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Allison Otis

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Do's and Dont's for Surviving Dead Week


1. DO download SelfControl.  Can't seem to work with five minutes without checking Twitter or Facebook?  Simply download the app, enter your "forbidden websites," and voila!  Bye bye, distractions.

2. DON'T start a new television series.  If you're anything like me, one episode quickly turns to five then ten.  Save yourself the time and just wait until after finals to start that new show.

3. DO try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Forgoing the gym might seem like a time saver, but consider it "me time" to keep your sanity and recharge.  Also, the nightly Dominos delivery?  Save your wallet, your waistline and avoid the food coma!

4. DON'T surround yourself with negative people.  "I know I'm going to bomb." "Ugh, I can't do this."  "HELP!"  While it may be comforting to dweel in the perceived impossibility of your assignments, it's surely not going to help you actually get them done.  Try to keep a positive outlook and don't surround yourself with Negative Nancy's.

5. DO find a study spot.  For me, I know that I can't study on my bed without falling asleep.  Avoid these trips by doing what works best for you whether it's the quietness of the library, the ambiance of Starbucks or the buzz of your dorm common room.

Gabby Momah '15 and Robbie Dela Cruz '15



Allison Otis: What is your position in the Black Student Union?

Gabby Momah: Freshman Intern Coordinator


Robbie Dela Cruz: Freshman Intern Coordinator


AO: How did you get involved in BSU?

GM: Last year's Freshman Intern Coordinator personally invited us to BSU Freshman Convocation, which provides an insight to the purpose of BSU on Stanford's campus. Haven't looked back since!

RDC: Living in Ujamaa easily connected me to the black community at Stanford. Going to Freshman Convocation last year with the entire dorm was a great experience


AO: What is your favorite part about the BSU?

GM: My favorite part of the BSU is the sense of community that the chapter brings. Of course, I really enjoy event planning, but it wouldn't be the same without the friends that I have made by joining BSU.

RDC: My favorite part about BSU is the diversity. Although this is the Black Student Union, we welcome anyone who wants to join. For example, me being Asian does not stop me from being a part of this community. Diversity does not only have to do with race. The BSU is a group of people who look different, come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, etc.


AO: Why is it important to you?
GM: BSU is important to me because as a BVSO, BSU serves as one of the voices of the black community and is responsible for a lot of the impetus change that occurs in the African Diaspora at Stanford.

Uché Uba '15


Hometown: Portland, OR
Major: Human Biology & Iberian|Latin American Culture
Activities/Interests: Volleyball, Diving, Rivers/Hiking, Planning parties, Partying

How do you feel about being nominated for Campus Cutie?
I didn't know we had it! I'm humbled actually, kinda cool.

If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?
Either Obama, or my future wife, I'm pretty sure she's fun and awesome, it'd probably go well.

What is something that people are surprised to know about you?
That I'm an agency model and I'm currently a face for a big campaign.

Fun fact?
Did you know that every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a calorie? WATCH OUT models!

Celebrity crush?
Rihanna, but not really since she went back to Chris.. So I'll say Alessandra Ambrosio.

Favorite TV show?
Vampire Diaries

Best Stanford moment?
My tequila-themed joint birthday last year with three friends in Roble and just raging the whole day and getting presents.

Ike's decides to name a sandwich after you. What's it called, what's in it?
Jumanji - Pepperoni, Salami, Crumbles of Ground Beef, Sprinkle of Feta, Provolone, Mozzarella, Marinara sauce, olives. Que Delicioso....

Pet peeve?
Dirty people that don't understand that they're unhygienic and all up in my zone

Favorite off-campus location?
San Francisco club/bar-scene hands down

Tried and true pickup line?
"Do you have a boyfriend?"

Lucy Davis '15


It's the little things that make Stanford what it is, oh like finding out that girl down the hall has published a book, co-founded the next-big startup or competed in the London Olympics.  And that's where Lucy Davis comes in!  After casually mentioning in class she'd be absent for the Olympic trials, I knew Her Campus had to sit down to find out more and voila!

When did you first start riding horses, and how did you get into it?
I grew up around horses and have been on horseback since i could walk but i formally started taking lessons around age 5.

What's your favorite part about riding?
My favorite part about riding is the thrill of competition. I think it is so much more powerful because when you step into the arena to compete, you are sharing the pressure and excitement with an amazing beast. It is also a crazy feeling to be catapulted into the air over a fence! 

How do you manage your time?
I have been competing since I was very young and have had to miss a lot of school so I haven't really known any other way. I am the kind of person that is only efficient if I have lots to do. Otherwise I just sit around watching movies all day procrastinating! 

If you weren't riding horses, what would you be doing?
If I didn't ride I would probably try and be a ski racer. I love skiing and am a bit of an adrenaline junkie so I would have to do something extreme like that.

Hey, It's Okay: Stanford Edition


Inspired by one of my favorite sections in Glamour magazine, where they essentially air out all the weird little things we're thinking and let you know, hey it's not just you, we have created our own "Hey, it's okay" list!

Hey, it's okay...

