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Alli Ortell

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Gift Ideas for Your “Significant Other” for Valentine’s Day


So let’s face it guys in general are hard to buy for on any occasion. What makes it harder is Valentine’s Day because we all want to get our guy something cute and romantic without making it too girly. Well here are a few ideas for every relationship stage and any budget, but remember Valentine’s Day is about the thought not how much you spend (that is for Christmas, ha-ha).

For Your Crush

Whether he knows it or not you should still keep it simple, but sweet so he knows you are interested. So here are a few ideas:

Remember those cute Valentine’s Day cards we gave out in elementary school? Well pick up a box and attach his favorite candy bar to it. It is cute and simple, plus you can use the rest of the cards in the box to give to your friends! Guys love to eat and college guys love coffee, so how about a $10 Starbucks gift card or a gift card to his favorite fast food restaurant (Five Guys, Moe’s, Chipotle). If you already know he likes you surprise him with heart shaped doughnuts from Dunkin Doughnuts. Not only will he love the gesture, but it will also let him know that you are interested too!

For Your Boyfriend

Easy Snacks for Binghamton Dorm Life



Hungry? Quick Snacks for Dorm Living

Ever get stressed from work and studying and eat your weight in candy and junk food? Well next time try these healthy, delicious, and easy recipes you can make right in your dorm room!

What You Should Be Watching This Fall


On a cold night here in Binghamton, it would be super convienent to turn on your TV and get into a really great show. But, what if you have no idea what shows are worth watching? We’ve got you covered!

Day to Night Hair: For Your Last Minute DT Plans


Here’s the situation: You have a full day of Friday classes, homework, and to top it off you promised the girls a night out. Your problem: how to take your everyday hair style to a style that is worthy of attracting all those cuties on State Street. How do you add variety to your everyday style, but also create a more glamorous look for nights out? Here are a few styles that will look scholarly and cute for the daytime, but with just a few tricks, they can be changed into a sexy style for your Friday and Saturday night plans.

Day: Leave your hair down for the day, whether you have pin straight hair, wavy, or curly; natural hair is totally in! If your hair is normally straight or has little volume to it, use a volume enhancing mousse so that it will gain volume throughout the day, which will help create better curls later.

Night: Take 5 minutes and use a large barrel curling iron to add big bouncy curls. Add some hairspray and you are good to go! If you still crave more volume, use a pick after you curl to pick out your curls, then add the hairspray. Girls with naturally curly/frizzy hair may want to add a little leave-in conditioner for a more controlled look.