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Lose the Freshman 15: A moment on the lips NOT forever on the hips

Today is weigh-in day, and if you’ve been following my blog over the past couple of days, you may know that I took a break from my diet to enjoy my visit with my fiancé’s parents whom I was visiting for the first time ever.
I decided before I got there that instead of stressing over how to stay healthy, I was going to use this time to focus on my relationship with my man and his parents, and get to know them better—even if that meant eating unhealthy—but super delicious—home-cooked Southern food.
I ate whatever was given to me, which included tons of food I haven’t eaten or even looked at in over two months: meat loaf, mashed potatoes, barbecue chicken, fried fish/everything, hushpuppies, cake, candied yams, sausage, coleslaw and more.
“Goodness, gracious!” You may say. “That kind of unhealthy, irresponsible eating is going to bite you in the butt—literally.”
You may think that by hearing my list of Easter weekend food, I probably packed on 5 lbs or so. I mean, how can someone who went from eating purely fresh made everything with little seasoning and perfect portion control go back to dipped in grease awesomeness?
I went into this weekend fully accepting the fact that I may gain weight, but I’m really glad I did let loose because I think my weight for this week is lesson to us all.
I only gained a pound. Sure, that may sound like the end of the world to many of you—but that’s the thing. It shouldn’t.
AND, the fact that I chucked all healthy eating for three days and only gained one measly pound proves that the Jump Start Diet has seriously revved up my metabolism.
Dieting isn’t about deprivation or making yourself miserable. It’s not about becoming super picky eater and insulting the people who prepare meals for you. It’s about living life making healthy decisions.
I’m not going to eat like I did this weekend all the time. It was a rare occasion that called for some foods I’m not used to.  But I can take this weekend for what it was—a rare occasion—and be proud of myself that by trying my best to portion control what was given me, I didn’t gain TONS of weight. I only gained a pound which a Jillian Michael’s DVD can blast off me in no time.
When Christmas or your birthday rolls around, don’t stress over a slice of cake. Don’t look at your grandma’s special dinner and refuse to eat it. Live life and enjoy it. One moment on the lips is not forever on the hips. That’s just a dirty lie mean, unambitious old ladies tell people because they don’t have the motivation to lose the weight or make healthy decisions.
Well I do. I have enough motivation for both of us, and I know that my moment on my lips—while worth it—will be gone from my hips in no time.
I may have gained a pound, but I am happy and proud of myself. Are you?
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Nikki is a senior at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC majoring in journalism. Obsessed with all things magazines, she hopes to one day be a health editor for a publication in New York. She interned at Parents magazine through ASME and also reported on the hill in D.C. through the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire semester in Washington program. Currently, she is the Health Editor for Jaye Magazine and runs the health-meets-wedding planning blog, The Bloated Bride.
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