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Cara Sprunk

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Links We Love 7.20.14


How to prevent a growling stomach. [Spoon University]

Like “Sex and The City”? You’ll love these books. [TresSugar]

Why you should always take a lunch. [I Want Her Job]

15 items every woman should have in her closet. [SheFinds]

Always late? Your DNA may be to blame. [YourTango]

Keys to scoring amazing LinkedIn recommendations. [The Muse]

30 dumbbell exercises your routine is missing. [Greatist]

The public profile of an American girl. [Cool Hunting]

What connection does texting have to your sex life? [BetaBeat]

Links We Love 7.13.14


If you want a higher GPA, join a gym. [The Huffington Post]

The Disney princesses are behind bars! [Tres Sugar]

4 things you need to know about the Hobby Lobby ruling. [I Want Her Job]

A birth control ‘chip’ that could last 16 years?! [Newser]

2008 was a terrible year to graduate from college. [Vox]

34 ways to eat watermelon with every meal. [Greatist]

Insane sex facts from around the world. [Your Tango]

Why one guy quit his fraternity. [Mic]

Bowling alleys are sadly vanishing. [Businessweek]

Links We Love 7.6.14


Is there ever a good reason to be friends with benefits? [Your Tango]

15 things our generation will be the #last2see. [I Want Her Job]

What the perfect LinkedIn profile looks like. [Savvy Sugar]

11 things top trainers wish they’d known before their first workout. [Greatist]

Judy Blume is writing a book for “grown ups.” [Newser]

What to say instead of “I’m sorry!" at work! [The Muse]

76 reasons USA is the greatest. [BuzzFeed]

Stop erasing women from tech history! [Medium]

The architecture of abortion. [Fast Company]

Ruining The Notebook. [Jezebel]


Links We Love 6.29.14


What happens when the same photo is Photoshopped in 25 different countries. [The Huffington Post]

The 31 most accurate Tumblr posts about being a woman. [BuzzFeed]

Why can’t you remember being a baby? [Vox]

An idea of what college was like with Emma Watson. [xoJane]

Examples of attention-grabbing cover letters. [The Daily Muse]

Inner thigh workouts. [PopSugar]

5 sangrias to get you through summer. [Spoon University]

This woman makes running look really easy. [The Washington Post]

The most ridiculous celebrity name changes. [Betches Love This]

Links We Love 6.22.14


Why we’re loving Hilary Duff these days. [Your Tango]

What happened to Easy Bake ovens?! [Spoon University]

The 13 biggest myths about alcohol. [Greatist]

How to be productive when your energy is gone. [The Muse]

A note to past and present graduates. [I Want Her Job]

What your Twitter bio says vs. what it means. [BuzzFeed]

#FelonCrushFriday became a thing due to Jeremy Meeks. [People]

More bad news for recession graduates. [The New York Times]

Summer bikini trends. [Betches Love This]

Links We Love 6.15.14


6 things you didn’t know about The Little Mermaid. [YourTango]

This is the definition of a Tinder fail. [Total Frat Move]

16 things every girl forgets to thank her brother for. [Thought Catalog]

Someecards that only your BFFs would understand. [TresSugar]

Wine and cheese pairing 101. [Spoon University]

America’s most stressed states. [Newser]

17 things you didn’t know about McDonalds. [BuzzFeed]

Why the student loan market is absolutely insane. [Businessweek]

100 things straight, white females like. [BroBible]

Links We Love 6.8.14


10 things you didn’t know about ‘N Sync [Your Tango]

Life after college: expectations vs. reality. [The Politesse]

28 lessons Disney sidekicks taught us about friendship. [TresSugar]

What I learned when I gave up alcohol. [The Greatist]

Is ‘comfort food’ just a myth? [Newser]

Amazing time lapses from around the world. [BuzzFeed]

The extremes people go through to quickly pay off student debt. [The Huffington Post]

Could you imagine going 13 years without missing a day of school? [USA Today College]

Her Campus’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014


Newsflash: Daddy’s little girls are still expected to spoil their fathers on June 15. Seriously though, this is your day to thank your dad for always cheering you on, helping you with anything from putting together your dorm furniture to getting to your internship on time, and for being there for him when you need him most. So write him a card, get him one of the great gifts suggested below, and then spend the day with your dad (and we’d venture to guess he’d be through the roof if you didn’t text through the whole thing).  

Cards Against Humanity

If your dad is borderline (or just completely) inappropriate at times, you’ll be able to one-up him with this party game. Warning: you will be uncomfortable playing it with him at times, so make sure you both can handle it! $25


Is Dad a gimmick guy? A beer guy? Here is your perfect gift: sunglasses with beer opening arms. Yes, seriously. He’ll be rocking these all summer long and impressing with everyone with your creative gift from Brewsees. $30

Grilling Gloves

Links We Love 6.1.14


Epic things you never knew about the Disney princesses. [YourTango]

The food moments you need to experience this summer. [BuzzFeed]

Will the Internet replace college? [The Daily Dot]

Mindy Kaling sums up Harvard Law. [The Huffington Post]

The problem with cute self-defense products for women. [Jezebel]

12 things only people with bangs will understand. [Allure]

Everything you didn’t want to know about the Kimye wedding. [Betches Love This]

What if the Disney villains were action movie villains? [CollegeHumor]

5 facts you didn’t know about kissing. [New York Magazine]

Links We Love 5.25.14


The 3 best friends that anyone could have: a lion, a tiger and a bear. [HLN TV]

Celebrities read mean tweets. [Elle]

Top Google searches by state. [StyleCaster]

Ridiculous gift ideas for the Kimye wedding. [Yahoo!]

100 things we loved about high school. [Tres Sugar]

Romantic! A proposal 4 years in the making. [Elite Daily]

What modern Disney movies are doing right. [YourTango]

Did you know these celebrities were once interns just like you? [Newser]

Facebook is making a change to their privacy settings. [The Huffington Post]