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Joanna Meekay

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Brandon Martinez


Name: Brandon Martinez
Major: Biological Sciences
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Pleasanton
Relationship Status: Single

What has been the best part about winter quarter?: Honestly, the weather has been coming in pretty clutch so far. Last year it was constantly raining and biking to class felt like crossing a tundra. This quarter, it’s been warm for the most part which gets me really
stoked for spring. It’s bittersweet though because I haven’t been able to snowboard as much this season due to the lack of rain.

Any special plans for spring break?: Normally I never get to do anything exciting for spring break, but this year I’m going down to LA to stay the week with one of my roommates. I haven’t actually visited LA before, so I’m leaving the plans up to my friend. We will most likely go to some clubs in Hollywood and try to hit the slopes at
Mountain High, but I’m thinking we will spend a majority of our time at the beach.

How do you stay involved here at UC Davis?:  I’m mainly involved in my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. After student housing messed up my roommate request and placed me in Cuarto last fall, Greek life seemed like the best option for me to get the college experience I was looking for. SAE was the best choice I made as a freshman, and I couldn’t be happier with where it’s brought me to today. This year, I’ve had responsibilities from chronicling all of our events to organizing our most recent rush period.

Marcus Shibler


Name: Marcus Shibler
Grade: Senior
Major: Political Science, minor in Philosophy
Hometown: Lodi, CA (wine country)
Relationship Status: Single

How did you get involved with the Davis College Republicans (DCR)?: I am a junior transfer. At my junior college, I was founder and president of the SJDC Republicans. Before I was accepted into Davis, it was my intention to lead the College Republicans chapter at whichever school I chose to go to. The first meeting I attended, I made it clear that I was disappointed at the unsuccessful operation of the group.  Within a couple weeks, I was asked to take over. After much work, we are now fairly large and a force to be reckoned with. The way I see it, it is not a hobby that I toy with every once in a while; rather, I think it is a way of life.  It is my very strong opinion that our future depends entirely on the direction this country is going. I intend to do everything within my power to help people understand what is necessary to put this country on the right track. I am a profound supporter of liberty. At one point, I thought juggling DCR and school was a challenge, then I got involved with the Davis Marksmanship Society, the Ayn Rand Society, and was hired to run a political campaign.

Kevin Busch


Name: Kevin Busch
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Biology
Hometown: Pleasanton, CA
Relationship Status: Single
When did you start playing Lacrosse?: I started playing lacrosse in 7th grade. I was never any good at baseball, so my friend put a stick in my hand and taught me how to play. I have been hooked ever since. I played defense until high school when I switched to attack. In my freshman year of high school, one of the older players on the team pretty much took me under his wing. He taught me most of what I know about the game. I remember watching my first D1 lacrosse game in San Francisco. After the game was over I knew I wanted to play in college.

What are you looking forward to this season?: I'm looking forward to seeing how the team is going to do. We lost almost half of our team last year from graduations. We are a small team now, but we still have a lot of talent. We had a really great pre-season this fall. We played in Las Vegas and beat some really good teams like Arizona and BYU. I am taking this season off to focus on school. So unfortunately, I will be on the sideline helping out.

Most embarrassing moment?: My high school did homecoming skits the week before the homecoming dance. I decided I wanted to have a part in our class skit my junior year. Some how I ended up with a major role and I basically forgot all my lines the day of. I just stood there. This happened three or four times before the end of our skit.

Plans after college?: I want to go to grad school to study Marine Biology.

Dwight Smith

Name: Dwight Smith
Grade: Graduated
Major:Community and Regional Development
Hometown: Davis, CA
Relationship Status: Single

How does it feel to have graduated Davis?: To be honest, it’s kind of weird.  Since I’m still in Davis and I see everybody around, I’m still adjusting to the non-student life style.  On the other hand, it’s great to get home from work and not have homework hanging over my head. I’m excited about the next chapter of my life.

What are your plans now that you are officially an Alum?: Well, I have some irons in the fire.  I am applying for some post graduate fellowship programs right now. I still work for EAOP (Early Academic Outreach Program) and just got a job working with an after school program at a Junior High in Sacramento.  I am also training for my proday in March.

What will you miss most about playing football as an Aggie?: That’s easy, my teammates. I already miss seeing them everyday, and working, sweating, and practicing with them.  But the great thing about football is that I will stay connected with these guys; it truly is a brotherhood. I walked on back in December 2007, made the team, and eventually earned a scholarship. Even though the road has never been easy, I don’t regret it at all.

Teddy Nicholson

Edited by: Amy Coyle

Name: Teddy Nicholson                              
Major: Explorer
Grade: Sophomore 
Hometown: Davis, aka “The Dirty 530”
Relationship Status: Single

How do you stay involved on campus?
I look for activities that I’m interested in. I really like mountain biking, water polo, creative media of sorts, traveling, and am interested in drama. Once I came to UC Davis, I saw that the Bike Barn was a bike shop on campus that students worked at, and was immediately interested in learning more about my favorite mode of transportation. In the spring, I am planning on going on a Global Brigade trip to Honduras to help work on water systems or architecture. I also plan to participate in a play winter quarter, either working backstage or making props.

