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Lauren Zelenka

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Sweet Scents For Spring


Spring hasn’t sprung just yet here at Bentley, but there is no better way to get in the spirit and sooth those winter blues than a new perfume. From floral fragrances to relaxing aromas, a new perfume could be your best spring accessory. Here are a few of my favorite scents to get heads (and noses!) turning this spring, and they can all be found at Sephora.

La Vie Est Belle


La Vie Est Belle, or “Life is Beautiful,” smells just like it sounds. It’s just the right amount of sweet without being overpowering. It has a distinct scent that is fresh, feminine, and a little bit powdery, perfect for adding some subtle sophistication to your ensemble.


Parfum D’Extase


Parfum D’Extase by Marchesa is this collegiette’s favorite spring perfume. It’s more playful than its Lancôme counterpart, with a more floral, breezy scent, perfect for sunshine and warm weather. With a fresh, powdery base veiled by sweet flowers, Parfum D’Extase is guaranteed to give your day a boost.

Too Too Pretty

Betsey Johnson

Ten Etsy Picks



I must confess, I could (and sometimes do) spend hours browsing the homemade goodies on Etsy. From jewelry to furniture, Etsy offers fun, unique items that are perfect for gifts or for treating yourself. These are ten of my favorite items for sale on Etsy, some of which will probably wind up in my dorm next semester!

Batik Flower Blackberry Case


Still being a loyal Blackberry user (until my contract ends, anyway), I like that Etsy has a wide variety of inexpensive cases for phones other than the iPhone. This one is my favorite among the many cases that are for sale for Blackberries, and will probably be introduced to my phone in the near future.


Multicolored Glass Earrings


I couldn’t help but fall in love with these earrings. They’re playful and unique, not to mention inexpensive at just $16.00. These would be a perfect gift for any collegiette.


Wellness Wednesday: Fighting the Flu



Flu season is once again upon us, and has been creating quite a stir around the Bentley campus and the whole of the. Young children and the elderly are at the highest risk for contracting one of the strains of the influenza virus, which include H1N1 and H3N2 this year, but Collegiates around the country can take these steps to protect themselves against stuffy noses and scratchy throats. 


1.    According to the CDC, the most important step in combatting the flu is getting vaccinated. Additional vaccine clinics are being offered here on the Bentley campus, in addition to most pharmacies and medical offices. What’s a little flu shot compared to a week stuck in bed?

2.    Washing your hands frequently is another great way to steer clear of the virus. Try not to touch your face during the day, and use antibacterial soap to avoid coming in contact with germs. Also important, cover those coughs and sneezes to avoid spreading germs to your fellow Collegiates!

3.    Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is also an important factor in flu prevention. Eating a balanced diet, exercising, and most importantly getting enough sleep are vital for avoiding any illness, including the flu. Not only that, but you’ll feel healthier and better prepared to take on the new semester!

4.    Lastly, disinfecting surfaces and avoiding contact with sick friends can make all the difference in your fight against the flu. 

Christmas Events Around the Country



Holiday Cheer from Boston to D.C.

The holidays have finally arrived, bringing plenty of hot cocoa, chilly weather, and of course, Christmas cheer. There’s countless ways to celebrate across the country, with fun festivals, parades, and twinkling trees. Maybe one of these holiday events take place close to you!


1. Christkindlmarkt- Bethlehem, PA

The Christkindlmarkt Festival in Bethlehem, PA has been recognized as one of the top holiday markets in the world. The market will take place this year from November 15th to December 23rd, and promises plenty of beautiful handmade crafts, holiday music, and of course food. Bethlehem is the “Christmas City,” after all! 



2. Faneuil Hall Marketplace - Boston, MA

Another Christmas celebration takes place closer to the Her Campus Bentley collegiettes, right in the heart of Boston. This year is especially exciting, with the launch of the “Blink! Light and Sound Extravaganza.” In addition to the lighting of the Christmas tree on November 17th, the Blink! show will begin, and will run through the new year.


3. New York City

Bentley Fashion Consultants Annual Fall Fashion Show


The Bentley Fashion Consultants will be holding their annual fashion show on Saturday, December 1st in LaCava EDR to benefit the Mmofra Trom Bead Project. The event is free, but raffle tickets will be sold at the door to raise money for this nonprofit organization. Doors open at 6:30 pm, and the show starts at 7.


The Bentley Fashion Consultants strive as an organization to promote fashion on campus, and actively blog about the latest trends. In addition, they provide members with networking opportunities and a career panels to jumpstart their careers, both in the fashion industry and otherwise. 


The fashion consultants have searched locally and as far as New York to find the perfect student designers to showcase. So far, the show includes five designers who will be outfitting Bentley students -turned -models. The event promises to be a great night out for all the campus fashionistas, so stop by to support the Bentley Fashion Consultants and the Mmofra Trom Bead Project! 

My First Month as a Bentley Collegiette


Looking back on my first few weeks at Bentley, It seems as though I’ve spiraled through a time warp. I tend to get many a quizzical look when I tell people that it feels as if I’ve been here forever, and for no time at all. I have adjusted fairly quickly to communal bathrooms, Seasons dining, and climbing the notorious Smith stairs, but my new life at Bentley is still just four weeks young. In those four weeks, however, I’ve met some incredible new friends, gained a new sense of responsibility, and made more memories than I thought possible. I have also missed my first GB112 quiz, and eaten an obscene amount of macaroni and cheese, but I consider those to be minor bumps in an otherwise smooth road. Here are a few more of my Bentley experiences:

In my time here, I’ve mustered the strength (on numerous occasions) to push my way onto the Harvard Square shuttle. In the event of failure, I’ve mustered the flexibility to squeeze into a cab.

I’ve eaten my four servings of fruit a day in the form of fruit snacks, and in a moment of weakness, I’ve given in to the craving for 2 am pizza with equally hungry friends.

I’ve walked the length of Newbury Street, blowing my college-girl budget on clothes and cupcakes, but having a blast in the process. The Public Garden is gorgeous!

I’ve created a cozy home away from home with the help of an awesome roommate.