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Lose the Freshman 15: Use the Buddy System

Hi collegiettes! I hope everyone is having a lovely start to their weekend this morning! I have been anticipating this day for weeks now. One of my sisters is in town and we’re going to see Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Jake Owen and Thomas Rhett in Sanford Stadium tonight and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT.

Spending the weekend with my sister has reminded me of how grateful I am to have a support system during my journey to lose the “Freshman 15.” Thursday’s Daily Carrot from DietBet mentioned how the people you surround yourself with can either be “diet saboteurs” or “your best allies.” Personally, I couldn’t make such a big change in my life on my own (trust me, I’ve tried and failed many times!). I think that to be the best you can possibly be you need to surround yourself with people who are supportive of your commitment to lose weight and be healthier. My mom asked my sister to make sure I was making smart decisions while eating out this weekend, and I appreciate that. A few days of greasy fast food and I will have undone all the hard work I put in this week. I know not everyone is publicly blogging about losing weight like the other girls and I are, but I encourage you to tell your friends about SELF’s Drop 10 plan! Having friends that push you to stay on track will be a precious resource in your journey to lose the “Freshman 15.” The weekends have been my biggest struggle while on the plan because I love going out with friends. But since they all know about the Drop 10 plan and that I’m working hard to lose weight, they encourage me to switch up my usual orders while at restaurants and to make healthier decisions overall when we’re together. I’ve not only found new gym buddies by telling people about this program, but have also encouraged others to make positive changes in their lifestyle as well. So get your friends on board if you haven’t already! Follow me on Twitter @ms_mojohnson or comment below and let me know who’s kept you on track this week!

Have a wonderful weekend!