Vibrators: Everything You Need to Know

At age five, you and the friendly neighbor boy probably played “doctor.” Before your parents caught you, peeps at his thingy and your lady bits were taken. How yucky, you thought. At age twelve, during your “developing years,” someone undoubtedly sat you down for a talk about the birds and the bees. They whipped out the American Girl puberty book and you squirmed. How awkward, you cried. At the age of seventeen, it’s possible one of your friends was the first to lose her virginity. Silly chit chats were had and countless questions were asked. How exciting, you blushed. At age (insert your age here), Her Campus gave you the lowdown on vibrators. They provided you with the easing statistics, buying advice and funny mishaps you’d always been wondering about. Finally, you jumped in joy.

At this point, the topic of sex has become a little less taboo and a lot more relevant than before. You read racy tips in magazines, peruse racks of lingerie at the mall, and have juicy gossip sessions with girlfriends. Why, then, is it often so difficult to bring up the subject of vibrators? Maybe it’s the society we live in; maybe pleasuring yourself is too personal of a subject. But ladies, let’s face it. Whether you’re a vibrator virgin or sexpert, you have questions. Her Campus has the answers.

You Want Me to Put What, Where?: Facts and Stats for Vibrator Virgins
With our help you’ll know just what you’ve always wanted to about vibrators –even if you’ve never so much as laid eyes on one!

Do other college girls really use vibrators?

Absolutely! Sixty five percent of the thirty college girls we polled own a vibrator. A few might have started as gag gifts, but worry not. They’ve since been put to use. The average usage seems to be once or twice a week, but all ends of the spectrum are certainly covered.

We asked the girls we surveyed: How often do you use your vibrator?

“Sometimes not for a month at a time.”
            -Anonymous, college girl
“I use it about once a week.”
            -Anonymous college girl
“I use mine on average twice a week.”
            -Norah, University of Toledo
“I use it every couple of days, probably couldn’t live without it.”
            -Anonymous college girl

I’m too nervous to purchase a vibrator in person. How else can I get one?

No one wants to deal with knowing looks from passersby and badly masked smirks from store associates when buying a vibrator. Lucky for you, there are a couple of other options.

Go online! When you have a way bigger selection to choose from and the only thing staring at you is your computer screen, it’s hard not to go for this appealing alternative. Online sex toy boutiques like and provide pages upon pages of vibrators with detailed descriptions of everything you’ve wanted to know but have been too nervous to ask. Babeland’s co-founder, Claire Cavanah, started her store for just that reason. “Online shoppingis a blush-free experience. It can be done in the privacy of your own room at any time of day or night. We have extensive resources and information about toys, safety, and how-tos,” she told us.

Another option is to host a sex toy party! While less private, this way you’ll actually be able to see and touch the products before purchasing. Plus, many of your friends are probably in the same boat as you, also looking for in-store vibrator shopping substitutes. Why not get everyone over their worries at the same time? Companies like Pure Romance will send an expert consultant straight to your apartment to answer all of your questions, give you tips, and sell you and your friends products on the spot. Patty Brisben, CEO and Founder of Pure Romance shared with us, “Pure Romance is about providing a safe environment for women to learn more about their bodies, ask questions and shop for intimacy products in the privacy and confidentiality of an in-home setting. They are a great platform for women because they are surrounded by their friends and loved ones during a party; this often takes the discomfort and embarrassment out of what, for many, publicly can be a difficult or uncomfortable topic.” A chance to hold an entertaining and exciting party and comfortably purchase that vibrator you’ve been wanting –how can you turn that down?
There are so many options. Which vibrator should I buy?

First decide what you want your experience to be like: traditional, quick, with a partner, etc. Oh, the decisions! Then, head on over to and check out their chart to find your perfect vibrator.

We asked our panel of college girls: What kind of vibrator are you using?

“I bought the brand Evolve.”
            -Anonymous college girl
“A silver bullet.”
            -Anonymous, Western Michigan University
“The Elastomer Rabbit Habbit, the original bunny.”
            -Anonymous, UC Irvine