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Cara Sprunk

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What You Loved on HC This Week


15 Signs You’re an American at College in Canada was relatable to those up north!

You missed the TV shows of your childhood when you read The 9 Disney Channel Shows We Miss the Most.

You’ve done all of the 11 Poses Girls Do in Pictures, haven’t you?

21 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Shopping at Forever 21 took you through the overwhelming process of shopping at our fave spot.

36 Signs You're a Second-Semester Senior covered everything from your obsession with the local bars to ignoring graduation related emails.

Links We Love 4.20.14


20 signs you’re still addicted to Frozen. [YourTango]

How to create a more grown-up fashion look. [Glamour]

There’s too much nudity on TV these days. [Slate]

What a 30-year-old thinks of teenage slang. [BuzzFeed]

There is a thing called Jelly Bean Milk. [Jezebel]

Haley Dunphy is given the honor of one of the betchiest characters on TV. [Betches Love This]

Things everyone secretly wishes you’d stop doing on Facebook. [Thought Catalog]

What is it like to be an entertainment editor? [I Want Her Job]

79 productive things to do in front of the TV. [SavvySugar]

Her Campus's Graduation Gift Guide 2014


It’s that time of year again: graduation. It can be the happiest time of year (no more accumulating student loans!) but also the worst time of year (OMG are we actually “adults” now?!). No matter who is graduating this year – make it a little easier for them by giving them something to acknowledge all the hard work they put into these last 4 years. Whether you want to go practical, tech-y, or sentimental – we’ve got you covered!

Tech-y Gifts


Get your graduate the gift of streaming! She’ll enjoy seemingly endless movies, shows, and more on her HDTV (oh yeah, make sure someone else has that one covered). $100

Beats by Dre Headphones

These headphones can’t be beat (get it?)! The powerful, noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for any grad who needs to be in her own musical world. This is an especially great gift for graduates who will travel often or commute on public transportation. $300

Custom Watch

Combine one of your grad’s favorite Instagram photos to create a cute and colorful watch. It’s a subtle way to also capture her college moments with an iconic photo from her beloved campus. $44

Macbook Air

What You Loved on HC This Week


30 Horrible Problems Every Millennial Girl Has was extremely relatable!

You got Starbucks inspiration from 13 Secret Frappuccino Flavors You Need to Try.

40 Stores With Student Discounts made you want to go shopping!

Seniors, this is your chance to do those final things you want to do and Her Campus's College Bucket List made sure you didn’t forget anything.

Now that you know 4 Ways You Can Get An STD Without Having Sex please be sure to stay safe!


Links We Love 4.13.14


Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon turn rap songs into show tunes. [The New York Daily News]

Six Flags’ new crazy coaster. [Elite Daily]

How “college” are you actually? [BuzzFeed]

These photos will make your brain explode with happiness. [PopSugar]

20 things you didn’t know about ‘Frozen.’ [YourTango]

How to make a niche website. [YouTube]

Does he like me? [A New Mode]

Pumps you can walk in all day long. [Racked]

Does it actually matter where you go to college? [Time]

What You Loved on HC This Week


Jersey girls totally loved 22 Signs You’re From New Jersey.

90 Monumental Moments for Girls Born in the '90s covered everything from SmarterChild to crimping your hair.

We all know The 8 Types of Snapchatters. Which one are you?

Listen up seniors, we’ve got answers for those annoying questions with 33 Responses to ‘What Are You Doing After Graduation?’.

Without a S.O.? Then you could totally relate to What it’s Like to Be the Single Friend.


Links We Love 4.6.14


Hasbro picks ‘5 House Rules’ for their new Monopoly set. [ABC]

4 things you need to know about networking. [I Want Her Job]

Can free college save American cities? [Politico]

The 5 stages of your last few weeks of college. [Betches Love This]

The English language makes no sense. [The Huffington Post]

Feel the love with these cute festival couples. [Tres Sugar]

How friends with benefits can be, well, beneficial. [YourTango]

The most disgusting fast food items in the world. [Jezebel]

What You Loved on HC This Week


College Boyfriends: Expectations vs. Reality forced you to accept the fact that your college boyfriend isn’t going to be that Ryan Gosling-esque gentleman you expected.

You got ready to get in shape with 9 Ways to Transform Your Body by Summer.

7 Mind Games He Plays & How to Deal prepared you for the unavoidable.

You got some ideas on how to mix up your look with 5 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Spring Break.

High schoolers starting planning for next season with 50 Things to Do the Summer Before You Go to College.


Links We Love 3.30.14


Foodie faux pas from around the world. [The Daily Mail]

Stories that will help you make your college decision. [BuzzFeed]

Princeton mom mocked by Daily Show with a dating site for kindergarteners. [Jezebel]

10 ways to turn your internship into a job. [SavvySugar]

What real love looks and feels like. [YourTango]

The guide to efficient drinking. [The Washington Post]

Deaf woman hears for the first time. [Telegraph]

The smoothest blowouts start in the shower. [Allure]

Links We Love 3.23.14


Where is Jesse Pinkman now? [The Independent]

3 surprising ways the brain controls how you love. [Your Tango]

How to make stress work for you (and not against you). [I Want Her Job]

The March Madness workout bracket. [Life by DailyBurn]

The worst guy ever. [Vice]

52 celebrities and their college majors. [BuzzFeed]

8 ways to guarantee you’ll stay single. [Thought Catalog]

Duke porn star says every day is ‘like a nightmare.’ [The Huffington Post]