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Amelia Marvel

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I Spy: DePauw Style



Take a second to think back to your childhood. Remember how stress-free and fun it was? When the trickiest part of the day was playing puzzle games like “I Spy?” And, the best part of solving puzzles was that they were for pure enjoyment, not a determining factor of where you are going to work for the rest of your life. Well, my friends, it’s time for a photo blog that will not only be pleasing to the eye, but stimulating to the brain—just for fun. Sit back, take a break from the stressors of college, and enjoy. Can you spy the hidden objects among the trinkets found in a HerCampus girl’s bag? What about the hidden brands within an art sculpture on campus? I think you’re up for the challenge, so go get ‘em, Smarty-pants. 

Wacky Jacks Anyone?


While my last blog discussed the pleasure of snacking, this week I decided to take a look at something a bit healthier and more active…working out! Lets face it, you have probably read about this subject 34534 times, but DePauw’s campus offers such a wide variety of workout options that the subject was hard to pass up. Plus, the good news is that there is a form of exercise on campus for everybody.

Since some people groan over the very thought of physical activity, its nice to be reminded every once and a while that practically anything active counts as exercise! Taking a stroll through the nature park with friends, attending an exercise class such as Zumba or Turbo Kick, or simply playing a game of campus golf on a nice day definitely counts as physical activity. So, not to sound like your mom, but the message is simple: just be active.

Sophomore Hailey Ware, for example, let me capture her Sunday workout routine: P90x cardio. With this one workout, she hit nearly all of the core areas, including abs, arms, and legs. Her workout presents a terrific example of a fun, challenging workout for all of you to try!

Spring break bod?…eh maybe not.



Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I would beg to differ. Personally, mine are Ben and Jerry. Although yummy snacks, such as a warm chocolate chip cookie, or Lay’s potato chips, can definitely get in the way of achieving the perfect spring break bod, they are just too dang good to eat just one! Sometimes, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do in order to satisfy her salty or sweet craving.  So, ladies, go ahead and eat that box of Girl Scout cookies or late night Marvin’s, no one’s judging. 

Winter Wonderland Wardrobe



It’s that time of year again when all you want to do is bundle up in your cozy sweats and stay inside!  It is so easy to throw on leggings and an oversized sweatshirt and head to your 8:10.  Sometimes it is nice to change your outfits during the bitter cold winter, and some of our DePauw students show us how!  Here is how they show us it is possible to still to look cute and stay warm when its 30 degrees outside…

Holiday Gift Guide



It is upon us, the time of year to buy the best gifts for your friends and family! If you’re working on a tight budget like most people our age, we’ve got some great suggestions to you! Think of the little things that can add a little spunk to an outfit or room, or the silly things that no one thinks to buy for herself. These are some fun and cheap gifts that are sure to be meaningful and light of their faces! 

Rock Your Socks Off



Almost every girl on campus has at least one pair of heavily broken in, go-to leather boots in her closet. These boots seem to make an appearance season after season and can be worn with a variety of stylish outfits. Since the weather is cooling down and the demand for new and exciting ways to wear your boots is rising, now makes the perfect time to take advantage of the socks + boots trend!

Boot socks with a pattern or personality that you simply must allow to peek out just a bit has become a popular way to create styles that are warm, slouchy, and fun. Whether you're going for the thick, cushiony warmth of chunky socks or the funky character of colored textured socks, you're sure to find a winner! Perfect for cool climates, this trend does two of our favorite things at once: it keeps you warm and dry and looks super cute. You just can’t go wrong when fashion and function are combined!

Senior Sam Stahler’s (‘13) fun green socks add some color and spunk to her vest and bean boot ensemble for class.

Kathleen Molloy (’13) sports thick grey socks with her favorite brown boots to keep her warm and stylish on a chilly fall day.



It starts with the little things, like finding the perfect color to match your roommate’s floral bedspread, or wrestling to fit that 6ft lamp in the backseat of your mom’s (embarrassing) minivan. These are some of the mundane things that consume a typical DePauw girl’s life during the summer. Once we arrive to school, these little things change. Suddenly, you’re worried about how to word the perfect email to your professor and you spend the entire day deciding when to begin studying for your Econ exam. Now that you’re settled in, you’ve got one more little thing to worry about: whether or not you want to go Greek! This past week was jam-packed with tons of events that promoted and proved the strong bond of our Greek Community. Freshman, we know you’re already juggling a million little things, but Greek week is a great way to see if the Greek life is the life for you!

Monday: Greek Pride Day!
Greeks wore their “badge attire” all day in order to show the campus the organizations they stand for as an entire Greek system. To top the day off, all the Greeks showed off their polished outfits and pearly whites for a picture on the GCPA front stairs!

Tuesday: Professor Assisted Study Tables!
Professors from nearly every department went to the UB Ballroom to assist Greeks who had questions or needed help. This study session was a great way to meet other Greeks within all majors as well as munch on some yummy study snacks!

Not Just Blue Jeans


Is your closet looking a bit washed out? Do you have a case of the blue jean blues? Well this new spring trend is sure to cheer up both you and your wardrobe. That’s right, we’re talking about colored denim!!

Girls have been channeling the rainbow lately with colors from all over the spectrum, from vibrant turquoise and bright purple to soft pastels. These jeans are perfect for any spring activity—pair them with a cute floral top for class, or a casual sweater for a lazy Sunday lounging outside. You can even dress them up for brunch at Almost Home with mom! No matter how you choose to spend your sunny spring days, these pants won’t let you down! So instead of giving up on your closet, give this trend a try. It definitely won’t leave you feeling gloomy…


Ryan Konicek (’15) adds a splash of color to her simple black top by sporting a pair of vibrant aqua shorts.


Sarah Harbison (’12) brightens up her outfit with a pair of sunny yellow jeans.


Paired with a white top, Suzanne Spencer’s (’14) coral jeans look bold and bright, giving her a look that will certainly turn heads this spring.


April Showers Bring...Cute Shoes!


Lately, Mother Nature has been rather moody, hitting us all types of weather: happy, sad, and sometimes scary and violent. (Tornado = rough breakup?). But, despite all the gloomy weather, there is something that can always brighten up the mood…cute shoes! Fortunately for you, ladies, an old fashion trend happens to be making a huge comeback. Bean boots, duck boots, whatever you prefer to call them used to be a huge trend in the 70’s. However, the ones we having been seeing around campus are not your mom’s old snow boots. Wear them with leggings, jeans, or if your Elizabeth Notestine (’15), with a cocktail dress to the Alpha Phi formal. Sorry Mother Nature, we don’t have time to deal with your personal issues, we are too busy splashing through the puddles in style!
Freshman, Meredith Benson (’15) uses the gloomy weather as an opportunity to wear her Kelly green rain shoes.

Elizabeth Notestine (’15) keeps it classic with LL Bean “bean boots”.

Freshman, Noelle Carter’s (’15) bright blue Sperry’s put a spring in her step!

Natalie Weilandt (’15) shows off her Ralph Lauren duck boots.