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This TikTok Viral App Could Be The Secret To A Healthier Relationship

Whether you like to admit it or not, the honeymoon phase in relationships does exist. And it does eventually end. I said it.

After a while, work, school, and our personal lives get in the way of romance. From there, the surprise romantic gestures stop, the sweet texts fade, and relationships become routine. And even if you’re still madly in love with your partner, there’s always room to include more romance in your lives. Enter: the Agapé app.

Recently, the Agapé app has been going viral on TikTok: their TikTok account has amassed over 600,000 views and their 4.9-star app is rated #2 in the “Health & Fitness” section in the App Store. Described as a “relationship wellness app for couples” on their website, TikTok users are sharing videos about this mysterious app, and how its improved their relationships for the better.


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But, what is the Agapé app? Can it really be the secret to a healthy and communicative relationship? Here’s what you need to know about this new romantic wellness app.

What Is The Agapé App?

Agapé (pronounced “ah-gah-pay”) is a mobile app that’s designed to inspire conversation between you and your romantic partner through daily prompts. Its name is extremely fitting: it’s Greek for “unconditional love”. Awe.

Founded by Kadie Okwudili in Sept. 2019, Agapé was created to be an app to help grow newfound relationships through intimate and effective communication. With the help of clinical relationship psychologist Ronald Rogge, PhD (the CRO of the app), Agapé is backed by real strategies practiced in relationship therapy. An app that teaches couples about emotional maturity and relationship mindfulness? Sign me up.

By downloading Agapé, and inviting your partner, you’re signing yourself up to receive daily prompts that ask you to reflect on your relationship. Only after both you and your partner respond to the prompt on the app, you’re able to view each other’s answers. And let me tell you, it’s pretty frikkin’ cute.

The prompts range from wholesome questions like “what’s something your partner did in the last week that made you laugh”, to spicier questions like “Has your partner ever turned you on in public? If so, describe when”. After you and your partner respond, you’ll receive a notification that it’s time to view your answers. Then, get ready to smile, let out a laugh, and feel those butterflies start to flutter again.

How Do I Use It?

Agapé is available on Apple and Google Play — and for free, might I add. After downloading, you’ll get an overview of the app’s mission before being asked to create an account. It’s seriously that easy.

After that, you’ll be prompted to invite your partner to the app. You can do this by messaging them a special code, or simply pressing the “invite my partner” on the screen.

Finally, you’ll be able to explore and navigate the app — setting your notification preferences, managing your profile information, and answering your first prompt. Additionally, on the app, there’s a section to add “memories” with your partner. Here, you can add a photo and write a short spurt about a certain memory that you have of your partner. This can be anything from taking a photo of your favorite restaurant and writing about your favorite memory there, or uploading your favorite photo together along with a sweet message.


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Agapé is great for couples of all kinds: new couples, couples looking to rekindle a fire, sappy couples, couples who want to work on their emotional intimacy, long-distance relationships, and even couples in (already) healthy and communicative relationships. After all, a relationship can never be too healthy — there’s always a way to grow. Remember that.

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