5 Ways to Get More Energy on Days When You Feel Blah

4. Call Your BFF

Spending time alone can certainly be a relief from a long day, but on an afternoon when you’re feeling particularly down, spending time with your friends may be just what the doctor ordered. According to a study in the Journal of Happiness Studies, being alone had the lowest levels of happiness, while being with a friend had the highest. Any social activity, either active or passive had above average ratings.
If you’re sitting alone in your apartment, or dorm room, and feeling gloomy, head to a friend’s place, or invite a few friends over. Even if you’re all just sitting on the couch chatting, you’ll most likely feel happier during their visit, and after they leave, than before. Invite friends over to make dinner or go to the gym with you (two mood-boosters in one!). If you’re swamped with work, call over someone from your class and study together.

5. Put on Chris Brown

You know that feeling you get when your new favorite song comes up on shuffle or the radio? Well, it can work the same magic on a down mood. According to a study in The Journal of Marketing, music can be a powerful stimulus for mood. The study says, “music acts on the nervous system like a key on a lock, activating brain processes with corresponding emotional reactions.” Disregarding lyrics, and other elements to a song, fast music was tied to happier feelings than slower music. Songs in higher keys also related to feelings of happiness.

Turning up the volume on an upbeat song like Chris Brown’s “Love More” or Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” to brighten your mood? What a way to pass the time.

Try testing out a few of these tips next time you’re feeling sluggish and see if you don’t end the day with a smile on your face.

Want more inspiration?  Here are some collegiettes' favorite ways to boost their mood:

  • The Royal Tenenbaums is my mood savior. I could be bawling my eyes out but if I lay down and pop in that movie it's like putting a baby in a vibrating chair: I'm instantly calmed.”  - Rebekah Meiser, Ohio University
  • “I make something sweet! I'm currently snowed in and I'm planning on making hot chocolate or blueberry muffins later today.” – Hannah Orenstein, NYU
  • “I go buy myself a new magazine and curl up in my bed and read it. That's a great way for me to shut out the world and escape for a while!” - Valentina Palladino, Syracuse University
  • “I like to read a good book. Good books make everything better!” – Danai Kadzere, Harvard University
  • “I wash and blow dry my hair, put on makeup and a fierce outfit (heels, of course), and leave my house to do nothing in particular. I pound the sidewalks like a supermodel and instantly I feel better. It always helps to have something to focus on instead of whatever's keeping me down!” – Elyssa Goodman, Carnegie Mellon University
  • “I blast the music and jam out. It's a cure that never fails!” - Kaitlyn Schnell, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • “I love putting on a face mask when I feel down or tired. It's an inexpensive and easy way to pamper myself, always wakes me up, and nothing makes me feel prettier than having clear, luminous skin!”  - Nikki Fig, Emerson College
  • “I like to either wear really cute underwear or a fuzzy pair of socks—or both!” – Stephanie Kaplan, Co-Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus
  • “ I love to just soak in a warm bubble bath! Not only is it refreshing, it is very relaxing and soothing.”  – Jaimee Swift, Temple University
  • “Once I get out of class on a sad, depressed day, I listen to “I'm Coming Out” by Diana Ross on my iPod REALLY loud.” - Evangeline Spracklin, University of Washington
  • “I text my friends! Sounds simple but hearing about my friend’s day which could be better than mine usually perks me up!” – Kristie Demers, North Carolina State University
  • “I do aromatherapy with things that are lavender-scented. I'll watch re-runs of Gilmore Girls. Maybe have a glass of wine. I'll pamper myself with a pedicure or do other things to beautify myself that I may have been neglecting.” – Ally Karsyn, Dordt College
  • “Nothing helps me feel more put together than painting my nails. There's just something about a fresh coat that gives me that extra polish and confidence. Plus, there's so many colors to choose from, and that makes it a lot of fun.” – Sarah Ramirez, Fordham University

What’s your own never-fail way to boost your mood?  Leave a comment!