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Snowboarding Star Jamie Anderson Talks Fitness, Beauty & the Olympics

If you haven’t heard of Olympic hopeful Jamie Anderson yet, we’re sure you will soon. The 23-year-old is one of the top female snowboarders in the world, and ever since she became the youngest Winter X Games medalist at age 15, she has been well on her way to icon status. Though skilled at several snowboarding events, Jamie has become the defending champion at both the Winter X Games Tignes and the Winter X Games Aspen with her specialty in slopestyle, a type of snowboarding event where the goal is to perform the most difficult tricks while getting the highest amplitude off of jumps. The seven-time Dew Tour gold medalist took some time out of her busy schedule to tell us a little bit about her beauty routine, her fitness regimen and what it’s like to be an Olympic hopeful for the Games’ first ever slopestyle event in 2014.  

Her Campus: Jamie, you’ve been snowboarding since you were nine years old, but what was it that made you realize that this was something you wanted to pursue professionally? 

Jamie Anderson: I never thought about snowboarding as something I could really pursue when I first started. But then, when I was 15, I got my first big sponsorship with Billabong and I thought, “Wow. Maybe I can make a living off of this and pursue it professionally.” I had been barely making ends meet before, trying to get sponsorships from local companies back home, but after Billabong offered me a sponsorship, I realized I could actually make a career out of this.

HC: You’ve spent the past six years dominating in the X Games, and now you’re finally ready to take on the Olympics. What does it mean to you that slopestyle is finally making its debut in the 2014 Winter Olympics?

Jamie: It’s so exciting. It’s always been a dream of mine to compete at the Olympic level. I’ve trained in all sorts of different events, like halfpipe [a U-shaped terrain with near-vertical walls used to perform a variety of tricks and aerial maneuvers] and boardercross [a competition in which four snowboard racers go over a series of features on a course and try to reach the finish line first], but slopestyle is really different than any event. It reminds me of [a] playground on the mountain, because it’s always different. I’ve always loved the creativity and everything about it. But I also really wanted to go to Olympics, so before slopestyle became an event, I tried to qualify for halfpipe. I mostly did it because thought it would be opportunity to go to Vancouver, but my heart just wasn’t in it. When slopestyle got added, I felt like I could finally be true to myself, like all the dots were finally connected. 

HC: I know you have a big family that you’re very close to. How has your family helped support you throughout this journey? 

Jamie: I have so much family love and support that I don’t even know where I’d be without them. My two older sisters have been the biggest inspiration, giving me all their hand-me-down equipment. My parents worked hard to help us all get started, and even though we had no money or help in beginning, my mom made sure that we could all compete. It’s incredible to see where we’ve gone now. I’m so grateful for that.

HC: What does it mean to you to be a part of the Procter & Gamble family of athletes?

Jamie: It’s amazing. I’m so thankful to be working with them, especially since they focus on appreciating and acknowledging all the support that our mothers gave us to help us get where we are. My mom has been a huge inspiration to me, and she’s given me the courage and willpower to follow my dreams. She’s always been there with positive affirmations and words and encouragement, and I’m so glad we’re all taking the time to acknowledge that support.

HC: This year, P&G Beauty is using their Olay campaign to inspire women to “Look Winter Wonderful” this season. As you’re part of the campaign, how do you maintain your beauty routine in the cold weather?

Jamie: As my sport takes me all around world with different elements, it’s really important to me to always stay looking healthy and fresh.  I love the new Olay Fresh Effects skincare line, like its Exfoliating Cleanser and its Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with SPF – it really helps to even out my skin tone. I love the Fresh Effects S’Wipe Out Makeup Removal Cloths as well. I sometimes even add my own essential oils to it to keep my skin soft. I don’t wear a ton of makeup on the slopes, usually just some mascara and ChapStick.  I want to look good and feel confident, but I also want to look natural and feel beautiful in an organic way.

HC: Being an Olympic athlete obviously requires that you stay in peak physical condition. I know you enjoy biking, hiking and yoga, but what else do you like to do outside of your training regimen to stay fit and healthy?

Jamie: I always make sure to eat a balanced diet. My diet is mostly plant-based, with a little bit of meat as well. Greens, beans, vegetables. To me, it’s a combination of what you’re putting in and what you’re giving out. I do a lot of mediation and yoga –it’s really beneficial for getting rid of stress going into the season. Everything that’s happening right now is all exciting and good stuff, but I also have a lot on my plate. It’s all about maintaining that mind, body and spirit. I’m grateful for everything that’s happening for me, but I also remember the importance of my health and wellness too.

HC: Do you have any advice to give to collegiettes looking to pursue their own dreams?

Jamie: Follow your dreams. Find something you’re passionate about and really pursue it. If you put it out into the universe and really believe in that dream, it can really happen. But also be productive and work hard towards goals. Everything will turn around for you, but it happens one day at a time. Be patient, because it doesn’t always happen all at once.

Corinne Sullivan is an editorial intern at Her Campus. She is in her senior year at Boston College, majoring in English with a Creative Writing Concentration. On campus, she cheers at football and basketball games as part of the Boston College Pom Squad and performs as a member of the Dance Organization of Boston College. She also teaches spin classes at the campus gym and contributes to the BC branch of Her Campus. Corinne loves the beach, all things chocolate, and is unashamed of her love for Young Adult Fiction. You can follow her on Twitter at @cesullivan14. 
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