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Alexa Godel

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Her Campus UCF Gives Back


Tis’ the season to be thankful for all that we have and give back to those who don’t have as much. Her Campus UCF decided we needed to get involved in our community in Orlando and make a difference. We’re a team of 40 energetic, sociable college students eager to put a smile on everyone’s face. Volunteering at a soup kitchen seemed best fit for us because it was hands on and we could interact with people. On October 26th a group of 12 of us put on our aprons and gloves and went to the Daily Bread Christian Service Center in downtown Orlando.

As we drove up we could see the hundreds of people gathered around the building, many somber looking, patiently waiting to be let in for lunch. We walked in and were greeted by a group of older women there with their church group. They seemed to be quite intrigued by us bringing so much energy and happiness to a place that is often everything but. They continuously thanked us for coming because the more the merrier and it was clear they needed a lot of help. On a daily basis the center has over 300 people come for lunch and organizing meals can be very overwhelming.

We all stood in an assembly line, some putting sandwiches on the plates, some serving soup, and some handing the meals to the people. They were each given a ticket and then directed into a single file line to pick up their meal. Seeing women come in with their young children was almost unbearable but when the kid’s faces lit up when you handed them their cookie made everything worth it.

Volunteering at Daily Bread was an eye opening experience and really made us count our blessings. We have officially adopted it as our monthly charity work and can’t wait to go back. This time we’re bringing goodies for all of the kids. 

10 Tips to Know Before You Intern in NYC


Summer is almost here and that summer internship of your dreams in New York City is closer than you think. Moving to the city is nerve-wracking at first, especially if it’s your first internship, but it’s sure to be a life changing experience. I know first-hand the jitters of a first-year intern in the big city. I spent 10 weeks in NYC last summer and I want to share some tips I wish I knew beforehand. They will leave you better prepared to conquer the Big Apple.

Jordan Rae '12


Your Offensive Lineman

Name: Jordan Rae
Year: Junior
Major: Finance
Hometown: Weston, FL
Relationship Status: Single
Activities: I like hanging out with my friends, jamming to music, and fishing.

Describe your craziest fan: Probably the guy who runs around the stadium in a Gorilla Suit. He's at every home game and is always acting crazy.
How did it feel to play in the Liberty Bowl?: It was awesome! The weeks leading up the game, everyone on ESPN and the polls counted us out. So, there was no feeling like beating the Georgia Bulldogs and proving America wrong! So much fun!