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  • Girls Can, Too!

    Have you ever wondered why it seems as if men are the only big business owners? It comes from a lack of support, unfortunately, and a lack...

  • Birds & the Bees

    Let’s talk SEX. I bet that caught your attention, right? I took a survey of college students to see how many people had the sit down “birds...

  • Am I Mary Jane?

    Recently I was able to join Charge Peer Educator Ashlee Mitchell for a discussion about one of BET's most popular series "Being Mary Jane"...

  • Self Love

    You are beautiful. You are strong. You are smart. You are enough. In case you needed to hear these words today. Knowing and understanding...

  • Selfish 20s

    In May, I will be entering my 20's. I'm officially not a teenager anymore. I'm walking into the real "real world" if I haven't already. It'...

  • The Talking Phase

    We've all been through this phase in a budding relationship, but what does this really mean?

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