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Avianne Tan

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Vive Smart Bracelet Alerts Friends When You're Too Drunk


University of Washington students won "Best Product Concept" at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit Design Expo 2014  for their non-working prototype called Vive, a smart bracelet that notifies friends when you've drunk too much.

The bracelet contains integrated sensors that detect your personal alcohol levels and dehydration. It connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. 

When users tap their bracelets together, they get friend requests. As a security feature, users can only see each other when both parties approve their friend requests.

When the bracelet detects you're drinking, it periodically vibrates, like a friend checking in with you to make sure you're okay. If users squeeze the bracelet, Vive assumes you're still in control. Check-ins become more frequent when Vive senses your blood alcohol levels rising. 

If you don't squeeze the bracelet, Vive will send an alert to your friends' phones, so they can find you and make sure you're safe. 

The designers say that Vive was born out of a conversation with the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists (SARVA) at the University of Washington. They learned that alcohol is the weapon of choice for people looking to commit rape or sexual assault.

At least half of sexual assaults involve alcohol.

4 Ways Disorganization Affects Your Grades & How To Fix It


It’s the middle of the school year, and let’s just say things are starting to get a little messy... literally. Slowly, the crisp clean notebooks, binders, and folders you started out with are turning into untidy heaps as you stuff them with all sorts of miscellaneous papers. History worksheets are now somehow haphazardly tucked into your math notebook, while your old math tests are feeling a little out of place in an English folder. Oh, and the planner that you wrote every single little “to-do” in at the beginning of the year? Long gone and forgotten, sadly—probably crying in the dusty corners of your cluttered locker.

But disorganization isn’t your biggest problem—your grades are at stake here! Those homework assignments you decided just not to submit because you just couldn’t find are totally taking hits at your grade. Let’s not even mention that research paper you completely forgot about and how many points your teacher said would be taken off for every week late. Worst of all, it just keeps adding up!

It’s time to break free from the cycle of chaos that disorganization creates and get back on track with your grades to end the year with a nice GPA.  Her Campus has the four ways you’re letting disorganization affect your grades as well as what you can do to stop them:

Messy Habit #1: You’re constantly losing things you need!

Cue Britney Spears’s most famous single: “Oops, I did lost it again!” Just kidding. But you probably do feel like you want to scream and shout (and let it all out) every time you can’t find a darn pencil or when you lose that handout you just got.

The Solution:

10 Summer Programs That Boost Your Resume For College


Although you may not have started college applications just yet, most of you are probably thinking about them. Maybe you’ve already cracked open a SAT/ACT book or two or maybe you’ve even already started the scary season of standardized testing for college! You’re pretty sure you’re maintaining or at least working towards a GPA you’re happy with and you’ve been involved with extracurricular activities and leadership positions at school, whether it’s playing for the marching band or serving as editor of the newspaper. So all that’s left is to do is wait for this school year’s end and enjoy another summer of sleep, TV shows, and more sleep before starting the next year, right? Wrong!

If you want to stand out in an increasingly competitive sea of college applications, you want your resume to boast more than a perfect GPA, sweet test scores, and extracurricular involvement. Summer is the perfect time to do just that! You have three to four months without school to worry about, so why not get involved in a program that will probably only take up part of that time? There are so many different kinds of programs that there’s sure to be something that fits your interests. Participating in a summer program can be an opportunity to prove to colleges that you’re a productive go-getter about things you’re passionate about—the cherry on top of that nice resume you’ve already been building! Plus, you’ll get to meet new people, focus on things that interest you, and have a lot more fun than sitting on your butt at home! Here are HC’s picks of 10 summer programs to boost your resume for college:

1. Summer@Brown – Providence, RI

HC Writers’ Favorite Items In Their Wardrobes



Take a step into HCers’ closets and take a peek at a few of our staff writers’ favorite items in their wardrobes!


Spiked Necklace

Owner: Kelsey Mulvey, HC’s How She Got There Editor and junior at Boston University

“I'm seriously obsessed with this spiked necklace. I got it at this small boutique and it's been love ever since—the perfect blend between edgy and quirky! I love to take fashion risks of all sorts, but I tend to buy things with a lot of spikes. Unlike my lovely pair of Jeffrey Campbell spiked loafers (because those are obviously a necessity), I think this necklace represents my style and personality the best: funky but not too in-your-face.”

Poncho Cardigan Sweater

Owner: Ashley Young, Campus Correspondent and junior at West Virginia Wesleyan College

“This sweater is my favorite new item because it's simple, yet classic. I can throw it on and have that chic ‘it looks like I tried’ look, even though I threw the outfit together in minutes. To top it all, the neutral color pairs with anything!”

Little Black Dress

Owner: Hannah Orenstein, HC’s High School Editor and sophomore at New York University

Enter HBD Network's 7th Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards!


Calling all our creative collegiettes!

Do you dream of becoming a designer in the fashion industry? Do you sketch your own designs in your spare time or even sew/hand-make them yourself? Would you love to have a handbag designed by you potentially recognized, manufactured, and sold by a well-name brand? If so, then enter HBD Network's 2013 Seventh Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards!


This design contest is the ultimate opportunity to make a name for yourself and get your foot in the door of fashion! 2000+ contestants are expected to submit their own handbag designs to various categories in hopes of winning the amazing prizes HBD Network is offering... such as Bloomingdale's carrying your designed handbag! Yes, Bloomingdale's, as in the upscale department store, Bloogmingdale's. Have I caught your attention yet?

