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Amanda Sutton

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Welcome Back BSU


Mom is in the kitchen making a delicious breakfast scrambled eggs, toast, turkey bacon and a tall glass of orange juice. As you lie in bed you can smell the sweet aroma arising from the kitchen creeping underneath your bedroom door. Your dad knocks on the door and says in a deep baritone but warm voice, "honey its time to wake up today is your first day back to school". Before you can answer your dad, your alarm clock goes off and you are no longer in a dream.

As you look around you begin to realize there is no sweet aroma from the kitchen, no parents, just a paid program infomercial playing on the television from the night before.  Although, a familiar place you suddenly snap back into reality. This place is not home, nor are you in high school. Climbing out of bed, rubbing your eyes yawning and stretching at first glance the clock reads 6:05 am, at second glance the clock reads 8:05 am. 

Reality has taken a place in your brain and in the midst of your clouded thoughts one relevant fact is identified, it is the beginning of spring semester 2012, and already you are 5 minutes late to an 8 am class.  In a bitter haze your mind still exists, while your body enters college student speed mode. Only take the important things you whisper to yourself, so you  grab your leggings, UGG boots, cardigan, earrings, bangles, and beanie and off to class you go. Of course you are now in class and realize you have no books, spiral notebook or a pen to write with.  Welcome back to school the first day of classes has officially begun. Happy Spring semester 2012, 1 week down and 15 left to go!!!!

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PRSSA "Whats Next After Graduation"


Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Bowie State Chapter spotted in the Wiseman Student Center with the guest PR professional panelists during "What's Next After Graduation" event.

What's Next After Graduation


During the first semester as a freshmen most students have a general concept of a chosen career path. Unfortunately most college students do not have an action plan on achieving these goals. Setting personal and professional goals are important, however the most critical aspect of achieving these goals are creating an action plan. Every day it is important to construct a to do list, and everyday each goal that you set out to accomplish should be completed. Self satisfaction is a driving force in helping both students, and professionals stay motivated to complete tasks for short and long term goals.

Public Relations Student Society of America BSU chapter hosted an event Wednesday November 30th in the Wiseman Student Center titled " What's Next After Graduation". This event catered to communications students with an emphasis in public relations, media, and governmental affairs. PRSSA invited local public relations, communications, and media specialist to share insight with students.
The guests panelists included Tara Anderson the CEO of Fire PR Group LLC, Quianne Perrin CEO of FlyCandyPR, Candice Mackel CEO of Candice Nicole PR, and Chelsea Bland Communications Specialist of American Federation of Government Employees. Each panelists spoke on humble beginnings, their passion and motivation for public relations, and provided students with tips on personal branding, interning, and potential entrepreneurship.

Avery Pearsall


 Name: Avery Pearsall
Age: 22
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Classification: Senior
Major: Communication
Campus Affiliations: SGA, Founder of New Era
Relationship Status: Single

1.What do you like to do for fun?

I love going to a good happy hour. I’m always looking for live performances and concerts.
Between the movies and doing something arts related, I have tons of fun.
2.What’s your favorite thing about Bowie State Women?
My favorite thing about Bowie State women is their style. From the hipsters to fashion divas, BSU women are 100% fly. I can always look on the yard and find beautiful Baltimore head wrap or a DC “poetic justice” look.
3.What impresses you about a girl when you first meet her?
Her intelligence impresses me the most when I first meet a girl. Looks is a given and everyone has their preferences, but intelligence is sexy. I’d rather someone stimulate my mind before anything else. I’m also very big on body language and facial expressions. A girl that is aware of non-verbal communication is beautiful. Because from a female’s perspective anything could mean EVERYTHING!!!
4.What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a girl?
I just thought I was sooooo in love. Well…*rolls eyes* It was Christmas and I wanted to do something special for her. At the time I worked at Carolina Kitchen and had a close relationship with the owner, Lance London. I rented out the a special room at the Hyattsville location and treated to dinner, before I presented her with my gift, 14-Ct gold heart necklace. The day after, we took a 4 day trip to New York for the holidays.
5.Who are your celebrity crush(es)?
My celebrity crushes are Zoe Saldana, Kerry Washington, & Paula Patton
6.Describe your dream girl:
I prefer women that are fair skinned  fellas call them "redbones"

Finding the Balance


The semester is winding down and your friends want to party. You are torn and feel peer pressured into hanging out with them more than studying in the library. Your grades are decent but deep down inside you know that you are not doing your best and they could be much better.

As the clock is ticking down, the leaves are falling, and winter coats are brought from the back of the closet to the front, and the reality that fall semester is concluding is becoming more apparent. The problem is how do you stay true to the commitment of grades first fun later being a young adult without a parent, principal, or teacher watching over you?

In college the most important philosophy is to prioritize. Time management is an essential skill needed to be a successful college student and working professional. This is not a skill that will develop overnight while you slumber and dream. Time management and prioritizing is a learned skill trait that occurs after much practice.

Heed this advice, everything has a time and place. Although college is filled with memories of wild and crazy nights the one tangible memory with the most meaning will be your college degree. Do not get your priorities confused and trade study time for party time. The biggest party is the party called life and the decisions you make now will affect how long it lasts and how much fun your party will be. Study first party later!


Byron Ward


Name: Byron Ward
Age: 22 Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Classification: Senior
Major: Biology
Campus Affiliations: Bio-Med club member
Relationship Status: Single

What do you like to do for fun? Hang out with friends, Going to the movies, Traveling. Going to sporting events,doesn't matter which sport I love them all. And almost any high adrenaline activity. And sometimes kicking back and just chilling.

What’s your favorite thing about Bowie State Women? I love the desire and drive that the young women at Bowie State have. Despite their background or what ever affiliations they have on campus, they all seem to have a appetite for success.

What impresses you about a girl when you first meet her? I would have to say her confidence.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a girl? Well one thing I've done that at least I thought was pretty romantic was sending this girl flowers on a random Friday with a letter attached with me pretty much announcing that we were going out that and to be ready. I picked her up and we went to a lake where I rented a boat. I also had picked up food from one of her favorite restaurants and we went on to have dinner while watching the sunset in the middle of the lake.

Who are your celebrity crush(es)? Zoe Saldana, Sofia Vergara, and Kerri Washington.

Describe your dream girl: Attractive, intellectual, with a sense of humor, ambitious, fun, indulging, conversational, optimistic, confident,earthy, and laid-back.

Follow Byron on twitter @ElroyB_Noise

Dr. Adrian Krishnasamy


Dr. Adrian Krishnasamy

Dr. Adrian Krishnasamy serves as assistant professor in speech communication for Bowie State University's Department of Communications. He earned his doctorate from Howard University in communication and culture with an emphasis on intercultural and organizational communication. A native of Singapore, he has been in the United States since he was 16 years old. For a short period, he returned to Singapore to perform military service. He returned in 2000 to finish his master's in communication at the University of Central Missouri, where he also received his bachelor's degree in public relations.

Dr. Krishnasamy's research area focuses on how media affect certain communities, specifically regarding race, class, gender, and feminist research in communication. He has taught courses in interpersonal communication, the role of mass media and society, public speaking, and intercultural communication. He has high expectations for his students and believes that success is not a limitation.

Among his accomplishments, Krishnasamy authored, "Gay Male Body Image in Print Advertisements" and wrote a journal article, "Bringing Afrocentricities to the Funnies: An Analysis of Afrocentricity Within Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks." He volunteers at the D.C. Center (LGBTQ) where he is a speaker on women's issues, diversity, relationships and conflict and negotiation topics. He also is a board member of the Trevor Project outreach team, which deals with LGBTQ suicide prevention.