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Carlene Helble

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How Not To Gain Weight Over Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving collegiettes! Enjoy time at home with your family, friends, and the food. As Thanksgiving is a holiday almost completely centered around a meal, there are a few things to consider. When it’s all about the food, how do you walk the line between enjoyment and over-indulgence?
We fully support a serving of Grandma’s super rich gravy, or a slice of your Dad’s famous pumpkin pie. With that said, wolfing down an entire pie by yourself or eating so much turkey you can’t even walk to the couch… we wouldn’t stand by. There’s no need to go extreme (in either direction!) on this wonderful holiday, so we’ve talked to James Madison University professor and registered dietitian Dr. Melissa Rittenhouse RD, CSSD to learn what’s good, what’s fowl (gobble gobble!), and how you can improve each classic Turkey Day dish.
What you need to know:
“Many traditional Thanksgiving foods can be modified to have less calories, fat and sodium by substituting ingredients and/or cooking methods. However, the traditional foods can also be enjoyed the old fashioned way as long as portion sizes are controlled and you limit yourself to one plate of food rather than multiples.”- Dr. Rittenhouse, RD, CSSD
Here’s a quick rundown of our T-Day staples so we know where things stand to start with:

Serving: 4 oz dark meat with skin
Calories: 206 cal, 8 g fat, 2.4 g saturated fat, 132 mg cholesterol
4 oz white meat, no skin: 153 kcal, .8 g fat, .3 g saturated fat, 94 mg chol

Serving: 1 oz or ½ C
Calories: StoveTop Mix: 160 kcal, 1 g fat
Homemade approximately 250 kcal

Sweet potatoes
Serving: 5 oz
Calories: 390 kcal, 12 g fat, 7 g saturated fat

How Long to Keep Leftovers: How to Know When to Keep Your Food or Trash It


Everyone has eaten that questionable take-out from the fridge at one point or another, even though parents would cringe at the thought. Mom and Dad were right; there are some things you just should not eat, period! We’ll take you through some scenarios in your kitchen to help you decide what’s safe and what has to go in the trash.

Smoothie Recipes: Quick, Healthy & Delicious


Smoothies make a great on-the-go snack with a nutritious fill of fruits or vegetables. Since store-bought smoothies can sometimes harbor hidden added sugars, we suggest making your own. By playing smoothie-barista, not only are you putting your signature twist on the drink, you also have the power to decide which healthy items you want to add. Once you create your favorite blend of ingredients, you can even name it if you feel so inclined!

Making a smoothie is simple and with a little practice, it will be second nature to you. Our favorite tip comes down to the order the ingredients go into the blender. Liquid goes in first and then frozen fruit or ice, keeping the blades from getting jammed and softening the fruit at the same time. We also suggest you keep a rubber spatula on hand for easy removal from the blender. A great thing about this snack is there are always easy fixes. If you want your smoothie to be a little thicker, add two or three ice cubes and re-blend. A little less thick? Add around a tablespoon of your chosen liquid and blend. We’ve given you some basic recipes to help jump-start your smoothie-making career.
Basic Recipe For Smoothies

Best friend to Boyfriend: How I took a leap of faith and made the best decision.


We don’t have the typical history of most couples. The boy has been in my life since the fourth grade. To my elementary school self, he was cute: Jonathon Taylor Thomas haircut, All-American boy freckles, he could also make beaded lizards…what could be better? If he offered me a slap bracelet or a metallic Pog, I probably would have loved him unconditionally on the spot. In an odd twist of fate, the boy moved away in middle school…and half a year later, my family moved to the exact same place. Once again, the boy was back in the picture.
Since then, he has been my best friend. If I had boy issues, friend issues, or needed a bodyguard, he was there for me. We had fun together! The boy had a huge crush on me. When he asked me out in high school, I had no idea he had those sort of feelings for me. I was caught off guard and said no. He asked me out a second time later. I said no again. He was persistent and I was worried. It wasn’t that I didn’t like him...there was definitely a mutual crush. It was that I was selfish. Selfish that I could lose a source of support, my best friend, if something went wrong! When you spill your soul to someone it’s almost as if they know too much and it would be too easy for them to hurt you. I was truly torn. Why should I ruin an already good thing?

When You Don't Have Time For Lunch: The Best & Worst Meal Replacements


No two days are alike for college students. Some nights you get to sleep a full eight hours, while other nights you’re up until dawn. So does it really surprise you that many collegiettes ™ don’t have time for ‘real’ meals during those crazy days?
We talked to real girls to see what they’re substituting for meals and why. Dr. Melissa Rittenhouse RD, CSSD helped us grade each substitution and give you tips on how to make them better. And if you find yourself in the situation where you need a quick bite that’s a solid option, we’ve got that too!
Real Girl Meal Replacements
1. Slimfast bars and shakes
Valentina, Sophomore at Syracuse University, Magazine Journalism and English major
“I eat Slimfast bars and other granola bars for breakfast because most of my classes are early. Originally, I started eating bars for breakfast as part of a weight loss regimen, but now I've grown so accustomed to them and I find them useful in my college eating schedule. It's become such a habit for me that I feel strange if I don't have my breakfast bar in the morning.” 