Brock Bennett

Name: Brock Bennett        
Major: Exercise Biology
Grade: 4th year
Hometown: Medford, Oregon
Relationship Status: Single

How do you stay involved on campus?: I’m on the track and field team. I started doing track in high school to get in shape for football. I picked up javelin and started doing really well at it and I realized I could continue in college.

Who do you look up to and why?: My grandpa, he always taught me that there is nothing that can substitute hard work. He taught me that your work ethic is what defines you.

What are some of your hobbies?: My favorite thing to do when I’m back home is any type of fishing. I mainly go fly fishing. My grandpa is a pretty big fisher and kind of got me into it. He’s also a big hunter and I just started getting into that with him. My favorite thing to do is anything outdoors.

Any major differences between California and Oregon?: The weather here is awesome. Back in Medford it’s been freezing most nights. During track training back in Oregon, it would be raining or freezing cold until as late as May. Davis is a pretty small town and I’m from a small town so that had a lot to do with my decision of coming to Davis. It made me feel a little like I was at home. But there is a lot more diversity here.

Drew Lassen

Name: Drew Lassen
Grade: 3rd year
Major: Sociology and Law/Society
Hometown: Concord, CA
Relationship Status: Single

How did you spend your summer?: I play baseball for UC Davis and the team gets sent off to play around the country every summer. I went to Redding last summer, and this year I played in Boise, Idaho for two months. I really liked it there even though I was the only one that went from our Davis team. I spent the rest of my summer just working out and hanging out with friends.

How do you stay involved on campus?: I play baseball for the school, I started playing baseball when I was around four or five years old. I’m also in the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, its for inter-collegiate sports and it’s composed of two representatives from each team. We have meetings and report back to the NCAA and head directory. I also like to box for fun. I’ve been doing it for just over a year. One of my roommates was into it so that’s how I got introduced; it’s more mixed martial arts type stuff.

Andrew Campbell

Name: Andrew Campbell
Major: Sociology and International Relations
Year: 4th year
Hometown: San Mateo, CA
Relationship Status: Single

What are your plans after this year?: I will hopefully graduate in a quarter or two and continue on to get my MBA in an area of business, preferably sports marketing. I’m looking to get an internship with the Sacramento Kings next year where I would do something with marketing or events just to get my foot in the door.

How do you stay involved on campus?: I was involved in crew my first two years here and rowed all throughout high school. As a result, my back is pretty messed up. I have two bulging discs in my upper back and a slipped disc in my lower back. Now, I’m involved in the Boxing club, UNICEF club and Athlete's in Action. I also work at the ARC where I was recently selected as the Employee of the Month.

What is your favorite part about Davis?: I enjoy the diversity among my friends and all the people I’ve met. Coming from a high school where everyone is from the same town, Davis is different because people come from all walks of life.

Who do you look up to and why?: I look up to my mom. She’s a special education teacher who cares deeply about the kids. She’s very humble and has a great heart. She likes to help other people and is not selfish at all.

Bryan Steele

Name: Bryan Steele
Major: International Relations
Year: 2nd Year
Hometown: Campbell, CA
Relationship Status: Single

How do you keep yourself busy?: I’m enrolled in 19 units right now so that keeps me pretty busy. I had to knock away a bunch of class requirements before I could study abroad in Spain next year. I’m going to be in Barcelona for the whole school year. I’m looking forward to becoming fluent in Spanish and traveling to Europe because I’ve never been. I’m also a lifeguard at Hickey Pool and the events manager for the swim club. The swim club just started last year and we just had our first swim meet.

What are your plans after college?: As cliché as it sounds I really want to see the world. I want to travel. Hopefully get some experience, maybe intern abroad. Then possibly go into law school for international law. I’m not really sure, but if my dream of becoming a rock star doesn’t work out, those are a few back up options.

Who do you look up to?: I look up to my grandma on my mom’s side. My grandma had polio when she was four years old. She underwent 33 operations and taught herself how to walk even when the doctors told her she couldn’t. I look up to my dad as well because he’s so cool.

Matt Klingler

Name: Matt Klingler
Grade: 3rd year
Major: Exercise Biology
Hometown: Granite Bay, CA
Relationship Status: Single

How do you spend your time?: I used to wrestle for Davis but the program got cut. I’m also in Athletes in Action. It’s a Christian fellowship on campus for athletes and non-athletes. I try to put my faith first in my life. I’m on the Worship Team so I play guitar. I also work at the ARC where I teach spin class, am a personal trainer, and teach TRX. TRX is resistance and suspension training.  I don’t really have a lot of free time, but when I do I hang out with a lot of my friends from Athletes in Action.

How long have you been playing guitar?: I’ve been playing guitar since junior year of high school. I started playing to impress a girl- it didn’t work. But I can play Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton.

How did you get into personal training?: I went to junior college before coming to Davis last year. Back home, I had a small business with five or six clients at a fitness studio. I got clients through referrals. I started training a few family friends and then they referred me to their friends. After a while I had a constant inflow of clients. I decided to work for the ARC once wrestling got cut. I added spin and TRX because just being a personal trainer wasn’t filling all the hours I wanted to meet.