That those last two miles felt like a marathon To reward your healthy meal with a Sprinkles cupcake That you're crushing on that guy in lecture who you'e yet to speak to To browse GoStanford, and not just for the schedules (roster, anyone?) That it's only been a few weeks, and you're already flooded with homework To consider getting yourself to the library a major accomplishment. Baby steps... That you started planning your Halloween costume wayyy too long ago To still play Call Me Maybe on repeat That you forgot to take off your makeup last night That you've YouTube'd Gagnam Style too many times to count

*Picture from Glamour's Pinterest page.

Sigma Nu Kegs and Eggs


Come get your breakfast goodies Thursday night at the Sigma Nu front lawn to benefit Support for International Change (SIC). 

Omelet - $3

Breakfast (ham, and egg) Sandwich - $3

S'mores Pancake - $1

White Chocolate Chip Pancake - $1

Pumpkin Pancake - $1

Plain Pancake - $1 

Stanford Football vs. Arizona


Come out and support the Card this Reunion Homecoming weekend against Pac-12 foe Arizona!

The Best of Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules


Diet books are all too often unsustainable get-skinny-quick schemes with minimal scientific research to back them up.  Eliminating entire food groups from your diet may result in quick weight loss but upon reintroduction, the weight lost will quickly find its way back to your trouble spots.  But sometimes you find a surprising gem, like Bob Harper's Skinny Rules that recommends healthy and sustainable ways to take off unwanted pounds and keep them off.  We've compiled a list of our favorite rules from our favorite Biggest Loser trainer.

1. Drink a Large Glass of Water Before Every meal –No Excuses!
Making up more than half of your body’s composition, it’s no surprise that water comes first on Harper’s Skinny Rules. But it’s studies that show drinking water helps aid in weight loss that should make this an easy addition to your daily routine. Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day to make it easy to make sure you’re getting the daily-recommended amount (about 2 liters).

2. Don’t Drink Your Calories
Say what you want about the Paleo diet -a return to the diet of ancestral humans (think fruits, vegetables, grass-fed meats and no processed foods), but they’re onto something. We are not designed to process liquid calories; therefore, our bodies do not register they’re full despite chugging a Venti Mocha Cookie Crumble. “Humans may lack a physiological basis for processing carbohydrate or alcoholic calories in beverages because only breast milk and water were available for the vast majority of our evolutionary history,” said evolutionary expert Barry Popkin. Sound like __ science? Just do the math! Water for zero calories or Jamba Juice for 300+?

Sasha Arijanto '14


When she's not online shopping (where else can you score amazing colorblock Giusseppe heels?!), hanging out with her Alpha Phi sisters, you can find this entertainment enthusiast in the Daily office as the Managing Editor of Intermission.  Read on as Her Campus sat down with Sasha to find out about her interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and other amazingness!

How did you get involved with The Daily?
I was too scared my freshman year to try to get involved because I had very little experience with journalism, but then I went to the Daily 101X which is the Daily's open house, and became a fellow for Intermission, the arts and entertainment section. Lauren Wilson who is an insane and awesome, dedicated editor was really supportive of the kooky things I wanted to do and I just became obsessed! I love what I'm doing with The Daily, and seeing other writers and photographers getting excited really keeps me going when I have midterms, and papers and articles.

What experience do you have in entertainment news and writing?
Before The Daily, I considered my handful of academic classes and my extensive knowledge of Gossip Girl as my only experience. Now, I've gotten to go to tons of concerts and film festivals, watch movies and interview my heros. I recently interviewed Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which of course all of my girlfriends swooned over, but I also got to talk to Rian Johnson, who directed "Brick" which is one of my all time favorite movies. I was geeking out so hard I was worried I wouldn't be able to ask my questions!

This summer, I also worked for Warner Bros. Television, and now I'm even more torn about what I want to do in the future, because Television and marketing and development are all so appealing to me.

Hookup Do's and Dont's


If he likes you, he’ll let you know. Always end a phone call first. Don’t accept a last minute date. Okay, so some of those may be good pieces of advice, but you get our point. With so much conflicting information swirling around, it’s hard to keep your head on straight –much less know how to proceed in the often-confusing world of dating. Make that non-dating (C’mon, when’s the last time you went out for a candlelit dinner?). That’s why we’ve compiled a list of advice from fellow collegiates about what to do and what not to do when it comes to hooking up.

“Keep texts short. Guys don’t want to hear a monologue about your day. Keep it simple.” –Ashley, Williams ‘14

 “Don’t bite my neck like a vampire.” -Robbie, Stanford ’15
Hickeys are not so much fun the next day in office hours in front of your professor.

“Don’t blackout.” -Gabby, Stanford ‘15
Liquid courage, okay. Liquid sloppiness, not cute.

“Make sure that you are on the same page with the person you are hooking up with in regards to how serious the hook up is.” –Bianca, NYU ‘14

“Don’t mistake a booty call for a relationship.” –Anonymous
A common thread for collegiettes. Protect your heart and manage expectations!

“Guys don’t have to initiate everything.” –Megan, Stanford ‘15

“Don’t put a sock on the door. Just text your roommate if you need privacy.” –Dana, Stanford ‘15
“Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.” -Bianca, NYU ‘14