The Best Hangover Cure & How to Avoid a Hangover


We all want to celebrate the start of fall semester—some a little more boisterously than others. It’s not the celebration that’s a downer; it’s the morning after. Splitting headache, nausea, dehydration, and major sensitivity to light and sound (cave rentals would be ideal for college) shouldn’t grace your every weekend. We’ve tackled the big questions of hangover avoidance 101 to keep you from dreading your next celebration (or rather, the morning after).
"Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink" (Isaiah 5:11…See? Even the Bible mentions hangovers).

Delicious Dating, An Interview with Babe Scott


If you’re looking for a fun read during your winter break, you’ve got to put Babe Scott’s Delicious Dating on your list. Babe breaks down your dates into personalities depending on what their dining norm is. Chips and beer? You’ve got a Homer Simpson-eque Trans Fat type. He’ll eat anything…even if it’s raw and maybe still alive? Definitely an Adventure Eater.
Babe was gracious enough to give us a fun interview in the midst of her book hitting shelves this week!
1. If you had to go on a date with one of your dining styles, which one would you pick and why?
I would probably pick an Adventure Eater. This guy is the Indiana Jones of the alimentary canal. He likes to travel off the beaten path at the table and beyond. Accordingly, a date with him is a journey in itself and will take you out of the everyday. This Male Food Type will select a restaurant that evokes another part of the world or another era and will introduce you to new tastes. Although somewhat of a vagabond, this guy is a sentimentalist and likely the meal will represent a culinary snapshot of his travels or the hometown he left long ago. This guy is hard to pin down but very beguiling. A meal with him is always an original dining experience.
2. Is there a dining style you would absolutely not see yourself having dinner with? Or if you got stuck having dinner with him, which would make you sneak out the bathroom window?

The Me Movement: Put Yourself First!


It's hard to believe the holidays are coming up so quickly! Between exams, parties, family events, and internships the holidays can easily mean you are one stressed girl. But wait...aren't the holidays supposed to be fun?

I'm very excited to share with you all a project I've been working on with registered dietitian and healthy weight expert, Rebecca Scritchfield RD, called The Me Movement. Below is the perfect explanation of what the Me Movement is all about:

From Chia to Kombucha – Weird Health Food Crazes: Pick It or Skip It?


It seems like every other day we see breaking health news with the latest miracle food. A single plant extract that can make you lose five pounds, keep your hair shiny, and have you walking like Marilyn Monroe. Get real. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!
We looked into four of the latest health food crazes: chia seeds, wheat grass, agave and kombucha tea to see if they merit a second glance, or even usage! Read on to see if you should skip or pick these items on your next trip to the grocery store with the help of Rebecca Scritchfield, RD a Washington, DC based dietitian who specializes in healthy weight management.
Chia Seeds

If you’re a girl who lived the ‘90s dream, you had a chia pet (and maybe even tickets to see Hanson). The same tiny dark seeds that you lovingly painted on that clay elephant form are the same seeds you’re hearing about now! “All seeds are a healthy source of fats and vitamins and minerals, chia just happens to be on the cutting edge because it's not widely used yet in the U.S. If you can find a good deal on it, give it a try,” says dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield.
Chia seeds have ten times the omega-3’s as salmon, making them super heart healthy, as well as five times the calcium of milk for strong teeth and bones.
Want to try it? Here’s a great smoothie recipe:

Top 10 Healthy Foods on a College Budget


Imagine yourself pushing your weekly grocery cart to the checkout line. Your items are placed on the well-worn belt, and the cashier rings up your purchases announcing the final total. Cue jaw drop.
So many of us spend way more than we bargained for when we do our grocery shopping, but if you’re trying to cut back on the bill, don’t skimp on nutritional value. True, that bag of chips or canned ravioli is tempting (and a steal according to the price sticker), but for empty calories and extra additives…is it worth it? Cheap, healthy food is not impossible! Rebecca Scritchfield, RD a Washington, DC based dietitian specializing in healthy weight management advises college students to get out of their shopping comfort zone and try different foods. "Most people eat the same 5 to 10 things over and again, but that can get boring and there's really no need. If you look for sales and coupons you can save quite a bit of money on healthy foods.”
We’vefound the top ten must-have healthy foods for a college budget.  Print this list out and bring it to the grocery store with you on your next trip!
1. Beans