IDHA Founder, Emily Blumenthal said, "One of the most thrilling parts of the Awards is that we have become the true talent source for discovering and launching new handbag designers and brands. The IDHA is a launch pad for bringing new and relatively unknown designers to the forefront, with brand-changing opportunities including a feature in the September issue of InStyle magazine."

There are six categories that you can enter including one specifically for students like you! They are: 

Best Handbag in Overall Style & Design: 

8 Fashionable Ways to Keep Warm This Winter


Though the weather outside may be frightful, what you wear shouldn’t have to be! As tempted as you may be to wake up and grab that old hoodie you’ve been wearing since high school and throw on that mismatching frumpy coat, don’t do it! And for those of you running as fast as you can from class to class to avoid the cold because you’re clinging onto those thinner outfits from fall and summer, it’s time to end those mad dashes! Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you have to drop your sense of style or the comfort of warmth. Her Campus has eight creative ways to keep you looking hot even in the cold.

Extra! Extra! Ear All About It: Earwarmer Headbands

Long gone are the days of puffy earmuffs. Earwarmer headbands are what are trending this season! They wrap around your head rather than over, reminiscent of those hippie headbands from summer. And yet, they usually come knitted and thick enough to cover the ears and keep them warm, making them a practical and stylish choice for winter. Here are a few of our favorites:

Etsy, $38

The Big Bow: Bows have been making a big comeback, so this earwarmer headband is a particularly popular one this season. Its size makes a bold statement and allows your ears to stay fully covered.

Etsy, $15

How She Got There: Julia Schwarz, Windows Phone and Windows 8 Developer


Name: Julia Schwarz
Job Title and Description: Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Human Computer Interaction and Windows 8/Windows Phone developer for Electric Squash Studios
College/Major: College of Washington (Undergraduate); Currently studying Human Computer Interaction as a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University
Websites:  and
Twitter Handle: @julenka

Meet Julia Schwarz, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Human Computer Interaction and a Windows 8/Windows Phone developer. As a female in the male-dominated world of engineering and technology, she’s proving that gender shouldn’t be a limitation to success or the kind of endeavors you take on. Together with her boyfriend, she has already developed and published two Windows 8 apps and six Windows phone apps under the name Electric Squash Studios. Having a knack for versatility, Julia has created game apps, trivia apps, a deal-finder app, and even an app that helps you take pictures of yourself without a front-facing camera using face detection in the rear camera and audio guidance. Users can now take those “selfies” with 8x higher resolution than if they used their front-facing cameras!

5 Bad Habits That Are Aging You Now



“I want to look older faster!” said nobody ever. Although aging is an inevitable part of life, there are destructive habits you may have that are causing you to age faster. And we’re talking about the possibility of wrinkles and risks of cancer even in your 20s... Yikes!

According to Dr. Sarika Ramachandran, a dermatologist at the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology at New York University, the skin is an outward reflection of your inner and general health. Thus, an unhealthy lifestyle causes a lot of accelerated aging such as wrinkles and sagging earlier than normal, and you may not only be causing yourself to look older faster, but also shortening your lifespan by putting your long-term health at risk. Her Campus spoke with Dr. Ramachandran to help warn collegiettes about the 5 worst habits that could be aging you sooner than you’d like!

Bad Habit #1: Not Applying Sun Protection Year-Round (Yes, that also means winter!)

Electrolysis Hair Removal: Should You Do It?



Don’t you sometimes wish you could just make hair in certain places disappear forever? Removing unwanted hair for the sake of a clean look and radiantly smooth skin can be such a hassle! It’s a frustrating feeling to see hairs growing back quicker than we thought or having to take more time than we want to tweeze our eyebrows to perfection.

Electrolysis, which is the only method of permanent hair removal, just might be the answer to your wish. Her Campus has the lowdown for you on exactly on what the process is and what you should know before deciding whether or not it’s right for you!

What is electrolysis?

Dr. Joshua Gordon, M.D., director and CEO of Nios Spa, explained the details of the process to us. He said, “Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved process for permanent hair removal. A flexible probe goes through the natural hair follicle opening and a minute amount of heat is sent through to the base of the hair follicle, destroying hair growth tissue. After complete treatment, growth is stopped forever.”

Nancy Star, CPE, owner of and professional electrologist at Abracadabra Electrolysis, said that there are three kinds of electrolysis used dependent upon the hair type of the patient:

On-Again, Off-Again Relationships: Can They Work?


“This is exhausting,” exclaims Taylor Swift in her chart-topping single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. And if the song title isn’t enough, Swift lyrically vents the frustrations of on-again, off-again relationships throughout the whole rest of the song. Her feelings in the song are reflective of that of many collegiettes who believe that romance recycling, unfortunately, is a hopeless cause. And yet, another rising teen pop singer, Cher Lloyd, sings the contradictory feeling of the aching desire to get back together again in “Want U Back”. Like Swift’s song, the title speaks for itself.

So who’s right? If you find yourself in an on-again, off-again relationship, can you expect it to work out in the long run, or are you just wasting your time? The answer, unfortunately, is just about as indeterminate as these relationships themselves. There is no clear-cut path to take that works for everyone, ultimately dependent upon numerous different factors and your individual situation.

If you find yourself stuck in this kind of a roller-coaster relationship, Her Campus is here to help you decide if it’s worth the ride or if it’s time to get off.

Defining an on-again, off-again relationship

According to Amber Vennum, assistant professor of family studies and human services at Kansas State University, a “cyclical relationship” is the official term for these kinds of relationships where a couple “breaks up and gets back together.” According to her, about 40 percent of college students today are currently involved in such a relationship, so the issue is definitely a prevalent one. Here are the common signs and characteristics of on-again, off-again relationships: