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Rachel Lolli

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Campus Celebrity: Christie Horan



Christie Horan is no ordinary Marketing and Integrated Strategic Communications double major. Between putting projects together and cramming for tests, she also makes time for one little extracurricular activity: the University of Kentucky Dance Team. Horan says she’s always liked to dance but here she talks about what it’s like to be a part of something bigger than herself.

When did you start dancing and how did you get involved?

Probably before I could even walk! I was in my first dance class when I was three. My mom enrolled me in a “Mommy and me” dance class and I’ve been dancing ever since!

How long have you been on the dance team?

I’ve been on the UK Dance Team since my freshman year of college. Third year going strong and I absolutely love it.

What was the audition process like that first year?

Absolutely intimidating. I had no idea what to expect! It was three days long and I didn’t know anyone else there, but I did know how badly I wanted to be on the team. The first day were the formal interviews, the second day we learned material and the third day were the actual dance auditions. I wanted to know everything so perfectly so I practiced like crazy! My dad and I stayed at a hotel all weekend and whenever I got the chance we would head out to the parking lot, turn on the music in the car and I would practice the dance right there in the parking lot! I did my best and performed for the judges the best I could. A couple days later we found out the results of the auditions and I had made the Blue Squad!! I was so excited when I read the email I screamed and jumped up and down a billion times and then ran laps around my house. I’ll never forget it!

How many girls are on the Dance Team?

Great Ideas for Halloween Costumes!


If you haven’t thought about your Halloween costume yet, it’s time to start. Halloween is right around the corner and before you know it, you’ll be the only one wearing last year’s pregnant Beyoncé costume. Not to mention, college isn’t just one night in college, it can be multiple nights which means something more frightening than Paranormal Activity 3- multiple costumes. Yikes! But before you get too scared of this idea, think of it in a positive way. Now you don’t have to narrow your Halloween persona to just one character. So you can be scary and cute, sexy and funny. The best Halloween costumes are a mixture of both or even all of these things. But I know you’re probably busy with midterms and painting fraternity formal coolers, and it’s hard to focus on anything else. So here’s a few of my favorite original Halloween costumes to get your creative juices flowing:

Three’s Company
My favorite costume for a trio is Three Blind Mice. There are so many different mice costumes out there that you can pick whichever one you’re most comfortable in (or even just a grey t-shirt and grey leggings!), add a cane and sunglasses and boom! Instant Three Blind Mice. And if anyone asks what you’re supposed to be, you can quote one of the best movies in cinematic history, “I’m a mouse, duhh.”

Birds of a Feather Flock Together
There are endless possibilities for costumes when you’re going out with a group, but one of my favorites is the birds and the bees. Half of your group can dress up as birds, the other half bees and you’ve pretty much got the concept across. The best thing about this costume (other than the clever play on a phrase) is that there’s really no limit to your costumes and when you and your group lose each other, your costume still makes sense. You don’t have to be the random Ginger Spice flying solo at a party.

UK Tailgaiting Bans: Good For Students or Hindering Team Spirit?


“My life is over.”

This is the very first thing I said to my friend Katherine when I found out about the new tailgating regulations set by President Eli Capilouto. While this might seem a tad bit dramatic now, that’s literally how I felt the first few hours following the shock. A Kentucky tradition had just been ripped apart, eliminated faster than the first few to leave on the Bachelorette.

The email explained that “Individuals or student organizations that promote drinking or that utilize DJs and bands in this area will be subject to disciplinary actions by our Dean of Students Office that could, ultimately, impact their organizational status.” Basically, no more giant party in the bowl. No more one time a week where I got to see all of my friends on campus in one spot. It’s depressing enough to make a girl want to stay in instead and watch every season of America’s Next Top Model.

But how could this man- the man who should understand students’ wants and concerns more than anyone else- do this to us? From my perspective, the decision is completely irrational and honestly, it isn’t going to solve anything. If it even had anything to solve in the first place…

Scraping Pennies or Rolling In The Dough?


