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Omnomnom: Mayfield Café and Bakery

This summer, I decided to go where no Rosen has gone before, a daring and frightful land of responsibility, energy, and hormonal teenagers. That’s right: camp counselor for Stanford hopefuls otherwise known as EPGY. Every couple of days, I found myself wanting – no, needing – nothing more than to escape the high school madness and collect myself in the outside world over a hearty brunch and my newest summer reading conquest (The Beautiful and the Damned). Don’t get me wrong, it was an amazing bunch of high school students, but… high school students. Yeesh.

Food – 5/5
Brunch led off with a tall, cool glass of orange juice with just enough pulp to highlight its freshness and a strong latte (a little too strong, actually) served in a bowl. The latte was served with a small plate of complimentary orange-flavored madeleines, which were a little dry at first but delicious when soaked in latte foam for a few seconds. On the enthusiastic recommendation of my former brunch buddy, who recently left me to spend nine months in Paris, I ordered the Brioche French Toast with Vanilla-Infused Strawberries and Strawberry Sauce. It was a surprisingly large dish, but so amazing that I was willing to take as long as necessary (about an hour) to finish every last bite of fluffy, lightly egged brioche goodness. Over time, it absorbed the simultaneously light and strong strawberry sauce – I’m tempted to call it more of a dressing or a juice, it was so lightweight – and qualified as one of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve ever eaten.

Service – 4/5
The wait staff was polite and accommodating, and my order was both taken and delivered very rapidly. It took a while for anyone to notice that I was done eating and ready for the check, since no one really came to check on the outdoor diners throughout the morning, but I had a nice book so it wasn’t a problem.

Price – 2/5
Breakfast shouldn’t cost $25, even if it was the most delicious French Toast to ever have graced my stomach. Including a 10% tip brings the bill close to $30, which is just too much to be a regular occurrence, but worth the splurge every couple of months.

Location and Setting – 4/5
I’m coming to realize that Town and Country isn’t necessarily the best brunch spot, with people always bustling around between shops and restaurants, but Mayfield Café & Bakery has a nice set-up with a beautiful indoor dining room for lunch and dinner, as well as their own walled-off patio for outdoor dining. Additionally, the seats are fairly comfortable and don’t leave marks on the legs of those unfortunate enough to be wearing a skirt or shorts.

*Photos from the Mayfield website.

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