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I must confess, I could (and sometimes do) spend hours browsing the homemade goodies on Etsy. From jewelry to furniture, Etsy offers fun, unique items that are perfect for gifts or for treating yourself. These are ten of my favorite items for sale on Etsy, some of which will probably wind up in my dorm next semester!

Batik Flower Blackberry Case


Still being a loyal Blackberry user (until my contract ends, anyway), I like that Etsy has a wide variety of inexpensive cases for phones other than the iPhone. This one is my favorite among the many cases that are for sale for Blackberries, and will probably be introduced to my phone in the near future.


Multicolored Glass Earrings


I couldn’t help but fall in love with these earrings. They’re playful and unique, not to mention inexpensive at just $16.00. These would be a perfect gift for any collegiette.


Chalkboard Coffee Mug


Life just got pretty cool. A chalkboard coffee mug for $8.00? Yes, this will definitely be in my room next year. Use it to leave a note, jot down a reminder, and most importantly, drink coffee.



Needle Felt Mouse

Needle felt animal figurines are a top commodity on Etsy. Why? I don’t really know. But they’re absolutely adorable! If you can think of an animal, it’s probably available in a needle felt version on Etsy.



Paris Throw Pillow

If you’re looking for cute throw pillows to dress up your dorm room, Etsy is the place to look. There are endless options at great prices. This is one of my favorites, a canvas pillow with an Eiffel Tower print, perfect for adding a little je ne sais quoi to your room.



Ballet Print

Being the ballet nerd that I am, I had to include this. Etsy is full of unique art like this piece, which is a vintage dictionary page with a ballerina printed on it. Etsy has art to suit any taste and budget, allowing you to decorate with unique pieces.


Canine Couture

When I say that Etsy has everything, I mean everything. You can find cute dog collars, and even dog bow ties, among other pet accessories. Buy a stylish new collar for your pooch, but maybe get his opinion first.



Infinity Scarf

One of the best parts about Etsy is that the majority of its goods are handmade. This scarf is a crocheted infinity scarf, perfect for chilly days here at Bentley. You’ll look cute and you’ll be supporting an independent seller, a win-win!



Laptop Decal

My laptop is currently adorned with Her Campus stickers, but a laptop decal is a fun way to customize your computer. Etsy, of course, has a huge variety to choose from, like this owl. Hoot hoot.



Cat Calendar

There was no way I could leave this find off the list. This calendar of “highly professional business cats” is perfect for the organized cat-lover in all of us. An added bonus is the “Taco Tuesday” reminder on every Tuesday. My only regret is that I’ve let two months pass in 2013 without having this calendar. 

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