweater/shorts combo of outfit #1 and ditches boho fun for a more polished feel.  Start with white shorts or a trendy pair of lace ones.  Then throw on a loose, off-the-shoulder sweater in either contrasting black or another dark color.  Sunglasses and chunky gold jewelry finish the outfit off with clean sophistication, while a patterned headband lends the look color and interest.  For shoes, it’s your choice: high boots or pretty flats would work, and even sneakers would be fun to try! 

Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 04/13/2012


FRIDAY- Plaid and Skirts!
Plaid is a clothing staple for good reason: it’s interesting, versatile, and can be found on everything from socks to kilts.  As an avid plaid fan myself, I am always on the hunt for that perfect plaid shirt: soft, well-structured, colorful, and long.  When you find your own plaid perfection, try one of these looks for a fun and feminine way to style it!

Outfit#1: Rugged Feminine!
Personally, this look heavily evokes one of my favorites seen on the recent Dolce and Gabbana runway.  There’s a definite western vibe going on (which I am always a fan of) but you can choose to minimize this by skipping the cowgirl boots and braids.  Simply tuck your favorite plaid shirt into a poufy white or cream skirt and add a thick belt at the waist.  I would choose flats for this look, perhaps in one of the colors that can also be found on the shirt to tie it all together. 


Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 04/011/2012


WEDNESDAY- Cargo Skinnies!

Cargo skinny pants were huge about a year or two ago, and many people wrote them off as just a fad.  But one still sees a fair few of them around, so while they might seem tricky to wear, they can still be an awesome alternative to jeans!  Here are a couple examples of how to wear them in a sophisticated and slightly dressy way. 

Outfit #1: Classy!
This is one example of how to make your cargo skinnies look very polished and even work-appropriate.  Start by pegging the ankle of your pants to showcase a nice pair of neutral colored pumps or booties.  Then slip on a glittery shirt or tank top, ensuring that the neckline is somewhat modest if you do rock this look at a job or field experience.  A clean white biker jacket or cropped blazer adds polish while a red necklace and bag finish it off with a pop of color! 

Outfit #2: Fun!
If the first look is a little too proper for you, here is a more casual and fun interpretation.  Instead of glitter, try an easy, flowy button-up in leopard or another eye-catching pattern.  Since leopard is considered a neutral, bright coral shoes add a much needed dose of color.  An edgy bag of any sort works to tie in with the rugged factor of the pants, while girly earrings finish it off with a feminine touch.