I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who was good at saving money. Sometimes I even tricked myself into thinking that I was. I, however, am not really that clever. I know I’m terrible at it and I’m not sure when or where the trouble started. It seems as if I’ve only been bad at saving money since I arrived at college and my mindset was that everyone in college is poor. While everyone might be low on cash because of the high cost of college, it’s obvious that no two situations are alike.

So while my foolish self pondered the luxury lifestyle I would live in my retirement due to all of the money I saved early on in life, my realistic self told me otherwise. If I wanted that cushy retirement, (or even more realistically, if I wanted to pay off my college debts), then I would have to make a change; some habits need
to be broken.

But where to start? I feel like I’ve already attempted some sort of financial reformation more than a few times in my life, and 

I honestly don’t think anything will change now. But it’s always worth another shot, right? So then comes the question of what I should change. Cut back on late night Qdoba runs? Quit the splurging at Victoria’s Secret that always comes along with the coupons they send out? Or should I take the route of not 
eating food anymore and saving my grocery money? Unfortunately, all three of those have the same likeliness of happening, and this is where my problem lies.

Finally last year, I decided to open a savings account and take charge of my spending. All of the money I earn from working goes into my savings account- an account that I made sure my bank doesn’t let me touch. This, I’ve decided, is my first step on the road to my future cushy retirement. Or at least it will help me pay back some loans.

All The Single Ladies!


The beginning of a new school year brings a lot of change: new clothes, new classes, new place to live, and more than often it also brings a new love life. Fall semester gives us plenty of opportunities Whether you’re a freshman who just broke it off with a boyfriend at home, upperclassman whose other half just hasn’t seemed to matured, or your now ex-boyfriend just par-took in frat rush and all of the sudden had different priorities (we know how that goes). Whatever the reason, you are now in single land.

But instead of buying bulk in tissue boxes and spending the night alone with Ben and Jerry, rethink your situation. You are a newly eligible single college woman- the possibilities are endless. Here are my top three reasons why being single isn’t so bad:

You have more time for well, everything.
You would be surprised how much time you devoted to hanging out with your boy. Now that you have all of this free time, you can finally catch up on school work, hit the gym more often, and most importantly, hang out with your girls. This is the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your friends and also have the time of your life. Post-break up you might want feel like sulking over everything else, but you really should take this opportunity to have a little single fun. Those random dance floor make outs? Yes, you can do those now.

It's Football Time in The Bluegrass


There’s nothing quite like Kentucky football season. The mall is sold out of blue dresses, fall weather is in the air and school spirit is at an all-time high. And somehow, UK football is the last thing on your mind.
Last week The Kentucky Wildcats lost the battle to the Louisville Cardinals, 32-14. The Cats not only gave up the Governor’s Cup to in-state rival Louisville, but they also might have lost fans along the way.
Fan turnout to games is on the decline, and with the loss to Louisville, any possible hope that Cat supporters may have come into the season with has certainly been shaken.
“Everybody’s first game is important. You think it’s not important down at Alabama, Georgia, wherever? It’s important to set the tempo and tone for the season,” said UK head coach, Joker Phillips.
While the first game may not have ended exactly how Phillips hoped, he and the team alike are staying positive about the season.
“O-line, I’m confident that they can do a good job and our receiving corps, I’m looking to see them do big things,” said sophomore quarterback, Maxwell Smith.
With a past of less-than-impressive seasons, it’s hard for UK football fans to want to attend the games, but the team is not ready to give up. With no shortage of intensity in their practices, the Cats try to remain optimistic and continue to work hard. The influx of new recruits also adds to the positive energy, and the possibility for a Wildcat turnaround. According to Phillips, freshman linebacker Pancho Thomas is one of the newcomers who add to the competitive edge of the 2012 team.
“Pancho, you can tell leading up to a game that it was different for him and how he approached things closer we got to game day… (The freshmen) are going to get better as the season goes.”
While fans hope for the best, they aren’t exactly sure whether they will be attending games. Alyssa Elliott, a junior at UK, says she isn’t convinced.

