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Lose The Freshman 15: Dieting on a Budget

Hey Ladies!

It’s day three of the Drop 10 Diet and things are going pretty well if I do say so myself. Not only am I having fun creating a fitness schedule with my health-obsessed roommate, but I’ve also discovered my inner love for cooking with all the yummy recipes on Self’s plan! Last night, we packed our bags and headed over to Temple’s fitness center for some Zumba! It was a little hard to feel excited after a long, tiring day (class from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.? Nooooo thank you), but having a buddy there really helped to get me motivated.

Another thing that I’ve had some trouble with is maintaining a budget while dieting. As college students, we know all too well how hard it is to stretch the value of a dollar. It can be pretty tough saving money, especially with all the mouth-watering recipes that Self offers on their Drop 10 plan. But luckily, once I took a second look I realized that budgeting would be a lot easier than I thought! Turns out, it was pretty easy to plan my meals for the week with a few key ingredients that can be used in many different variations.

Greek yogurt is just one example of a widely used item on the plan.  I was able to use the delicious dairy product in three of my recipes so far this week! It made an excellent topping for my Wonder Waffles,  a tasty base of my Layered Lunch, and as a creamy dip for my Baked Beef Taquitos. Check out this picture a snapped of my Wonder Waffles before I dug in! (The Kodak moment was just too pretty to pass up.)

Another way that I’m budgeting is by using Diet Bet. Last week I put $20 in the pot to “bet” that I would maintain my fitness goals. The way Diet Bet works in that each person must put a minimum of $20 into the pot. At the end of four weeks, the winners (i.e. those who have lost 4% of their body weight) split the pot in its entirety. The Freshman 15 pot is currently at $800, which is a very pretty penny to split among us broke college students. So who’s with me? You can sign up for the Lose the Freshman 15 Diet Bet here.

Those are all the budgeting tips I have for you guys for now, but I always want to hear more! What are some of your tips for saving money while dieting at school? Let me know in the comments!

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