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Katie Keane and Emily Votze

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Marni Zahorsky



Marni is a sophomore who is involved with many different things on campus. She is in Global Citizenship, ASA, and is a tour guide. She is also a member of Delta Gamma and will be traveling to Malaysia this winter with Global citizenship.

Year of Graduation: 2015

Major: Global Studies and History

Minors: Business & Spanish

Hometown: Princeton Junction, NJ

Favorite Food: sushi

Favorite TV Show: 30 Rock & Modern Family

Favorite Movie: Mean Girls

Celebrity Crush: Derek Jeter

Why did you decide to become a tour guide and are you glad

you did?

I really love Lehigh and felt I would be able to share that with any prospective students and parents. Giving tours is so fun!

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I’m most looking forward to Timeflies Tuesday during Lehigh-Laf week, I love him! I’m also going to Malaysia over winter break with the Global Citizenship Program which I am SO psyched for!

What is your favorite thing about Lehigh?

My favorite thing is that I’ve only known my Lehigh friends for a little over a year, and I’m so close to them and can’t imagine college without them.

Are you in a sorority?

Yes, Delta Gamma!

Do you feel like it is difficult to balance the sorority, school, and student senate?

Time management is always key and everyone will say that, but it’s definitely true. Freshman year was an adjustment, but now I feel like I really have time to devote to everything.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Working in Washington D.C. or working abroad! I’m not totally sure yet.


Freshman 15: 3 Tips to Keep You Healthy



We all know its tough to keep fit and healthy as a college freshman. Meal plan choices are limited and can often feel repetitive. It is also difficult to fit workouts into our hectic schedules. Keeping healthy can be made simpler with a few simple tips.


Healthy snack choices in the dorm room: In order to avoid temptations, keep only healthy food in your room. Keeping chips, candy, and other junk foods around can mess up a healthy diet. Apples and peanut butter, carrots and hummus and cheese sticks are a few healthy options that are filling and delicious. Remember, everything is ok in moderation! Working out: Sometimes getting to the gym seems impossible, especially after a long weekend. Making the trek to Taylor Gym is not your only option. Grab a buddy and look up some workout videos on youtube. You could also just pick up your pace a little walking around campus from class to class. We all know the stairs are sometimes a workout in themselves. Pace yourself: You might feel pressured to go to every party you hear about during the week and on the weekends. But remember, theres always going to be another party, so take a night to relax and recuperate every once and a while. This will help avoid late night eating at Hawks, and feeling too tired to go to the gym.


Diets are hard and we all slip up sometimes. Don’t worry about the occasional brownie or cupcake, just keep your health in mind!

Cady Zawatson


Year of Graduation: 2016
Greek Life: Hopefully
Major: Undeclared Business
Interests and Hobbies:Swimming, base coating, eating;)
What do you look for in a guy: good sense of humor, not awkward, height, and confidence
Turnoff: cockiness, laziness, boring personality
Celebrity Crush: Matthew Bomer
What’s something most people don’t know about you: I have an obsession with teacup pigs
What’s your tv obsession: Grey’s Anatomy
Ideal First Date: Something spontaneous and out of the ordinary
Favorite Food: I like everything except for mayo!!
What is one item you cannot live without: my iPhone
What are you looking forward to at Lehigh: Lehigh/Laf and Tiesto in February