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Cavina Tsoi

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The First Snowfall




I’m fidgety; fidgety and impatient, for the arrival of public transportation. My eyes focus on the slush pushed against the sidewalk, and my ears are trained on the roaring of the machines that rule the pavement.

Relentless and unforgiving, the cold always penetrates through, no matter how many layers of cloth I drape over my skin. I want the warmth of my ratty comforter that now lies limp on the cold floor of my bedroom while I am away. A piece of cloth that’s too far worn to be loved, but I treat it like shining armor on cold days.

I’ve always hated the snowfall, but especially the first snowfall. It’s known for its beauty, but all I see is something strong enough to swallow me whole. It signals the end to summer, the end of warmth, the end of familiarity.

Each snowfall brings the unknown, and each winter brings the cold. It always makes me nervous not knowing how this winter will be different, how it will change the life I’ve grown accustom to.

Will life be different by the end? Will I be different by the first days of spring? I give the browned snow a shove off to the side with my boots. Still fidgety and impatient, for the arrival of public transportation.

What To Wear This Fall


With the cooler weather coming in and Starbucks providing all the pumpkin spice lattes we can drink it’s time for some wardrobe changes. For some, it’ll be painful to part with your short-shorts and tank tops but never fear, fall clothing can be just as fun and easy. It might even become your new favourite time of year! Here are some fall essentials:

The chunky sweater Since it’s no longer viable to walk out in t-shirts and shorts it’s a good idea to fit a chunky sweater. They come in so many styles and colours so they’re oh-so-easy to fit into your everyday wardrobe. Try pairing this fall staple with a skirt and tights, or some skinny jeans. 


Leather boots
These bad boys are the best way to pull any outfit together. It’s sure to give you that boost of confidence to ace your next midterm. They come in so many shades but be sure to stick to a neutral colour if you’re planning on wearing it with different outfits. Put your fashion forward leather booties with some leggings or a tighter bottom so they don’t cover them.