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Lose the Freshman 15: My Final Weigh-In!

Hi collegiettes! Well, here it is… our final goodbye. It’s surreal to think that eight weeks have passed since I started this blog. When I first found out I would be a part of this program I wasn’t sure I would be able to succeed. And I would be lying if I said I did all that I could to stay on track over the course of the program. But I have achieved more than I would’ve thought possible eight weeks ago. I ended spring break at 178 pounds and am happy to say that my final weight is… 165! Although I ended up gaining back some of the pounds I lost towards the end of the program, that’s still a 13 pound loss since spring break (mid-March). I’ll take it!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this experience is that being healthy is a lifestyle, not just a one-time process. I did well at the beginning of the program but eventually fell into the mindset that a few days of slacking off wouldn’t hurt, and it did. Losing weight is a full-time commitment and once the weight is lost it still has to be maintained. It’s been eight weeks and I’m still trying to find the balance between my old, unhealthy ways and everything this program has taught me. The best advice I can leave you with is to take it one day at a time! Don’t be overwhelmed with how much you have to lose. I’m a long way from where I want to be, but I know that I’ll get there. Just be patient, and work your butt off. You WILL continue to see results!

My goal for the summer is to work as hard as I did when I first started the program. I have an amazing support system (my grandma makes me eat all the fresh vegetables from her garden when I’m at her house because she knows I’m trying to lose weight – it’s cute), so I know that I have the potential to be successful while I’m away from school. I also want it to be a summer of firsts. I’ve been talking about trying bikram yoga for at least a year now and I’m determined to do it this summer! I’m excited to see how much progress I can make on my own without this blog, and I hope you all continue to work hard this summer.

I would like to thank Zico coconut water for providing me with their delicious products, New Balance for my favorite new running shoes and workout gear, DietBet for encouraging me to lose with others, SELF magazine for setting me up with the Drop 10 diet and exercise plan we’ve all been following, my fellow bloggers for always inspiring me, and Her Campus for providing me with the chance to share my story with everyone. I wouldn’t have achieved this much had it not been for the support of these companies and the awesome people that run them.

It has been a pleasure to share my journey with y’all the past few weeks and I hope that I have inspired at least one person to finally doing something about their “Freshman 15.” Feel free to follow me on Twitter @ms_mojohnson to keep in touch, and I wish you all success on your own journeys!