Top Picks for Fall Flicks


Don’t let the high temperatures fool you; the season of fall is on its way! It’s time again for boots and scarves, pumpkin-scented candles, bonfires, holidays and of course, tailgates. But there is one more activity you should be adding to your fall bucket list: going to the movies! We know you do it all year round but with the fall 2012 lineup, there really is no better time to

Over 88 movies are set to debut in theaters across the nation this fall, with genres ranging from an action-packed sequel in which Liam Neeson gets to show off more of his very particular set of skills, to a cartoon with a video game villain who wants to be a hero. But with all of the choices, how do you decide where to put your hard earned cash at the theater this year? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for the fall movie season. So find your favorite genre, grab some popcorn and keep your eyes open for these future flicks!

Comedy: ‘Pitch Perfect’ (Oct. 5)
You may be thinking, please not another movie-musical. But don’t judge this choir film just yet! With a well-chosen cast and quick, witty humor, Pitch Perfect is not your typical High School Musical. In fact, the movie is set at a college, in which freshman Beca is persuaded into joining the school’s all-girls singing group. With the help of the group, she tries to turn around their boring reputation in time for competition season. Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow star, but it’s really Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids) who pulls all the laughs.

Action: ‘Skyfall’ (Nov. 9)
While we are extremely excited about the sequel to Taken, the newest James Bond film is probably your best bet in terms of a non-stop action flick. The plot doesn’t vary too much from the typical Bond story, but from beginning to end ‘Skyfall’ delivers the intensity that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Meet Greek Sing External Chair Kelsey Oliver!!


Name: Kelsey Oliver
Graduation Year: 2013
Chi Omega Greek Sing Chair
Why did you decide to become Greek Sing Chair for Chi Omega sorority?
I was elected by my sorority to be the Greek Sing Chair for the 2012 year. My official position is External Chair and my Co-Partner Stefanie Hadley is Intern Chair. I am in charge of the fraternities and sororities as well as the day of the event. Stefanie is in charge of Chi O fundraising as well as all of our financials.
Greek Sing is Chi Omega and Phi Delta Theta's big philanthropy event- can you explain the Make-A-Wish Foundation and what you all contribute?
The Make-A-Wish foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Chi Omega has established an alliance with the Make-A-Wish foundation to provide a common goal for every Chi Omega chapter. Chi Omegas, collegiate and alumnae will support the foundation through volunteering, fundraising and special events across the U.S. This year we will grant hundreds of wishes but we will focus on one for the event. We will showcase the family as a representation of the foundation and she will share of her personal story with thousands of people.
How much do you hope to raise this year?
We hope to raise $130,000 this year.
When did you all start preparing for Greek Sing?
Greek Sing preparations started back in September of 2011. The preparation includes several fundraising drives, fundraising dinners at local restaurants, and countless meetings and dance practices.
Has it been difficult to balance both preparations and school work?

Campus Celebrity Desirae Duncan


Getting Back Into the Spring of Things


You’ve unpacked your things, asked everyone on your floor how their break was and stocked up on food to hold you over for at least a couple of weeks. You’re thinking either one of two things- you're excited to be back on campus, or winter break went by faster than you could say, “I think I packed too much.” But regardless of which attitude you start with, the spring semester has officially begun.
Second semester isn’t quite as foreign as first semester. You already know most of the people around you and you’re still living in the same place that you were the previous semester. The biggest change is your class schedule, and after a long break of waking up after twelve and doing whatever you want with your day, the school routine can be hard to get back into. You know that you’ll eventually fall into a regular pattern like you do every semester, but there are a few things you can do first to make the transition a little easier on yourself. Making a few small changes now can make for a great semester later. 

Organize yourself.
The first week of classes is a great time to get yourself organized. There’s a good chance your workload will be light, so take this time to go through the syllabus for each class. Write important dates in your agenda or calendar for exams and due dates for first assignments, and take note of the expectations of each instructor. It might even help to make a to-do list for each day until you get used to your new schedule. With your planner in order and a list to keep you on track, you can be sure you’ll accomplish everything necessary for each day.